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                  Stratus SF Lovers' Newsletter #36--January 1992



From Donna Forman:

January 22nd, QVC: 3 hours of Star Trek stuff for sale. Walter Koenig

Macy's California just opened Star Trek outposts!

From Laurie:

Boskone pre-reg closes on 1/15/92.  The guests are Jane Yolen, Jody
Lee, Dave Langford and Kathy Mar.  The con looks like it will be lots
of fun.  It will be out in Springfield at the Sheraton & Marriott Hotels.
Pre-reg is just $29 now---it will be $40 at the door.  I have forms, or you
can send me E-mail if you want more info.

Posted on USENET by Shiva

George Alec Effinger Medical Fund

For those who may not have known:  George Alect Effinger has had medical
problems for most of his life.  He's gotten significant help from the SFWA
Emergency Fund three times - but it IS an "emergency" fund, and needs to be
available for others.  So a specific fund has been set up by the Niagara
Falls SF Association.  Right now, they are selling $20 raffle tickets;
exactly a thousand will be sold, with the first prize a pair of American
Airlines roundtrip passes to any destination, worldwide.  There will be
other prizes; send a SASE to the address below for details.

If you would like to support this fund, by buying raffle tickets or
otherwise, contact them at

     c/o Niagara Falls Science Fiction Association
     PO Box 500, Bridge Station
     Niagara Falls NY 14305


From Donna Forman:

I loved the Addams family. There is a collection of Chales Addams'
cartoons recently published by Fireside. I also picked up an antique book.

I also loved Star Trek VI. Haven't seen Hook yet.

From:           Chiu Ngan Chan

     There was one technical detail (in STVI)  that I didn't quite get.
     When the
     EXCELSIOR was struck by the wavefront in the neutral zone, was that
     some new phenomena in subspace??  I thought the "nova" style wavefront
     only exists in normal space..  which takes years and years to reach
     the kind of distance (from the Klingon home world to the neutral zone)
     that is in the Star Trek universe.  Did I just missed something totally?

     According to Andy (Cowan) the book didn't explain this either.. it's
     just a suspension of the universal law.  The entire scenario being setup
     for the rest of the story (which is great, except for the very thing that
     put them in it.. Klingon moon exploding, etc)- was just bogus in my view.

[[(I'd chalk it up to someone not comprehending distances or basic astronomy.
In short, suspend either your disbelief or decide at that point that the movie
is too screwed up to worry about.  Laurie)]]


                   Stratus SF Lovers' Newsletter #37-- February 1992


Davis, the company that owns Analog & Issac Asimov's, has sold those and
other magazines to the Dell Company (the people that print magazines and
books, the people who build PCs).  No immediate changes in editors are

Isaac Asimov has retired from writing.


I've downloaded a long (1,200+ lines long) convention listing.  While not
complete, it does include many obscure cons in many obscure areas.  If you're
curious, send mail to me and I'll send it to you.

          The 1992 Charlie Card Fund Fantasy Art Calendar

The 1992 Charlie Card Fund Fantasy Art Calendar features art by Heather
Burton, Tom Dow, Giovanna Fregni, Mary Hanson-Roberts, Linda Leach Hardy,
Merle Insinga, April Lee, Peggy Ranson, Laurel Slate, Diana Harlan Stein,
Gale Tang, Ruth Thompson, and Robin Wood.

The calendar, sponsored by the SF convention Contraption, includes
Midwestern convention dates, 1992 Worldcon information, and as many
holidays----religious (mostly Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Baha'i and Pagan),
secular, and Canadian and U.S.  civic----as one person could possibly
celebrate in a year.  All revenue, less postage costs, will be donated to
United Cerebral Palsy.

To order copies of the calendar, send check or money order for $8.50 to:

The Charlie Card Fund
PO Box 2285
Ann Arbor, MI  48106

(I expect to receive a few in time for Boskone, so you can stop by
and take a look at one in about two weeks.)

Boskone 29 is next weekend in Springfield.  Our guests are Jane Yolen, Jody
Lee, Dave Langford, Kathy Mar.  Professionals in attendence include
Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Laura Mixon, Steven Gould, Joan Vinge,
Jim Frenkel, Beth Meacham, Joe Haldeman, Tom Kidd (the last three being
the guests for next year's Boskone), Esther Friesner, Susan Shwartz,
Judy Tarr, and Roger MacBride Allen.

