Torcon 3 2003 WorldCon

Part 5 General Photos 5

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Hugo Losers Party - Charles Stross
Hugo Losers Party - Debbie King and Deb Geisler
Hugo Losers Party - Mary Kay Kare (She's holding Sue Mason's Hugo who wasn't there to accept) and Dave Langford (who didn't qualify to be there). He is holding his Hugo Award.
Hugo Losers Party - Food "The Big One" that George R. R. Martin memorably discussed at Closing Ceremonies is in the corner of the room behind the table.
Hugo Losers Party - Geri Sullivan and Jim Mann doing door guard duty
Hugo Losers Party - KIM Campbell (KIM was suffering from cancer at the time and died in October 2003)
Hugo Losers Party - Paula Lieberman, Mel Herz, Sheila Perry

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