L. R. Chauvenet

June 1942


Country: US

FAPA 20 contained 22 zines. Scanning for FAPA 20 by Joe Siclari

New issues will be listed in bold.

Title Author Notes
Agenbite of Inwit Robert A. Lowndes
Ephemeron L. R. Chauvenet
F.A.P.A. Fan 12 Donald A. Wollheim
Fantasy Amateur V5, #4 L.R. Chauvenet
Fantasy Digest 1 L.R. Chauvenet
Fantasy Fiction Field's Illustrated NYCON Review Julius Unger No photos
Guteto V2, #1 Morojo
Horizons 12 Harry Warner Jr
Jinx 3 Harry Jenkins Jr
Madman of Mars Forrest J Ackerman
Milty's Mag Milton A. Rothman
Ramblings 11 Jack Speer
Reader & Collector V2, #6 H.C. Koenig
Rochester-American Patriot Larry Farsaci
Sardonyx 6 L. R. Chauvenet
Sci-Fic Variety 6 Bob Tucker
Science Fiction Echo 1 Ed Connor
Scientifan 3 Joe Fortier last issue
Sustaining Program Jack Speer
A Tale of the 'Evans 2 E. Everett Evans
Walt's Wramblings 1 Walt Liebscher
YHOS 3 Art Widner

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