ConFederation 1986 WorldCon

Part 3 Masquerades and Costumes 2

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Aquarius -- made & worn by Carol Salemi
Attack of the Mercenary Costumer -- made & worn by Julie Zetterberg along with Frances Simmons.
Basilisk -- won "Most Macabre" for its talented makers & wearers: Nick Stathopoulos, Lewis Morley & Marilyn Pride for their huge and sinister entry.
Chernobyl Cleanup Crew -- a simple but very clever presentation by Tom Atkinson, Mary Mand & Don Sakers
Robby the Robot -- John Flynn made his spacesuit and Robby with the help of George Laurence and Ted Condon and Dorsey Flynn who was inside the Robby costume.
Robby the Robot -- John Flynn's wife, Dorsey was inside the Robby costume
Harlequin -- Made & worn by Philip Mercier with help from Patti Mercier, Kathryn Mayer & Steve Gill.
Lady Omega & Precious -- Made & worn by Tracy Garner won a "Best Presentation-Novice".
The New Loony League -- Just goes to show you that you don't need huge, expensive costumes & presentations to win a "Most Humorous-Journeyman"
Checkmate -- Kathy Sanders made the outfits and large chess pieces for this performance piece.

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