Memberships are $40 at-the-door, for three days of excitement and
speculative tales.  Friday-only memberships are $15, Saturday-only
memberships are $25, and Sunday-only memberships are $20.  Registration
opens at 5pm on Friday in the Sheraton Monarch Place.


                  Stratus SF Lovers' Newsletter #38--March 1992


Nebula Nominations Announced

The nominations for the Nebula awards, given out annually by the Science
Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, have recently been announced:

  {Posted by J.BUNNELL [Djonn] on GEnie}


 BARRAYAR               Lois McMaster Bujold
 BONE DANCE             Emma Bull
 SYNNERS                Pat Cadigan
 THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE  Bruce Sterling & William Gibson
 STATIONS OF THE TIDE   Michael Swanwick


 "Man Opening A Door"
         Paul Ash (Analog, 6/91)

 "Apartheid, Superstrings and Mordecai Thubana"
        Michael Bishop         (Axolotl, 6/89; FULL SPECTRUM 3, 4/91)

 "Beggars in Spain"
        Nancy Kress            (Axolotl, 2/91; Asimov's, 4/91)

        Mike Resnick           (Axolotl, 1990; Asimov's, 4/91)

 "The Gallery of His Dreams"
        Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Axolotl, 6/91; Asimov's 9/91)

        Connie Willis          (Asimov's, 10/91)


 "Gate of Faces"
        Ray Aldridge        (F&SF, 4/91)

 "Guide Dog"
        Mike Connor         (F&SF, 5/91)

 "Black Glass"
        Karen Joy Fowler    (FULL SPECTRUM 3, 4/91)

 "Stand in Line with Mister Jimmy"
        James Patrick Kelly (Asimov's, 6/91)

 "The Happy Man"
        Jonathan Lethem     (Asimov's, 2/91)

 "The All Consuming"
        Lucius Shepard & Robert Frazier
                            (Playboy, 7/90; Asimov's 5/91)

 "Getting Real"
        Susan Shwartz       (NEWER YORK, 6/91)


 "They're Made Out of Meat"
        Terry Bisson     (Omni, 2/91)

 "Ma Qui"
        Alan Brennert    (F&SF, 2/91)

 "The Dark"
        Karen Joy Fowler (F&SF, 6/91)

        John Kessel      (F&SF, 1/91; FIRES OF THE PAST, 3/91)

 "Dog's Life"
        Martha Soukup    (Amazing, 3/91)

 "the button, and what you know"
        Gregory Stewart  (Amazing, 6/91)

The Nebulas will be awarded at tha annual Nebula banquet, held in April.

The First Annual James Tiptree, Jr. Memorial Awards were
given out last weekend.  Here's a report on the awards:

Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.written
Subject: 1st James Tiptree, Jr. Memorial Awards announced at WISCON 16
Date: 10 Mar 92 18:32:00 GMT

The first James Tiptree, Jr. Awards for the best works of SF or fantasy
published in 1991 exploring or expanding gender roles were presented in
Madison, WI at Wiscon 16.

The Winners:

     Arnason, Eleanor   A WOMAN OF THE IRON PEOPLE  New York, William Morrow

     Jones, Gwyneth     THE WHITE QUEEN             London, Gollancz

Tiptree Award co-founder Pat Murphy presented both winners with plaques, solid
chocolate typewriters, and checks for $500.

Funding for the Tiptree awards has come from the generous donations made by
members of the SF community, the volunteer labor of fans and writers at the
many bake sales held at SF conventions over the past year, and sales of THE
BAKERY MEN DON'T SEE, a collection of confectionary recipies and anecdotes
contributed by SFish households.

At the ceremony, SF**3 President Jeanne Gomoll and outgoing treasurer Diane
Martin presented the Tiptree Fund with a check for $1,800.

Bake Sales, cookbook sales, and sales of a limited edition t-shirt raised
another $1,400 during Wiscon 16.

The Tiptree Award is named for the psudonymn of the late SF writer Alice
Sheldon, or as Ursula K. Le Guin put it: a woman was James Tiptree, Jr. When
Sheldon submitted manuscripts under the name of James Tiptree, Jr., she had no
trouble selling them and they won plenty of awards. When Sheldon tried
submitting a manuscripts under the name of Racoona Sheldon, she couldn't sell
it until she sent it under a covering letter from Tiptree (who praised it.)

