Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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BA 2002 Press Releases


A Committee of San Francisco Science Fiction  Conventions, Inc.
PO Box 61363 Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363 USA



 Contact: Kevin Standlee, 650-961-9540,



Pre-supporting members of the now-withdrawn Seattle in  2002 Worldcon Bid will be able  to apply the value of their memberships toward a  pre-supporting membership in the San Francisco in 2002 Worldcon Bid, according to an offer  announced today by the San Francisco committee.

For a limited time, pre-supporting members of the Seattle  Bid may "cross-grade" to a pre-supporting membership in the San Francisco Bid  for $10.01, the difference in price  between pre-supporting memberships in the two bids.  Pre-supporting memberships for Seattle in 2002 were $10.01. Pre-supporting memberships in  San Francisco in 2002 are $20.02.

Pre-supporting members of the San Francisco in 2002  Worldcon Bid receive a brass cable-car pin premium, Bid progress reports, and will receive  at least a $20 discount off  the price of a membership in the 2002 Worldcon should San  Francisco be selected in the election to be conducted at the 1999 Worldcon, Aussiecon  Three.

Seattle in 2002 recently announced that they would have to  withdraw from the site selection race due to their being unable to obtain an agreement  with the hotels in the  downtown Seattle area. (For details, see the Seattle in 2002 web  page at  This offer allows pre-supporters of the Seattle Bid to "protect their  investment" in the 2002 Worldcon.

This "cross-grade" offer is being made available  thanks to the cooperation of the Seattle in 2002 Worldcon Bid, which will be assisting  with the validation of eligibility for the  offer. For each Seattle pre-supporter who  cross-grades, the Seattle Bid will donate that pre-supporter's "share" of  the Seattle committee's remaining funds to the San Francisco Bid.

To take advantage of this offer, send check or money order  (payable to SFSFC Inc.), or Visa/MasterCard information (card number, expiration date,  name on card, signature;  charge will appear as "S F S F C INC") to SAN FRANCISCO  IN 2002, Cross-Grade Membership Offer, PO Box 61363, Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363, or come by  the SF2002  information tables or parties at OryCon, Loscon, Silicon, and other conventions  during the next few months.

This "cross-grade" offer applies only to those  persons who are pre-supporting members  of the Seattle in 2002 Worldcon Bid, but not of the  San Francisco in 2002 Worldcon Bid, and is subject to verification. Persons who are  members of both bids should contact the  Seattle Bid directly in order to determine how  Seattle will be handling their memberships. Cross-grade policies for members of the  Seattle in 2002 Worldcon Bid at higher levels  such as Friend of Bid are being developed  and will be announced later. This offer is good through April 5, 1999.



San Francisco in 2002, a committee of San  Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (the parent corporation of ConFrancisco, the  1993 Worldcon) is bidding for the right to  host the 2002 Worldcon. Members of Aussiecon  Three, the 1999 Worldcon in Melbourne, Australia, will vote to choose the site of the 2002  Worldcon.



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