The Fanac Fan History Project: About Us

Our roots

The FANAC Fan History Project is sponsored by the Florida Association for Nucleation and Conventions (F.A.N.A.C.), Inc. which was the organization behind MagiCon, the 50th World Science Fiction Convention in Orlando, Florida in 1992. We organized FANAC in 1987 to bid for and run the 50th Worldcon. The Fan History Project has been running since 1994, and FANAC.org website was started in 1996. Click here for an overview of FanHistory projects.

The FANAC Fan History Project is devoted to the preservation and distribution of information about science fiction and science fiction fandom. On this website, you might find copies of your favorite old fanzine, pictures of Walt Willis playing Ghoodminton in Ireland or Harlan Ellison by the pool at the convention that inspired the writing of the filk song "Bouncing Potatoes", and the lyrics to the song as well. You'll find important articles, histories, and references about fandom. We catalog and provide access to material about Worldcons and other conventions, fanzines, clubs, photos, fannish references, Fan Funds, and just about anything else relate to science fiction fandom and its past. You can find information about today's fandom too, because that's tomorrow's past. We strive to be the archive of fandom.

Who are we?

FANAC Board of Directors (2023)

Community of Contributors

The archive is the result of many hands. See the hundreds of names on our Contributor's List. Even if you have only been in fandom for a short while, you will recognize many of them. If you provide information on a photo, or scan a fanzine for us, or help out at the table at a convention, your name will be on that list too.

The intent of this site is to provide a central repository for material about Science Fiction and S-F Fandom in particular. We want to make this available to all interested people in an easily accessible form. Your feedback is a great help to us in understanding how well we are doing, and your suggestions will help us to improve. Write to us at fanac@fanac.org


Please be aware that all of the material on this site, other than that that has been explicitly created by FANAC Inc. for the site, may be copyrighted by the authors, photographers, and/or the individuals that provided that material and that any use of the material for other than purely personal enjoyment must be cleared with the copyright owners.

The FANAC logo was adapted and used with permission of James White. It was originally used in Walt Willis' fanzine Slant.