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Issue PDF Editor Country Month Day Year Pages Notes
Arkham House and Mycroft & Moran (1939-1977) PDF Dick Spelman US

1978 13
Avalon Books and Bouregy & Curl PDF Dick Spelman US August
1977 13
Checklist 1960 PDF Marion Zimmer Bradley / Gene Damon US May
1960 74 Lesbian, Variant and homosexual fiction in English
Checklist of Fantastic Magazines PDF Bradford Day US

1952 22
Clayton Astounding Index PDF Bill Evans / Jack Speer US

1946 18
Fantasy Anthology Index 1 PDF Sam Moskowitz / Alex Osheroff US

1946 8
FFF Index 1 - 1911-1925 PDF Paul Scaramazza US June
1946 32 Index to the SF, Fantasy and Weird stories appearing in the major magazines
From the Archives of Hildifons Took PDF Gary Hunnewell US July
1999 108 Tolkien
History and Checklist of New Worlds Sciene Fiction PDF Eric Bentcliffe UK

1959 37 BSFA
Index to the Science Fiction Magazines, 1961 PDF Al Lewis US March
1962 44
Index to the Science Fiction Magazines, 1961 - Corrections and Additions PDF Al Lewis US August
1962 2
Index to the Science Fiction Magazines, 1962 PDF Al Lewis US August
1963 58
Index to the Science Fiction Magazines, 1963 PDF Al Lewis US June
1966 68
Index to the Science-Fantsay Publishers PDF Mark Owings / Jack Chalker US June
1966 92
Robert E. Howard Fantasy Bibliography PDF Robert Weinberg US

1969 16
Science Fiction and Fantasy Published by Ace Books (1953-1968) PDF Dick Spelman US August
1967 66
Science Fiction Bibliograph V1#1 PDF W. L. Crawford / D. R. Welcch US

1935 12 published by the Science Fiction Syndicate
Tolkien Fannish Scholarly Activities and Publications PDF Gary Hunnewell US

1995 169

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