SFPA Mailing #230
November 2002
OE: Jeff Copeland

2002 SFPA Egoboo Poll ResultsJeff Copeland  6
All the Quotes That Didn't Fit Anywhere Else, Part FiveJeff Copeland  62
Ascending DescendingMike Weber  40
Avatar Press V2#24Randy B. Cleary  6
A Christmas Ornament for SFPASteve Hughes  3
Comments 17Steve Hughes  9
Confessions of a Consistent Liar 79Arthur Hlavaty  2
The Curse of CthulhuTimothy Marion  17
Derogatory Reference 100Arthur D. Hlavaty  7
Frequent Flyer November 2002Tom Feller  4
Guilty Pleasures 26Eve Ackerman  6
Hugo Box ScoresJeff Copeland  4
It Goes On the Shelf #24Ned Brooks  1
The New Port News 206Ned Brooks  8
Passages 16Janet Larson  6
Peter Pan and Merry 46David Schlosser  11
Revenant 15Sheila Strickland  6
Somewhere Under the DanubeGeorge Wells  6
The Southerner 230Jeff Copeland  4
The Sphere 201Don Markstein  6
Spiritus Mundi 192Guy Lillian III  19
Tennessee Trash 50Gary Robe  4
That Was the Year That WasMike Weber  1
Twygdrasil and Treehouse Gazette #78Richard Dengrove  28
Tyndallite V3#104Norm Metcalf  8
Uncle Lon's Unofficial Box Scores 36Gary Brown  2
Under the Knfe with the Armadillo 56Liz Copeland  2
Variations on a Theme 17Rich Lynch  9
Weasel CrossingJeff Copeland  36
29 issues, 323 pages

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