SMOFcon 16 1998

SMOFcon 16

SMOFcon 16 was held at the Radisson Inn North, 8110 North Academy Boulevard, Colorado Springs, Colorado on December 4th, 5th and 6th, 1998. Chairman was Kent Bloom. There were 83 members.

The program was a series of open discussions with a theme of "Recording Acquired Wisdom". They plan to produce chapters for a handbook about SF convention management from the discussions.

The con suite as usual was a main attraction for SMOFcon. Fen were constantly in there openly discussing how to take over all the conventions in the world and remake them into their own interests. Seriously, SMOFcon con suites are the place for real hands-on advice for individual convention problems. It doesn't hurt that they are usually stocked with lots of good supplies. Jack Henegan continued this tradition.

The program included

Friday night:



-- Joe Siclari

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J. J. Walton with Mike Drawdy in the background

SMOFcon Chairman Kent Bloom

John Lorentz and Ruth Sachter from Portland, OR.

Joni Dashoff, Gay Ellen Dennett and Gary Feldbaum look like they are going over a contract while sitting in the con suite.

Kathryn Daugherty, Ruth Sachter, Scott Dennis, Mark Olson (out of focus as usual) and Ben Yalow in the most active room in the hotel, the SMOFcon 16 con suite.

Again they congregate in the Con Suite near the food.

To get things started at SMOFcon 16 the Friday Night mixer was based on parliamentary procedure, a very specialized smoffish interest. The participants were supposed to debate on the official vegetable of WSFS, the Whirled Science Fiction Society. Of, course, as smofs will, they ended up passing an entirely unrelated resolution. SMOFcon members (l-r) in the back of the room included: SMOFcon Chairman Kent Bloom, ??? in shadows, Joyce Scrivner, Tony Parker, Joni Dashoff, ???, Todd Dashoff partially concealed by Judi Bemis, Lew Wolkoff, Tom Johnson (?) standing, Joe Sokola, and Chairman Bruce Pelz' hands.

The friday night Mixer contestants.

Peggy Rae Pavlat and John Sapienza having a quiet moment at SMOFcon 16.

Membership badge from SMOFcon 16 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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