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FWD, the Futurian War Digest (FWD), affectionately called FIDO, was a fanzine published by J. Michael Rosenblum during World War II from October, 1940 to March, 1945. It was pretty much indistinguishable from an APA because, although he did not have a set membership list, Rosenblum included other small fanzines when he mailed Fido. For more info, see


Mailing Date Editor #Fanzines #Pages
1October 1940J. Michael Rosenblum1    4    
3December 1940J. Michael Rosenblum1    4    
4January 1941J. Michael Rosenblum4    16    
5February 1941J. Michael Rosenblum2    8    
6March 1941J. Michael Rosenblum4    9    
7April 1941J. Michael Rosenblum4    11    
8May 1941J. Michael Rosenblum3    8    
9June 1941J. Michael Rosenblum3    14    
10July 1941J. Michael Rosenblum2    8    
11August 1941J. Michael Rosenblum6    22    
12September 1941J. Michael Rosenblum2    5    
13October 1941J. Michael Rosenblum3    12    
14November 1941J. Michael Rosenblum1    4    
15December 1941J. Michael Rosenblum1    6    
16January 1942J. Michael Rosenblum2    12    
17February 1942J. Michael Rosenblum1    8    
18March 1942J. Michael Rosenblum2    10    
19April 1942J. Michael Rosenblum2    10    
21July 1942J. Michael Rosenblum1    2    
23October 1942J. Michael Rosenblum1    2    
24November 1942J. Michael Rosenblum2    10    
25January 1943J. Michael Rosenblum6    15    
26February 1943J. Michael Rosenblum4    7    
27April 1943J. Michael Rosenblum3    6    
28May 1943J. Michael Rosenblum2    6    
30August 1943J. Michael Rosenblum2    6    
32December 1943J. Michael Rosenblum5    22    
33February 1944J. Michael Rosenblum2    6    
34April 1944J. Michael Rosenblum1    2    
35June 1944J. Michael Rosenblum3    14    
36August 1944J. Michael Rosenblum4    22    
37October 1944J. Michael Rosenblum2    18    
38December 1944J. Michael Rosenblum1    16    
39March 1945J. Michael Rosenblum3    20    

34 mailings, 86 issues, 345 pages

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