The Retro Hugo Awards

Fan Hugo Nominees for 1943

  1. Forrest J Ackerman
  2. Abby Lu Ashley
  3. Al Ashley
  4. Helen Bradleigh
  5. Lynn Bridges
  6. Phil Bronson
  7. Mel Brown
  8. L. R. Chauvenet
  9. Leslie A. Crouch
  10. Walt Daugerty
  11. Walter Daugherty
  12. Claude Degler
  13. George Ebey
  14. E. Everett Evans
  15. Larry B. Farsaci
  16. Mike Fern
  17. Ron Holmes
  18. Harry Jenkins Jr
  19. Bob B. Jones
  20. Arthur Joquel
  21. James Kepner
  22. H. C. Koenig
  23. Gertrude Kuslan
  24. Louis Kuslan
  25. Francis T. Laney
  26. Walt Liebsher
  27. Robert W. Lowndes
  28. Len Moffatt
  29. Leonard Moffatt
  30. Morojo
  31. Terry Overton
  32. Frank Robinson
  33. Don Rogers
  34. Jimmy Rogers
  35. J. Michael Rosenblum
  36. John Michael Rosenblum
  37. Milton A. Rothman
  38. Julius Schwartz
  39. Larry Shaw
  40. D. R. Smith
  41. Jack Speer
  42. Norman Francis Stanley
  43. Beak Taylor
  44. Donald B. Thompson
  45. Bob Tucker
  46. Julius Unger
  47. various
  48. Harry Warner Jr.
  49. Raym Washington
  50. Raymond W. Washington
  51. Bill Watson
  52. Art Widner
  53. Donald A. Wollheim
  54. Donald Wollheim
  55. Pogo Wood
  56. Rus Wood
  57. Roscoe E. Wright

The Science Fiction Achievement Awards, better known as the Hugo Awards, were started in 1953 at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in Philadelphia. You can read about the start of the awards in the Philcon Program Book which is available on-line. Click on Achievement Awards. After being skipped in 1954, the Hugo Awards became an annual tradition selecting the best material of the previous year in the SF field. The awards are voted on by the members of the Worldcon.

In 1994, at the instigation of Bruce Pelz, a motion was passed to create the Retro-Hugo Awards. The Retro-Hugo was an option that a Worldcon could select to implement to retroactively make awards for years when the Worldcon had taken place but for which no Hugo Awards had been given. Awards are allowed only for specific years: 50, 75, or 100 years before the current Worldcon.

The Introduction to the Retro Hugos, edited by Andrew I. Porter with the assistance of Joe Siclari and Edie Stern, is a comprehensive introduction to, and history of, the Retro Hugos. Please note that this a PDF file that requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you don't already have the Reader you can download a free copy from Adobe by clicking on the following icon:

[Get Adobe Reader]

As is normal for the Hugo Awards, the Retro-Hugo Awards are selected from the best of the previous year for which they would have been awarded. Therefore, the Retro Hugos for Worldcon 76 in San Jose, CA, USA will be awarded for work done in 1942, and the Retro Hugos for Dublin 2019 in Dublin, Ireland will be awarded for work done in 1943.

The Fan History Project is pleased to assist nominators and voters for the Retro Hugo Awards by placing as many issues of 1942 and 1943 fanzines online as we possibly can for you to read and enjoy. We hope that this will allow you to make a better qualified judgment of the fan categories for the awards. We will try to put up material from as many potential nominees as possible.

-- Joe Siclari, Coordinator
    Fanac Fan History Project
-- Edie Stern, Webmaster
    Fanac Fan History Project

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