FanHistoriCon I 1994

The Society for the Preservation of the History of Science Fiction Fandom, AKA the Timebinders, was formed at FanHistoriCon I in May 1994 in Hagerstown, MD. The purpose of FanHistoriCon, called by Peggy Rae Pavlat, Bruce Pelz, and Joe Siclari, was to bring fans of different fannish generations together to discuss ways to preserve fannish/sf history.

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Joe Siclari (standing), Jack Speer.

Dick Lynch at FanHistoricon.

Forry Ackerman and Peggy Rae Pavlat

Leah Zeldes Smith and Dick Smith

The original attendees at FanHistoicon 1 during the opening brainstorming session led by co-chair Joe Siclari (not shown).

By "Row": Jack Speer & Don Fitch are on the floor. Filthy Pierre, Leah Smith & Dick Smith are on the couch. Joyce Scrivner is behind Dick. Bruce Pelz and ??? are in the back row.

Visiting Harry Warner Jr. - While FanHistoriCon 1994 was held in Hagerstown, Harry Warner Jr did not like crowds so he did not attend.

Bruce Pelz, Harry Warner, Jr., and Peggy Rae Pavlat.

Harry Warner, Jr. and one of his Hugo Awards

Bruce Pelz

Art Widner, Jack Speer, and Forry Ackerman

Laurie Mann and Leah Smith

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