Larry Shaw

September 1944


FAPA 29 contained 41 publications. Scanning for FAPA 29 by Joe Siclari.

To view a FAPA 29  issue that is available on-line, please click on its Title column.

Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Title PDF Author Notes
Agenbite of Inwit #6 PDF Robert Lowndes
An Anonymous Civilian PDF Bill Watson
Banshee #5 PDF Larry Shaw
Banshee #6 PDF Larry Shaw
Beyond #2 PDF Roscoe Wright
Browsing #7 PDF John Michael Rosenblum
Browsing 8
John Michael Rosenblum
Caliban #6 PDF Larry Shaw
Cushlamochree 1 PDF Walter Daugherty
Cushlamochree 2 PDF Walter Daugherty
Elmurmurings 3 PDF Elmer Perdue
En Garde 11 PDF Al Ashley and Abby Lu Ashley
Fandango 6 PDF F. Towner Laney
Fantasy Amateur V8, #1 PDF Larry Shaw
Fantasy Commentator 2 & 3
Langley Searles1
FAN-TODS 8 PDF Norman F. Stanley
FAPA Fan 15 PDF Donald A. Wollheim
FAPA Variety 10 PDF Bob Tucker
Fantasy Fiction Field presents Richard Tooker and ER Burroughs PDF Julius Unger
Guteto V4, #2 PDF Morojo
Horizons 20 PDF Harry Warner Jr
Janus 1 PDF Paul Spencer / Russ Whitman
Light 132 PDF Leslie Crouch
Mad Muse PDF James Russell Gray
Milty's Mag Fall 1944 PDF Milton Rothman
Nucleus V5, #2 PDF Louis Kuslan, Gertrude Kuslan
Open Letter to All Members of FAPA PDF Robert Lowndes
Open Letter to Officers and Members PDF F. Towner Laney / Walt Daugherty / James Kepner / Morojo / Mel Brown / Forrest J Ackerman
Panty Raiser PDF James Kepner, F. Towner Laney
Paradox 8 PDF Frank Wilimczyk
Presenting Adam Singlesheet PDF Forrest J Ackerman
Rouzine PDF Gordon K. Rouze
Sappho 5
Bill Watson / George Ebey
Sardonyx V3, #4 PDF L. R. Chauvenet
Shangri Luna'Affaires PDF Claude Degler Cosmic Circle
Star Bound bookmark PDF Litterio Farsaci
A Tale of the 'Evans 8 PDF E. Everett Evans
These Amazing Amendments PDF Al Ashley
Twilight Echoes 1 PDF Joe Fortier
YHOS 11 PDF Art Widner

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