Al Ashley

December 1942


Country: US

FAPA 22 contained 26 zines. Scanning for FAPA 22 by Mark Olson. FAPA 22 is about 235 pages.

New issues will be listed in bold.

Title Author Notes
Caliban 1 Larry Shaw
En Garde 4 Al Ashley and Abby Lu Ashley
Fantasy Amateur V6, #2 Al Ashley
FAN-TODS 1 Norman F. Stanley
Futurian Review 3 Roger Conway
Guteto V2, #2 Morojo
Horizons 14 Harry Warner Jr
Inspiration V1, 4 Lynn Bridges
Jinx 4 Harry Jenkins Jr
Konan 1 Jack Speer
The Letters of Henry S. Whitehead Paul Freehafer
Madman of Mars Forrest J Ackerman
Mutant 2 John Gergen
Phanny V2, #1 Donald B. Thompson
The Phantagraph 42 Donald Wollheim
Pogorus 1 Rus and Pogo Wood
Ramblings 12 Jack Speer
Reader & Collector V3, #1 H.C. Koenig
Salute 3 John Cunningham
Sardonyx 7 L. R. Chauvenet
Science Fiction Checklist 8 Robert Swisher, Frances Swisher
Sustaining Program Jack Speer
A Tour of the 'Evans 4 E. Everett Evans
Walt's Wramblings 3 Walt Liebscher
YHOS 5 Art Widner
Fantasy Amateur Lean To Al Ashley

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