Jean Kidwell, Scudder Kidwell, Ed Kline, Kishma Danielle, S. Kidwell, Dave Clark
w92m040.jpeg [14KB]: "Beth the White Guardian" as worn by Jean Kidwell, wife of Scudder Kidwell (aka: White Pony) who is the creator of "Beth, The White Guardian" the character, art and story.

Ed Kline constructed the head, ears and hands for the "Beth, The White Guardian" costume using liquid latex rubber. Ed constructed the digigrade leg appliances from aircraft aluminum, hardwood and white leather.

The head/mane, tail and leg feathering were started by Ed Kline and Kishma Danielle.

The head/mane wig was completed by Dee's Wig Shop in Orlando, Florida.

The leg feathering on the digigrade leg appliances were completed by S.Kidwell.

The three (3) outfits and robe were designed and completed by Jean Kidwell.

Costume also won "Best Re-creation"

(Photo by Dave Clark) (Information provided by Scudder Kidwell, aka: White Pony) (Information updated by angelique trouvere)

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