TAFF - pg 30

Shelia, has that rare facial quality which made me wish for time to do
some portraits of her.  There's a look of wide eyed innocence about
her which is reflected in her eyes.  Those eyes could make a lot of
men forget many things.  I'm not kidding when I say she would make an
extremely good portrait model.

   The Potters are a lively couple.  Ken has written some articles
about his selling jobs in London & his stories in person were even
funnier.  Each one is so true to life, and if you've ever done any
selling at all, you get an even greater kick out of them.  He's a
bit short and shall we say chunky?  Not fat.

   So with 14 conversations going on and with drinks flowing freely,
the evening passed all too quickly.  I was just unzipping my gadget
bag, in preparation to getting out my flash unit & cameras when a
loud buzzer scared the hell out of me.  "What's that?", I asked.
The 5 minute warning I was told.  Warning for what?  Closing time.
So, at the ridiculous hour of 11 pm we were kicked out of the Globe.
That's just when things start to liven up back home.

   Where to go, now?  Finally they suggested a party at Ella's.  I
was all set to go until I found out that the bus and subway transpor-
tation dies at Midnight.  Nothing runs until 6 am except taxis.  Med-
ieval times must have been more gay.  Deciding that an all night party
wouldn't be particularly wise to start out the convention with, I
chose to return to my hotel.  I'd figured that perhaps I'd go to the
party until 2:30 or 3, but with no way of getting back, I couldn't
see it.  Besides I was a bit tired from all the walking I'd done that
day.  Brian Burgess saw me back to my hotel room & by the time he
left it was about 2 am.  I made a few notes of my daily events & hit
the sack.

Friday, April 15, 1960

   I slept until 11 am and then went down in the lobby to meet the in-
coming fans.  There weren't too many about, so I strolled about the
hotel area for some photographing.  Then, the fans seemed to come alive.
I have a sheet of paper with some of their names signed:  Ethel Lindsay,
J. Fairley, Ken Cheslin, Peter Tea Davies, Mike Kilbert (sp ?), Jim
Groves, Jim Cawthorne, J. McGovern, Archie Mercer, & one I can't read.
Also got to meet Inchmery Fandom, Joy Clarke & Sandy Sanderson. They
said Vin¢ was baby sitting & would be here tommorrow.

   By now I was using both cameras & some shots came out good & others
crud.  I never seem to have too much luck with hurried shots, which is
frequently what you have to do at conventions.

   Here were lots of familiar names.  Names from OMPA, fanzines, con
reports, letters, etc.  I had a fine time placing faces with the names.
Met Ted Tubb again, and his wife Iris; also Arthur Thompson & his
wife, Olive.

   Ted & Iris took me out to supper at a Chinese Restaurant.  The menu
is a bit different from what's available, here.  About the only things
that seem to be the same are sweet & sour pork & egg rolls.  I had fun
experimenting with different & new dishes.  Then Ted & Iris were full
and I played Ellis Mills by cleaning up what was left.  I thought