Elmer Perdue, Mary Beth Wheeler, E. Mayne Hull, Rusty Baron, Oswald Train, A. E. van‡Vogt, Donald Day, Walt Leibscher, Al Ashley, Milton A. Rothman, Bob Madle, Len Moffatt
w46-010.jpeg [9KB]: Congregating outside of the meeting hall are: (l to r) Elmer Perdue, Mary Beth Wheeler, unknown woman facing away, GoH E. Mayne Hull (in hat), Rusty Baron (Hevelin) (in uniform), ???, Oswald Train (back to camera), GoH A. E. van Vogt, Donald Day (behind van Vogt), Walt Leibscher (back to camera), Al Ashley, ???

Photo by Milton A. Rothman
Photo provided by Bob Madle
Information updated by Len Moffatt

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