Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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Autographing will take place in the Exhibit Hall of the San José Convention Center. Please note that there is a three item limit for all autographing sessions. If you wish to have more than three items autographed, please have your first three items signed, then move to the end of the line for your next three items.

1:00 pm Terry McGarry, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Len Wein
2:30 pm Todd Dashoff, Lawrence Schoen, James Van Pelt, Edward Willett, ElizaBeth Gilligan
4:00 pm Gregory Benford, P. C. Hodgell, Robert A. Metzger
5:30 pm Kevin J. Anderson, Karin Lowachee, Susan R. Matthews, Rebecca Moesta
10:00 am Carol Berg, Ellen Datlow, Wen Spencer, Amy Thomson
11:30 am Pat Cadigan, William C. Dietz, China Mieville, Charles Stross, R. Garcia y Robertson
1:00 pm Jack L. Chalker, G. David Nordley, Jody Lynn Nye, Jerry Oltion, Terry Pratchett, Ken Wharton
2:30 pm Greg Bear, John G. Hemry, Thomas Hopp, Kay Kenyon, Vera Nazarian, Christy Hardin Smith, Vernor Vinge
4:00 pm Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Lee Martindale, Selina Rosen, Connie Willis, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Fiona Avery
5:30 pm David Brin, Gardner Dozois, Donald Kingsbury, Rudy Rucker, Larry Niven
10:00 am Suzy McKee Charnas, David Gerrold, Mindy Klasky, Pat Murphy, Harry Turtledove, Sean Stewart, Scott E. Green
11:30 am Kage Baker, David B. Coe, Kathryn Cramer, Patricia A. McKillip, Shane Tourtellotte, Howard V. Hendrix, Alan Dean Foster
1:00 pm Pauline J. Alama Ph.D, Joe Haldeman, Ron Miller, Karl Schroeder, Alastair Reynolds, Melisa Michaels, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Orson Scott Card
2:30 pm James C. Glass, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Karen Haber, Robert Silverberg, David Cherry, Terry Brooks, Teresa Patterson
4:00 pm Andrew Burt, Teddy Harvia, Syne Mitchell, Robert J. Sawyer, Katie Waitman, John Trimble, Bjo Trimble, K. D. Wentworth, Mike Resnick
5:30 pm Richard Hescox, Cecilia Tan, Wil McCarthy, Mark Ferrari, Margaret Organ-Kean, Jon DeCles
10:00 am Steven Barnes, Tobias Buckell, Hal Clement, Stanley Schmidt, Alex Irvine, Karen Michalson
11:30 am George R. R. Martin, Kevin A. Murphy, Walter Jon Williams, Robert Charles Wilson, Tim Powers
1:00 pm John Grant/Paul Barnett, Doranna Durgin, Sheila Finch, Jane Frank, Gene Wolfe, Kim Stanley Robinson
2:30 pm DAW 30th Anniversary Autographing: C.J. Cherryh, Emily Drake, Jane Fancher, Charles Ingrid, Frederik Pohl, Irene Radford, Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, Deborah J. Ross, Michelle Sagara West, Tad Williams
4:00 pm Roger MacBride Allen, Michael F. Flynn, Lisa Goldstein, Nancy Farmer, Allen Steele
5:30 pm Diana L. Paxson, Richard Paul Russo, James Stevens-Arce, Dafydd ab Hugh, Sean McMullen, Jael
10:00 am Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Robert Reed 11:30am James Clemens, Scott Edelman, Eileen Gunn, Lois McMaster Bujold
1:00 pm Wolf Read, Kristine Smith, Mark W. Tiedemann, Sasha Miller




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