Rah Hoffman, Arthur Louis Joquel II, Charles Lucas, Ralph Rayburn Phillips, Don Day, Len Moffatt, Stan Woolston, Milton A. Rothman, Bob Madle, Chloe Joquel, Myrtle Douglas
w46m010.jpeg [8KB]: Costume party.
Front row: "Girl Most Liked to be Marooned on the Moon With", ???.
Second row: Rah Hoffman, Arthur Louis Joquel II (costumed as Wizard holding a book of Magik), center, and Charles Lucas.
Third Row: Dale Hart (behind Hoffman), Ralph Rayburn Phillips, and ???.
Back Row: Don Day, Len Moffatt, and Stan Woolston.

Rah mentions that the reason his forehead looks so strange in this picture is that he was dressed as Frankenstein's monster. He had connections at the makeup department of RKO pictures, and one of the men there built a prosthetic forehead for him to wear, which Rah remembers didn't end up looking as tall or prominent as it should have.

I have this set of Milty's photos in my old photo album and remember the convention very well. Elmer was probably there but not in costume. Rick attended the convention too but was not in costume.

Too bad Myrtle (Morojo) Douglas in her Snake Mother costume didn't get in the picture but she may have gone home (Slan Shack) early as she was recovering from a recent illness. Stan and I had borrowed some of her green make up to enhance (?) our vampire characters.

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Photo by Milton A. Rothman
Photo provided by Bob Madle
Information updated by Chloe Joquel & Len Moffatt

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