SAPS Mailing #59
April 1962
OE: Bruce Pelz

GrendelJohn Foyster  19
The Last SaFariEarl Kemp  2
Outsiders 47Wrai Ballard  17
Pleasure Units 1Gordon Eklund  6
Retro 24F. M. Busby  14
SAPSzine 5Edmund Meskys  4
Spacewarp 74Art Rapp  32
The Spectator 59Bruce Pelz  5
The SpeleoBem 15Bruce Pelz  24
The SpeleoBem 15.1Bruce Pelz  1
Spy Ray April 1962Dick Eney  6
Warhoon 15Richard Bergeron  72
Watling Street 12Robert Lichtman  19
The Zed 799Karen Anderson  10
14 issues, 231 pages

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