Nominations for the next Tiptree Award (for works published in 1992) may be
submitted to: the James Tiptree, Jr. Memorial Award c/o 2238 23rd St. San
Francisco, CA 94107.


The Smithsonian Resident Associate Program is holding on Feb.  29th an
all-day lecture session on Star Trek.  This is to coincide with an exhibition
at the National Air & Space Museum (Feb.  28 - April ?) commemorating the
25th anniversary of ST.  Speaking will be Robert Justman (asst. producer -
ST, executive producer - ST/TNG) and William Ware Theiss, costume designer on
both series & some of the movies.  The topics are eclectic: Star Trek & the
Vietnam Years; The Changing Role of Women in Star Trek; The Search For Our
Origins; and a few others.

This will be held in Washington, DC.

Readercon will be held July 10-12 in Worcester.    The guest of honor is
Michael Bishop, the artist guest is Richard Powers,  the special
guest is Rick Lieder, and the "dead" guest of honor is James Tiptree, Jr.
Nearly eighty SF professionals are expected, an astonishing number when you
realize the expected attendence is 500.

Readercon is a literary SF con aimed at the serious reader.  No costumes, no
media hucksters, just a lot of readers, writers, small press publishers and
booksellers in one place at one time.    I highly recommend this convention.

Memberships:  $23 until 5/30/92, $30 thereafter (and at the door)

This convention will be held at the Worcester Marriott.

For more information, or to join the convention, write to Readercon, PO Box
1246, Cambridge, MA  02238.
               Stratus SF Lovers' Newsletter #39--April 6, 1992


Writer Isaac Asimov, Famous For Science Writing, Dies at 72

Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) Isaac Asimov, the prolific writer of science fact and fiction
who laid down the literary laws of how robots must behave, died today, his
brother said.  He was 72.

Stanley Asimov, a vice president of Newsday, said his brother died at 2:20
a.m.  at New York University Hospital of heart and kidney failure.

Earlier this year, Asimov announced that a prostate operation had slowed him
down and he was cutting back on his writing.  He also suspended his monthly
column in Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine, to which he had contributed
some 400 columns and articles over 33 years.
Interviewer Barbara Walters once asked what he'd do if a doctor said he had
six months to live.

"I'd type faster," Asimov responded.

His keyboard speed was a fast-enough 90 words per minute and a typical
workday might yield 2,000 to 4,000 words.

Disclave Information

Disclave is a major East Coast convention, and takes place in Washington, DC
over Memorial Day Weekend (May 22-25).  The Guests of Honor are Pat Cadigan
and Tom Kidd, and there will be a special party in honor of Hal Clement's
70th birthday.  The hotel is the Washington Hilton and Towers in downtown
Washington, and the hotel rate is $85 a night.

Registration for Disclave is $25 until 4/30/92 and $30 at the door.
Send registrations (make checks payable to Disclave '92) to:
Disclave '92, Dan Hoey, PO Box 677, Wasington, DC  20044-0677.

Disclave was somewhat out-of-control a few years ago, but has started to
get its act together, so I think it's worth the trip back to DC to check
it out.



From:           Andrew Cowan

A few questions:

What kind of publication is Axolotl?

If a work is first published in a year prior to 1991 why is it
nominated for a 1991 award?  Is it based on the circulation of
the work the fiction is printed in or aren't there any rules on
when something can win a certain year's award?

Are the following anthologies (and if not what are they)?


[from Laurie:

Full Spectrum  Newer York are both anthologies.  The Nebulas have funny
eligibility rules, so not everything you see on the list may have been
published in 1991.]

Did anyone save a copy of the September '91 edition of this newsletter?  It
was number 33, and it was last newsletter under the old name (Stratus SF SIG
News).  Please send it to me if you have it.  Thanks    ---Laurie


               Stratus SF Lovers' Newsletter #41--May 11, 1992


Hugo Nominations

The nominations for the 1992 Hugo Awards have been tabulated and the nominees
have been notified. Here is the list of this year's nominees:

 Best Novel

     Lois McMaster Bujold, Barrayar (Baen)
     Emma Bull, Bone Dance (Ace)
     Orson Scott Card, Xenocide (Tor)
     Anne McCaffrey, All the Weyrs of Pern (Del Rey, Bantam U.K.)
     Michael Swanwick, Stations of the Tide (Morrow), serialized in Isaac
         Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Mid-December 1990 and January 1991
     Joan D. Vinge, The Summer Queen (Warner/Questar)

