SAPS Mailing #65
October 1963
OE: Bruce Pelz

Collector October 1963Howard DeVore  2
Mistily Meandering 6Fred Patten  13
Niflheim 5David G. Hulan  6
Pot Pourri #31John Berry  15
Retro 30F. M. Busby  6
SAPSzine 14Edmund Meskys  2
Spacewarp 77Art Rapp  7
The Spectator 65Bruce Pelz  4
The SpeleoBem 21Bruce Pelz  17
Spy Ray October 1963Dick Eney  12
The UnnameableJohn Foyster  9
Watling Street 17Robert Lichtman  6
The Wild Colonial Boy 4John Foyster  37
13 issues, 136 pages

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