TAFF - pg 31

Christmas came early this year!  They seemed fascinated by my capac-
ity.  I don't know why.  Afterwards I was in the hotel bar until
quite late that evening.

Saturday, April 16, 1960

   Up at 8.  Met Ted Carnell & we walked down to the American Express
office, where I got my tickets to Paris.  It had taken a couple of
days to secure a definite confirmation for my return flight.  AIR
FRANCE had a special deal.  Go early Monday and return late Thursday
night & it was about ½ fare. Around $28.00 for the trip.  Something
like $45 or $47, I think, otherwise.

   On the way back, I stopped in Foyle's Book Store & had them put
Stanleigh Vinson on their mailing list.  He wanted some Passing Show
mags from back in the 30's.  Then, we went to see about renting a
projector.  I got a projector, magazines, screen and spare bulb.  Had
to put up a 26 lb deposit, plus the rental of another 3 lbs, I think
it was.  Since they would not be open Monday & I'd probably be gone
by then, the problem was how to get my deposit back.  I suggested they
call the hotel, where I'd previously told the manager I wanted to rent
a projector and had inquired as to the current available.  The camera
shop proprietor hemmed and hawed.  Finally, I said, "Do you have a
telephone?" as I walked behind the counter and into his office with
him behind me. Sensing his still further indecision, I picked up the
phone and handed it to him and said, "Call the Kingsley Hotel and ask
for the manager, Mr. Edgar."  He did and everything was worked out
smoothly.  During the conversation I flipped out my passport to him
so he could double check my identity with the hotel.  He sort of gave
a half-sigh and half-wince when he saw the U.S., passport.

   Parking the projector temporarily at Les Flood's shop, I had lunch
with Ted, Les, Brian Aldis and Ildeko Hayes, along with a stop at
their favorite pub.  Miss Hayes used to work for Ted, but now worked
for a record company, I believe.  Quite attractive and charming and
intelligent to talk to,  I can't recall what all we talked about, but
the group reminded me of when we get Marty Greenberg, Phyllis Economou,
Lou, etc. together for lunch at a Midwestcon.

   We got back to the hotel and were ready when the con opened at 2 pm.
I got to meet Vin¢ Clarke today, having met his better half yesterday.
Doc Weir opened with a general hell raising speech about fans taking
unwarranted quantities of Hotel Notepaper from the lobby, etc.  Since
I had about 8 in my coat pocket, I tried to slump down in my chair &
pass unnoticed.  Doc wound up by introducing Ted Carnell.

   Ted spent his time in eulogizing me, much to my embarrassment.  I
still had no idea of what I would say.  I did have some notes of some
points I wanted to cover, so the "speech", if you want to call it that,
was an ad lib affair.  I guess it didn't turn out too badly.  It's
been my experience that most convention speeches are forgotten by the
audience 5 minutes after the speaker is done, anyway.  I finished up
by presenting Ted with a Bellybutton Brush "For the man who has every-

   Later on, after circulating about & trying to meet everyone I
could, I ate supper with Ron & Daphne Buckmaster, Lawrence Sandfield,