Best Novella

     Nancy Kress, "And Wild For To Hold", Alternate Wars (Bantam Spectra) and
          Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, July 1991
     Nancy Kress, "Beggars in Spain", Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine,
          April 1991 (also published by Axolotl Press)
    Kristine Kathryn Rusch, "The Gallery of His Dreams", Isaac Asimov's Science
           Fiction Magazine, September 1991 (also published by Axolotl Press)
     Michael Swanwick, "Griffin's Egg" (St. Martin's, Legend)
   Connie Willis, "Jack", Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, October 1991

Best Novelette

     Isaac Asimov, "Gold", Analog, September 1991
     Pat Cadigan, "Dispatches from the Revolution", Isaac Asimov's Science
           Fiction Magazine, July 1991
     Ted Chiang, "Understand", Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine,
           August 1991
     Howard Waldrop, "Fin de Cycle", Night of the Cooters (Ursus Press) and
           Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Mid-December 1991
     Connie Willis, "Miracle", Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine,
           December 1991

Best Short Story

     Terry Bisson, "Press Ann", Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine,
           August 1991
     John Kessel, "Buffalo", The Magazine of Fantasy  Science Fiction,
           January 1991
     Geoffrey A. Landis, "A Walk in the Sun", Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction
           Magazine, October 1991
     Mike Resnick, "One Perfect Morning, With Jackals", Isaac Asimov's Science
           Fiction Magazine, March 1991
     Mike Resnick, "Winter Solstice", The Magazine of Fantasy  Science
           Fiction, October/November 1991
     Martha Soukup, "Dog's Life", Amazing, March 1991
     Connie Willis, "In the Late Cretaceous", Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction
           Magazine, Mid-December 1991

Best Non-Fiction Book

     Charles Addams, The World of Charles Addams (Knopf)
     Everett Blieler, Science Fiction: The Early Years (Kent State
           University Press)
     Jack L. Chalker and Mark Owings, The Science Fantasy Publishers:
           A Critical and Bibliographic History, 3rd ed. (Mirage Press)
    Jeanne Gomoll, Diane Martin et al., The Bakery Men Don't See Cookbook (SF3)
     Stephen Jones, Clive Barker's Shadows in Eden (Underwood/Miller)

Best Original Artwork

     Tom Canty, cover of White Mists of Power (Roc Fantasy)
     Bob Eggleton, cover of Lunar Descent (Ace)
     Bob Eggleton, cover of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine,
          January 1991 (illustrating "Stations of the Tide")
     Don Maitz, cover of Heavy Time (Warner/Questar)
     Michael Whelan, cover of The Summer Queen (Warner/Questar)

Best Dramatic Presentation                Best Semiprozine

     The Addams Family (Paramount)        Interzone, David Pringle
     Beauty and the Beast (Disney)        Locus, Charles Brown
     The Rocketeer (Disney)               New York Review of Science Fiction,
     Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered          David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Kramer,
         Country (Paramount)                 Gordon van Gelder
     Terminator 2 (Carolco)               Pulphouse, Dean Wesley Smith
                                          Science Fiction Chronicle,
                                             Andrew I. Porter

Best Professional Editor                  Best Fan Writer

     Ellen Datlow                         Avedon Carol
     Gardner Dozois                       Mike Glyer
     Edward L. Ferman                     Andrew Hooper
     Kristine Kathryn Rusch               Dave Langford
     Stanley Schmidt                      Evelyn Leeper
                                          Harry Warner, Jr.

Best Professional Artist                  Best Fan Artist

     Tom Canty                            Brad Foster
     David Cherry                         Diana Harlan Stein
     Bob Eggleton                         Teddy Harvia
     Don Maitz                            Peggy Ranson
     Michael Whelan                       Stu Shiffman

Best Fanzine                                   John W. Campbell Award

     File 770, Mike Glyer                      Ted Chiang
     Fosfax, Janice Moore and Timothy Lane     Barbara Delaplace
     Lan's Lantern, George ("Lan") Laskowski   Greer Gillman
     Mimosa, Dick and Nicki Lynch              Laura Resnick
     Trapdoor, Robert Lichtman                 Michelle Sagara

The ballots will be distributed with Progress Report 6.  Any MagiCon
attending or supporting member may vote for the Hugo awards.  The Hugos will
be awarded on Saturday, September 5.

