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APA-F - was the first weekly (and local) fannish amateur press association. The largely overlapping membership of two 1960s New York City fan clubs, Fanoclasts and FIStFA, which met on alternating Fridays, served as the apa's distribution sites. The F was a nod to the clubs, but APA-F is also FAPA spelled backward. For more info, see


Mailing Date Editor #Fanzines #Pages
1July 1964Mike McInerney / rich brown10    32    
2July 1964Ted White / Mike McInerney11    25    
17October 1964Ted White 8    38    
20May 1964Ted White / Andrew Porter9    23    
21November 1964rich brown / Steve Stiles10    28    
22(undated)2    33    
24December 1964rich brown 10    21    
25December 1964John Boardman4    12    
26December 1964Tom Gilbert / Don Fitch1    1    
30January 1965Mike McInerney 3    6    
37March 1965Mike McInerney / Frank Wilimczyk / Dave Van Arnam1    5    
46(undated)1    2    

12 mailings, 70 issues, 226 pages

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