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SFPA was founded in 1961 by Bob Jennings and it is still running today (November, 2022). It was originally envisioned as being open mostly to fans living in the southeastern United States (with no more than 20% of the membership allowed to be non-Southern) but in recent years, due to declining membership, that rule has been placed in hiatus. SFPA membership, over the years, has included many fans who are famous or prominent within the science fiction genre and its fandom: William Gibson, Bruce Pelz, Joe Staton, Mark Verheiden, Harry Warner Jr., and Toni Weisskopf to name just a few. SFPA’s 100th mailing (April 1981) set the all-time record for apa mailing size at 1,750 total pages. For more info, see


Mailing Date Editor #Fanzines #Pages
10December 1963Bill Plott8    98    
11March 1964Bill Plott10    121    
12June 1964Bill Plott1    6    
13September 1964Joe Staton6    120    
14December 1964Joe Staton1    32    
16June 1965Dave Hulan2    86    
17August 1965Dave Hulan2    76    
18November 1965Dave Hulan1    42    
19February 1966Dave Hulan2    51    
21August 1966Lon Atkins1    29    
22November 1966Lon Atkins2    82    
24May 1967Lon Atkins2    25    
25August 1967Lon Atkins2    22    
26November 1967Lon Atkins2    18    
27February 1968Lon Atkins3    65    
28May 1968Lon Atkins1    2    
29August 1968Lon Atkins & Ed Cox2    42    
30November 1968Lon Atkins1    63    
31February 1969Lon Atkins2    87    
50November 1972Don Markstein1    43    
52March 1973Don Markstein1    4    
53May 1973Don Markstein2    24    
54July 1973Don Markstein2    20    
55September 1973Don Markstein2    47    
60July 1974Binker Hughes (George Inzer was OE for the postmailing)2    31    
61October 1974George Inzer, Steve Hughes, and Binker Hughes1    21    
62December 1974Steve Hughes and Binker Hughes1    17    
63February 1975Guy Lillian III1    25    
64April 1975Guy Lillian III1    13    
65May 1975Guy Lillian III1    16    
66July 1975Guy Lillian III1    18    
68November 1975Guy Lillian III1    38    
69January 1976Stven Carlberg2    85    
70March 1976Stven Carlberg1    39    
71May 1976Stven Carlberg1    9    
72July 1976Stven Carlberg1    24    
73September 1976Stven Carlberg1    21    
74November 1976Stven Carlberg2    46    
75January 1977Stven Carlberg1    16    
76March 1977Stven Carlberg4    69    
77May 1977Gary Brown (as Emergency Officer). Carlberg listed as OE Emeritus5    75    
78July 1977Gary Brown (as Emergency Officer). Carlberg listed as OE Emeritus1    6    
79September 1977Alan Hutchinson2    52    
80November 1977Alan Hutchinson1    4    
81January 1978Alan Hutchinson2    32    
82March 1978Alan Hutchinson1    6    
83May 1978Alan Hutchinson4    86    
84July 1978Alan Hutchinson1    7    
85September 1978Alan Hutchinson1    8    
86November 1978Alan Hutchinson4    72    
87January 1979Alan Hutchinson2    14    
88March 1979Alan Hutchinson2    36    
91September 1979Alan Hutchinson1    41    
92November 1979Alan Hutchinson1    35    
93January 1980Guy Lillian III1    44    
97September 1980Guy Lillian III2    8    
100April 1981Guy Lillian III3    188    
101June 1981Guy Lillian III1    46    
102August 1981Guy Lillian III2    54    
103October 1981Guy Lillian III1    4    
104November 1981Guy Lillian III1    17    
105January 1982Guy Lillian III1    24    
107June 1982Guy Lillian III5    15    
112March 1983Dennis Dolbear1    8    
176November 1993JoAnn Montalbano1    52    
178March 1994Gary Brown1    12    
184March 1995Gary Brown1    70    
188November 1995Gary Brown1    96    
192July 1996Gary Brown1    102    
195January 1996Liz Copeland1    106    
202March 1998Liz Copeland1    96    
204July 1998Liz Copeland33    378    
212November 1999Toni Weisskopf1    104    
216July 2000Toni Weisskopf24    241    
219January 2000Jeff Copeland1    100    
220March 2001Jeff Copeland29    284    
221May 2001Jeff Copeland24    283    
222July 2001Jeff Copeland22    254    
223September 2001Jeff Copeland29    286    
224November 2001Jeff Copeland28    454    
225January 2001Jeff Copeland21    173    
226March 2002Jeff Copeland24    244    
227May 2002Jeff Copeland22    225    
228July 2002Jeff Copeland22    218    
229September 2002Jeff Copeland31    352    
230November 2002Jeff Copeland29    323    
231January 2002Jeff Copeland21    179    
232March 2003Jeff Copeland22    216    
233May 2003Jeff Copeland19    244    
234July 2003Jeff Copeland26    250    
235September 2003Jeff Copeland29    300    
236November 2003Jeff Copeland25    292    
244March 2005Sheila Strickland1    6    
248November 2005Sheila Strickland22    247    
254November 2006Sheila Strickland1    4    
274March 2010Guy Lillian III1    106    
276July 2010Guy Lillian III1    24    
277September 2010Guy Lillian III1    79    
278November 2010Guy Lillian III1    26    
280March 2011Guy Lillian III2    122    
281May 2011Guy Lillian III1    26    
282July 2011Guy Lillian III1    32    
294July 2013Gary Robe1    6    
299May 2014Gary Robe1    10    
300July 2014Gary Robe1    83    
301September 2014Gary Robe1    10    
302November 2014Gary Robe1    14    
303January 2015Joe Moudry1    10    
304March 2015Joe Moudry1    10    
305May 2015Joe Moudry1    12    
306July 2015Joe Moudry2    94    
308November 2015Joe Moudry1    14    
309January 2016Joe Moudry1    10    
310March 2016Joe Moudry2    20    
311May 2016Joe Moudry1    8    
312July 2016Joe Moudry1    10    
313September 2016Joe Moudry1    6    
314November 2016Joe Moudry1    10    
315January 2017Joe Moudry1    8    
316March 2017Joe Moudry1    10    
317May 2017Joe Moudry1    9    
318July 2017Joe Moudry1    10    
346March 2022David Schlosser1    8    
347May 2022David Schlosser1    10    
348July 2022David Schlosser1    8    
349September 2022David Schlosser2    14    
350November 2022David Schlosser2    16    
351January 2023Jeff Copeland1    12    
352(undated)1    8    
353(undated)1    6    
354(undated)2    16    
355(undated)1    8    
356(undated)1    8    
357(undated)1    6    

134 mailings, 685 issues, 9665 pages

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