Membership Statistics

As of April 25, 1992 MagiCon had 4746 members. Here is the membership

      4213   Attending
       333   Supporting
       161   Children
        23   Kid-in-tow
         8   Guest
         8   Other

MagiCon preregistration closes on July 15, 1992.  Until then, the attending
rate is $110 and the children's rate is $55 for those twelve or under.
Kid-in-tow memberships (for children born after September 3, 1986) are free.
Supporting (non-attending) memberships remain at $25 until MagiCon.

Our at-the-door rates will be announced in June.

We now take MC/VISA.  When sending us registrations that you wish to pay for
with a credit card, don't forget to include the credit card name, number,
expiration date, the name that appears on the card, and your signature.

Hotel Statistics

As of April 15, 1992, MagiCon members had booked rooms over 1800 rooms.
Here is the hotel room breakdown:

       700     Peabody Hotel
       580     Clarion Hotel
       325     Quality Motor Inn
       165     Best Western
        35     Embassy
        15     Marriott

We've added another hotel, the Orlando Heritage Inn.  It's next to the
Peabody (the headquarters hotel) on International Drive.  The room rates are
$55 (single-quad) for a standard room, and $65 deluxe.

Many hotel rooms remain within a short distance of the convention center.
If you have any questions, call the Orange County Housing Bureau at
800-258-7666.  If you will require a suite, be sure to write to Suite
Allocations, c/o the MagiCon PO Box.

Special Art Retrospective

Guest of Honor Vincent Di Fate, and Robert Reed, the co-curator of the
American Society of Illustrators, are working with MagiCon to present a
major exhibit of historic speculative art.  The exhibition covers the period
1870--1970.  As Di Fate explains, "We want to focus on artists whose names
might not be familiar to science fiction fans, but whose art definitely is."
Art collectors and museums from all over America are lending their art for
this show.

The Retrospective will feature paintings by diverse artists ranging from
Charles R.  Knight, the paleontologist who created the earliest scientific
paintings of dinosaurs a hundred years ago, to Jack Davis, the designer who
created poster art for movies like It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World and
whose controversial comic art led to the establishment of the Comics Code.
The Retrospective will be in the Orange County Convention Center, and will
be open during the same hours as the Art Show.  Detailed information about
the Retrospective will appear in a press release this summer.

MagiCon to Host Astronaut John Young at a Special Luncheon

Commander John W.  Young, an astronaut on Apollo 16 and on the maiden voyage
of the space shuttle Columbia, will be the keynote speaker after a banquet
at noon on Friday, September 4.  Young will speak about his experiences in

The lunch will consist of chicken, salad, vegetables, beverage, and desert;
a vegetarian entree will also be available.  Tickets are $16.50, which
includes tax and gratuity.  If you wish to attend, send your name, your
entree selection, and $16.50 for each ticket to MagiCon Luncheon, PO Box
52545, Philadelphia, PA 19115.  You may make reservations for a complete
table when you purchase your ticket.

There will also be a lunch with the Hugo nominees on Saturday.  Details
about this lunch will appear in the next Progress Report; the tickets for
this event will be sold at the convention.

Walt Willis Enchanted Miniature Golf Course

The Walt Willis Enchanted Miniature Golf Course will open in Exhibit Halls B
and C of the convention center.  This 12-hole course, based on Walt Willis
and Bob Shaw's The Enchanted Duplicator, will feature miniature golf holes
designed and built by Worldcon bids and fan clubs.  If your club would like
to participate, please write to Miniature Golf Course, c/o Pat Vandenberg,
15 Park Ave.  Ext., Arlington, MA 02174.  Course materials will be supplied
by MagiCon; you supply the imagination and ingenuity!

Program Book Ad Rates

     Size           Pro     Fan

     Full Page      400     100
     2/3 Page       300      80
     1/2 Page       250      70
        (horizontal only)
     1/3 Page       190      55
     1/6 Page       120      40

These are the black and white rates.  Color is available for the inside
covers.  For more information, write to Program Book Ads c/o the MagiCon PO
Box, or to Stu Hellinger, PO Box 561, NY, NY 10150-0561 (718-438-0853).


