Larry Shaw

November 1944


Scanning for FAPA 30A by Joe Siclari.

To view a FAPA 30A  issue that is available on-line, please click on its Title column.

Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Title PDF Author Notes
Adulux Beskan #3 PDF Donald Wollheim
Browsings #9 PDF John Michael Rosenblum
Doctor Ashley and Mr. Lowndes PDF Robert Lowndes
Fan-Dango #7 PDF Francis T. Laney
Fantasy Amateur V8, #2 PDF Larry Shaw
FAPA Variety 11 PDF Bob Tucker
McSnoyd's Bulletin 1 PDF Larry Shaw
Milty's Mag PDF Milton Rothman
Phantagraph 49, V12, #1 PDF Donald A. Wollheim, Elsie Wollheim
Phantagraph 50, V12, #2 PDF Donald A. Wollheim, Elsie Wollheim
Phantagraph 51, V12, #3 PDF Donald A. Wollheim
Star-Bound PDF Litterio Farsaci aka Larry Farsaci
Tag-Line Musings? PDF George Ebey, Bill Watson
Twighlight Echoes 2 PDF Joe Fortier
Zizzle-Pop 2 PDF L. R. Chauvenet

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