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The above issues number 1 through 30 of It Goes On The Shelf converted to HTML and published on the website 7'98-11'07 - let me know if you think it's worth converting more of the issues. Much thanks to Bill Bridget and Jeff Copeland for help with reducing memory required for the artwork!

Eventually more issues of It Goes On The Shelf should appear here as they are published. The HTML formatting of these zines is clumsy in places - it is a clumsy system and I am not very good at it. And I have discovered that Composer (in Windows98) does not show me what a page will look like exactly as it appears on the Net. If you think you can improve on the HTML code, feel free to extract the source file and correct it and send it to me! Phillip Ellis down in Oz has improved the first 16 issues this way.

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