South Florida Science Fiction Society (SFSFS)

The South Florida Science Fiction Society (SFSFS, pronounced as "Sisyphus", the Corinthian King in Greek mythology) is a non-profit literary society recognized by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). SFSFS was established in February, 1985. It is made up of people who are interested in all aspects of Science Fiction and Fantasy - and who enjoy sharing their interest with other members of the Science Fiction community and with the general public.

SFSFS members have a varity of activities available to them throughout the year such as:

And much more. Please visit our Homepage for more information.

Thanks to the generosity of the Editor of the New Times Broward-Palm Beach and to Jim Gaines, the article's author, we now have access to a copy of a brief but comprehensive history of SFSFS to date.

Part 1 – SFSFS 1992

Part 2 – SFSFS Annual Dinner 1996

Part 3 – The First SFSFS Clubhouse 1997

Part 4 – SFSFS 1997

Part 5 – SFSFS Annual Dinner 1998

Part 6 – The Second SFSFS Clubhouse 1999

Part 7 – SFSFS Annual Luncheon 1999 1

Part 8 – SFSFS Annual Luncheon 1999 2

Part 9 – SFSFS Meeting, March 2000

Part 10 – SFSFS Annual Dinner 2000

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