Important Fannish Writings

Although we will generally put up entire fanzines, on these pages we will provide some writings that are exceptionally good or that are of importance to the history of SF Fandom.


All of this work is done by volunteers. If you would be willing to type or scan an article or even two, please let me know.

-- Joe Siclari
    Fan History Project Coordinator

Articles marked with a [BB] in this table have text available locally for your perusal.

Articles marked with a [RB] in this table are provided via links to other sites.

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Article Title Editor[s]/Author Date[s] Type Flag
[BB] 100 is Not Too Many!
Taral Wayne Apr 2013 Article
[BB] 1975 Patrick Nielsen Hayden 1975 Essay
[BB] 2013 TusCon Science Fiction Convention Gerald M. Gay Oct 24 2013 Article
[BB] Ah! Sweet Idiocy! Francis Towner Laney 1948 Article
[BB] Angelique, the Unconventional ComiCon Costumer Richard Arndt
Angelique Trouvere
Sept 2007 Interview
[BB] Avram Davidson letters Avram Davidson 1963-1993 Letters
[BB] Cosmic Circle and Fandom, The Jack Speer 1943 Circular
[BB] Don Ford's CFG Meeting Diary Don Ford 1947 & 1948 Diary
[RB] Egoboo For Algernon Terry Carr 1962 Article
[BB] Egocentric and Convoluted History of Early "Filk" and Filking, An Lee Gold Mar 1997 Article
[BB] Harry Warner Jr. Need Never Die!
Gary Farber Jan 1986 Article
[BB] History of Australian Fandom 1935-1963, A Vol Molesworth 1994 Article
[BB] History of Hugo and Site Selection Voting
George Flyn Jan 1997 Article
[BB] History of the Scienceers Allen Glasser
[BB] Little Fandom That Could Bill Patterson 1982? Memoir
[BB] Mimeo Man, The Moshe Feder
Debbie Notkin
Eli Cohen
1974 Musical
[BB] Phenomenom of HPL, The Helen V. Wesson July 1957 Article
[BB] Reader and Collector
July 1957 Article
[BB] Sacred Writings of Roscoe, The Arthur Rapp June 1949 Poem
[BB] Syllabus for a Fanzine
Francis Towner Laney Sept 1950 Article
[BB] Taral Wayne's Previews Taral Wayne
[RB] Through the Intersellar Looking Glass
Winthrop Sargeant May 21 1951 Article

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