SFPA Mailing #13
September 1964
OE: Joe Staton

Constitution of the Southern Fandom Press AllianceJoe Staton  2
DamnYankee 2Arnie Katz  8
DamnYankee 3Arnie Katz  4
dol drum 4Dave Locke  12
Excalibur 7Lenny Bailes / Arnie Katz  38
Excalibur 8Lenny Bailes / Arnie Katz  30
The Invader 4Joe Staton  14
IscarioT 13Al Andrews, Richard Ambrose  38
Nothing 1Richard Mann  2
The Pulp Era 61Lynn Hickman  28
The Southerner 13Joe Staton  2
Sporadic 12Bill Plott  6
Stranger Than Fact V2N1Jim Harkness  36
Warlock 5Larry Montgomery  36
Zaje Zaculo 3Lenny Bailes  8
15 issues, 264 pages

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