FAPA Mailing #149

Amor 3Susan Wood (Susan Glicksohn)  8
Bete Noire 10Redd Boggs  46
Cognate 20Rosemary Hickey  10
The Devil's Work 31Norm Metcalf  4
Diaspar 16Terry Carr  26
Different V4#3Sam Moskowitz  12
Erg 48Terry Jeeves  26
Fantasy Amateur V38#1Gregg Calkins  6
FAPA Book 3, Mailings 33-48Bob Pavlat  18
Horizons 140Harry Warner, Jr  24
Notes From Arinam 3Roy Tackett  8
Of Cabbages & Kings (and Baby Turtles) Fall 1974Peggy Rae Pavlat  4
Rataplan 15Leigh Edmonds  20
13 issues, 212 pages

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