Since MagiCon will need to hire a number of licensed babysitters, there will
be additional charges for babysitting.  Any child with a child's membership
will receive a discount.  Any child without a membership, or with a
kids-in-tow admission will pay the full babysitting rate.

Progress Report 6

The Progress Report, along with the final Hugo ballot, will be mailed out to
all MagiCon members in May.

Huckster Room

The Huckster Room is sold out.  If you want to be added to the waiting list,
write to Dealers' Room, c/o the MagiCon PO box.

Art Show

The Art Show still has room for more artists.  If you want to exhibit your
artwork, please write to:  MagiCon Art Show, PO Box 46, MIT Branch PO,
Cambridge, MA 02139.


MagiCon is run completely by volunteers.  We really need your help.  If you
can spare a few hours at the con, please write to Volunteers, c/o the
MagiCon PO Box.

Ways of Reaching MagiCon

The MagiCon PO Box is: MagiCon, PO Box 621992, Orlando, FL 32862.

The MagiCon phone number is:  407-859-8421.  There's an answering machine
attached to it, so you can leave MagiCon a message.

MagiCon can be reached via GEnie, USENET/Internet, CompuServe, AmericaOnline
or DELPHI.  On GEnie, the MagiCon topic is category 26, topic 14 and the
E-mail address is D.RATTI.  On USENET, MagiCon is discussed in the
rec.arts.sf.fandom news group, and the Internet E-mail address is
magicon(at)jjmhome.uucp.  The CompuServe E-mail address is 70732,761.  On
AmericaOnline, MagiCon press releases are posted in the Isaac Asimov Science
Fiction Center, in the Conventions folder of The Written Word area, and the
E-mail address is magicon.  On DELPHI, the E-mail address is s.gold6.


To:  sfl
Subject:  Stratus SF Lovers' Newsletter
Options:  low priority

               Stratus SF Lovers' Newsletter #42--July 20, 1992


Brian Thomsen, editor of the Questar Line for Warner Books, was fired/quit/
other about two weeks ago.  He was almost immediately hired by TSR Books.


Hugo ballots need to be postmarked by July 31.

From: Tom Moser

I have acquired 7 stories nominated for the Hugo award via FTP.
The stories are available for reading pleasure and voting
purposes only and the stories may not be copied, distributed

That said the stories are available on on the Sun netowrk in

along with directions on how to FTP the stories and short
descriptions of the works. Enjoy.

Here is an excerpt from the file 'directory':

Stories in the library:

"Dog's Life"     By Martha Soukup.   3300 words.
dogs_life.Z     A sentient dog and cat declare independence with

"One Perfect Morning, with Jackals"
perfectmorn.Z     By Mike Resnick.  3200 words.
          A Story set at the founding of Kirinyaga.

"Winter Solstice"
wintersolst.Z      By Mike Resnick.  4800 words.
          Merlin's backwards-in-time life isn't pleasant.

"A Walk in the Sun"
walkinthesun.Z     By Geoffrey Landis.  6400 words.
          A ship that was never meant to land, does.

"Press Ann"     By Terry Bisson.  1100 words.
press_ann.Z     An encounter with a sentient ATM.

"Buffalo"     By John Kessel.   7000 words
buffalo.Z     Kessel's father encounters H.G. Wells.

"In the Late Cretaceous"
cretaceous.Z     By Connie Willis.  5000 words
          A comedy about restructuring at a university department.

Typos in the last three are the fault of the OCR software and our

I have already run uncompress on the files so the file names no
longer have the '.Z' extension.

Anybody reading out there?  I'm trying to catch up on my Hugo reading, but
I'm not getting anywhere fast...


To:             sfl
Date:           93-02-01 11:11:24 EST
From:           Laurie MannVOS
Subject:        The Demise of the SFL Electronic Newsletter

With the general proliferation of network access at Stratus, it
seems kind of pointless to continue this newsletter.

I don't want to kill the sfl global mailing list...It can be a useful
place to ask questions, sell books, organize convention trips (etc.).
So I'll probably change the description a little in the Global
Mailing List list.

Jim and I are having a NESFA-sponsored "Hugo Discussion Group
at our home in Northboro tonight.  If you have any inerest in discussing
possible nominees for this year's Hugo awards, send me E-mail and
I'll send you a map.

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