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OMPA, the Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association was organized by Ken Bulmer and VinĀ¢ Clarke on June 19, 1954. It was organized as a UK/International apa for communication among fans and had numerous well-known and frequent contributors. It ended about 1980. For more info, see

All APAs

Mailing Date Editor #Fanzines
1September 1954Vince Clarke4    
2December 1954Vince Clarke4    
3March 1955Vince Clarke6    
4June 1955Vince Clarke2    
5September 1955Joy Clarke1    
6December 1955Joy Clarke3    
7March 1956Joy Clarke1    
8June 1956Joy Clarke1    
10December 1956Archie Mercer3    
11March 1957Archie Mercer5    
12June 1957Archie Mercer5    
13September 1957John Roles2    
14December 1957John Roles4    
15March 1958John Roles3    
16June 1958John Roles6    
17September 1958Roberta Gray3    
18December 1958Roberta Gray3    
19March 1959Roberta Gray5    
20June 1959Roberta Gray2    
21September 1959Ron Bennett3    
22December 1959Ron Bennett13    
23March 1960Ron Bennett4    
24June 1960Ron Bennett3    
25September 1960Daphne Buckmaster6    
26December 1960Daphne Buckmaster6    
27March 1961Daphne Buckmaster9    
28May 1961Daphne Buckmaster8    
29September 1961Bruce Burn8    
30December 1961Bruce Burn4    
31March 1962Bruce Burn5    
32June 1962Bruce Burn6    
33September 1962Ken Cheslin5    
34December 1962Ken Cheslin6    
35March 1963Ken Cheslin8    
36June 1963Ken Cheslin7    
37September 1963Ethel Lindsay6    
38December 1963Ethel Lindsay3    
39March 1964Ethel Lindsay6    
40June 1964Ethel Lindsay5    
41September 1964Ethel Lindsay7    
42December 1964Ethel Lindsay6    
43March 1965Ethel Lindsay5    
44June 1965Brian Jordan8    
45September 1965Brian Jordan3    
46December 1965Brian Jordan1    
47March 1966Brian Jordan3    
48June 1966Brian Jordan3    
49September 1967Archie Mercer2    
50March 1968Heinrich Arenz1    
52date?Beryl Mercer3    
53March 1969Beryl Mercer2    
55September 1969Beryl Mercer1    
56January 1970Ken Cheslin2    
57April 1970Ken Cheslin1    
58June 1970Ken Cheslin1    
59October 1970Ken Cheslin1    
60January 1971Ken Cheslin3    
61April 1971Ken Cheslin1    
62July 1971Ken Cheslin2    
63October 1971Ken Cheslin2    
64January 1972Ken Cheslin3    
65April 1972Ken Cheslin1    
66July 1972Ken Cheslin1    
67October 1972Ken Cheslin3    
68January 1973Ken Cheslin1    
69April 1973Ken Cheslin1    
70July 1973Ken Cheslin1    
71October 1973Ken Cheslin1    
72January 1974Pat and Mike Meara1    
73April 1974Pat and Mike Meara1    
74July 1974Pat and Mike Meara1    
75October 1974Pat and Mike Meara1    

73 mailings containing 259 individual contributions

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