TAFF - pg 11

   Four examiners stamped us through with only brief questioning. When
I assured him I'd be taking my camera equipment out of England on my re-
turn journey, he was satisfied with that and then asked me where I was
going to stay. I told him I didn't know. This was a new thing in his
life. He said, "Look you just can't stay in the park, I need some sort
of an address." I said, "I may end up in the park for all I know, but
here is an address for you."  and gave him Ted Carnell's address.

   I got the O.K., then, and was admitted through the magic door behind
the examiner. Our luggage was there & as we claimed it, you placed it
on a bench and awaited the customs men again. This was a baggage search
if they felt it was necessary. I got a mysterious chalk mark inscribed
on my suitcase & was free. My friend from Toronto was there & I noticed
that the British subjects were still getting cleared, while us foreigners
were completed. We walked through the doorway into the lobby and there
was Ted Carnell.

   Ted was a little grayer than 11 years ago in Cincinnati, and a little
heavier, but other than that, still the same old Ted. We rode the airport
bus into London and Ted was Introduced to my friend on the plane, who
wanted to know a few directions on how to find his hotel, etc in London.
This, Ted could give him easily, as well as a brief run down on how to
figure out the monetary system. That done, we could exchange a few ple-
asantries and try to get caught up on any fan news. This bus driver was
a bit more sane than the previous one, but I cringed at the left hand
side of the road driving.

   From the Air Terminal on Cromwell Rd. Ted hastily shoved me into a
taxi & told the driver to head for a train station. I told Ted that
according to my watch & stomach it was supper time in Cincinnati & I
needed food before I went to bed & perhaps we could stop somewhere at a
restaurant. He said right now the important thing was for us to get on
a train as before long the service would be less and that Irene could
fix me something to eat when we got to his hnnse. From then on it was
a confused jumble of train travel, bus travel & finally we came to 17
Burnish Rd.

   By this time I was Completely lost and turned around and had the feel-
ing that London was still In the f6r off future and that this was only a
dream. Ted opened the door and said, "Here's Don!" and I met Irene and
their two children Michael and Leslyn & the dog made more noise than all
of us put together. I also met Ted's Mother and can't recall whether it
was that night or the next morning. Anyway, I felt at home in the Car-
nell household. It was good to be there.

   Irene fixed me a platter of eggs and bacon, with various side dishes
that really hit the spot. The bacon is about what we'd call ham in the
U.S. I had only 1 request to make: a glass of cold water. Everyone
watched in amazement as I drained It in 3 seconds flat and upon the of-
fer of a refill said yes. Water drinking Just isn't one of the British
pastimes. With the time bring changed to daylight saving that night,
at meant an even shorter night for Ted & Irene (I'd only gotten up at
noon, London time,) we turned in for the night.