Noreascon 3 1989 WorldCon

Part 8 Worldcon Bidding

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Noreascon 3 room party, part of the eventual bid for Intersection in '95.

Caroline Mullan. Seated on right is Pete Weston, chair of Seacon '79 and Hugo Award rocket manufacturer.
Door poster for Tea Party II. In background is Brian Ameringen
Robin Page (left) and Valerie Housden (right), filkers
Phil Allcock, filker, and Robin Page.
Eventually the presupporters slowed down.
Sue Trautman takes Dan Siclari for a break from the bidding during Noreascon 3.
Discon III bid card. The business card for the D.C. in 1992 Worldcon bid.
The Orlando in 1992 bid table was still taking presupporting memberships even though MagiCon was a certainty because of the withdrawal of the Washington D.C. bid.

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