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The WorldCon is an eclectic mix of annual meeting, exhibition, awards ceremony, opportunity for making publishing deals and "old home week" for Science Fiction fans and professionals. The WorldCon is an opportunity to share ideas, experience, and the love of the fantastic.

WorldCons have grown impressively since their humble beginnings in New York City in 1939. The first WorldCon had about 200 attendees, mostly from the East Coast. Since then, WorldCons have attracted up to 8,400 members; about half of the WorldCon attendees are female; and WorldCon sites have included Australia, England,the Netherlands, Helsinki and Scotland. WorldCons are one of the few large conferences run exclusively by volunteers.

In the collection of photographs that follows there are many faces that are not known to its current custodians. If you recognize individuals that have not been identified in that photo's caption, or you know any other iformation about the photo that has not been included, please use the form that has been provided to update the photo's caption of credits. Thank you.

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For Worldcon Publications see http://fanac.org/conpubs/Worldcon/

Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]    Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]    Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
1939NYcon 1 [Unchanged]

1973Torcon 2 [Unchanged]

2003Torcon 3 [Unchanged]

1940Chicon I [Unchanged]

1974Discon II [Revised]

2004Noreascon Four [Unchanged]

1941Denvention I [Unchanged]

1975AussieCon [Unchanged]

2005Interaction [Unchanged]

1946Pacificon I [Unchanged]

1976MidAmeriCon [Unchanged]

2006LA Con IV [Revised]

1947Philcon I

1977SunCon [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
2007Nippon 2007 [Unchanged]

1948Torcon I

1978IguanaCon II [Unchanged]

2008Denvention 3 [Revised]

1949Cinvention [Unchanged]

1979Seacon '79 [Unchanged]

2009Anticipation [Unchanged]

1950NorWesCon [Unchanged]

1980Noreascon Two [Unchanged]

2010AussieCon 4 [Unchanged]

1951Nolacon I [Unchanged]

1981Denvention Two [Unchanged]

2011Renovation [Unchanged]

1952TASFIC Chicon II [Unchanged]

1982Chicon IV [Unchanged]

2012Chicon 7 [Revised]

1953Philcon II [Unchanged]

1983ConStellation [Unchanged]

2013LoneStarCon 3 [Unchanged]

1954SFCon [Revised]

1984LA Con II [Unchanged]

2014Loncon 3 [Unchanged]

1955Clevention [Unchanged]

1985AussieCon Two [Unchanged]

2015Sasquan [Unchanged]

1956NYcon II [Unchanged]

1986ConFederation [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
2016MidAmeriCon II [Unchanged]

1957Loncon I [Unchanged]

1987Conspiracy [Unchanged]

2017Worldcon 75 (Helsinki) [Unchanged]

1958Solacon [Revised]

1988Nolacon II [Unchanged]

2018Worldcon 76 (San José) [Unchanged]


1989Noreascon 3 [Unchanged]

2019Dublin [Revised]

1960Pittcon [Revised]

1990ConFiction [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
2020New Zealand

1961Seacon [Unchanged]

1991Chicon V [Unchanged]

2021DisCon III

1962Chicon III [Unchanged]

1992MagiCon [Revised]


1963Discon I [Unchanged]

1993ConFrancisco [Unchanged]

[Star]Bids for Future WorldCons
1964Pacificon II [Unchanged]

1994ConAdian [Unchanged]

2023Chendgu, China

1965Loncon II [Revised] [Unchanged]
1995Intersection [New]


1966Tricon [Revised]

1996LA Con III [Unchanged]

2024Glasgow, Scotland

1967NYcon III [Unchanged]

1997LoneStarCon 2 [Unchanged]


1968Baycon [Unchanged]

1998BucCONeer [Revised]

2026Los Angeles, CA

1969St. Louiscon [Revised]

1999AussieCon Three [Unchanged]

Nice, France

1970Heicon 70 [Unchanged]

2000Chicon 2000 [Unchanged]

Orlando, Florida

1971Noreascon I [Revised]

2001Millennium Philcon® [Unchanged]

2027Tel Aviv, Israel

1972LA Con I [Revised]

2002ConJosé [Unchanged]

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