SFPA Mailing #229
September 2002
OE: Jeff Copeland

2002 SFPA Egoboo Poll BallotJeff Copeland  2
Avatar Press V2#23Randy B. Cleary  8
Comments 16Steve Hughes  9
Confessions of a Consistent Liar 78Arthur Hlavaty  2
Email FillerGeorge Wells  1
Frequent Flyer September 2002Tom Feller  8
Guilty Pleasures 25Eve Ackerman  8
Historical Hugo HystericsJeff Copeland  31
Home With the Armadillo 55Liz Copeland  7
Luke Skywalker is GayDavid Plotz  6
The New Port News 205Ned Brooks  10
Night of the Living StatisticsJeff Copeland  12
osushigumiJeff Copeland  40
Oxbridge Dictionary of Misplaced Quotes, Part FourJeff Copeland  52
Passages 15Janet Larson  12
Peter Pan and Merry 45David Schlosser  12
Remembering 9/11Mike Weber  3
Revenant 13Sheila Strickland  10
Revenant 14Sheila Strickland  2
The Southerner 229Jeff Copeland  6
The Sphere 200Don Markstein  6
Spiritus Mundi 191Guy Lillian III  15
Tennessee Trash 49Gary Robe  12
Ticklish Situation, IndeedMike Weber  20
Time WarpJeff Copeland  4
Travelers Tales V1#2Steve Hughes  6
Twygdrasil and Treehouse Gazette #77Richard Dengrove  32
Tyndallite V3#103Norm Metcalf  6
Uncle Lon's Unofficial Box Scores 35Gary Brown  2
Variations on a Theme 15Rich Lynch  2
Variations on a Theme 16Rich Lynch  6
31 issues, 352 pages

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