Rhodomagnetic Digest #17

Don Fabun

Nov-Dec 1951


untitled George Faraco
      Moonscape with monolith
Dedication Les Cole
Inside Front Cover
illo Inside Front Cover
      face out of pipe
Table of Contents

Compliments Of The Season

      Football Ticket New Hope, Mars Dream Bowl
Editorial Les Cole Editorial 3
Letter from Howard Browne Howard Browne Letter 4
An Answer from Spencer David G Spencer Letter 5
Announcing: --- Garden Library Ad 6
How to Write a Science Fiction Serial William F. Temple Article 7
Rocketship Elizabeth Farmer illo 9
Field of queer looking plants Elizabeth Farmer illo 11
An interview by the master Elizabeth Farmer illo 13
Dunsany: Lord of Fantasy Arthur C Clarke Article 15
Dianetics, ETC. John Larkins Article 19
Little Men's Christmas Jolly Les Cole party review 25
The Cliche in Science Fiction Leland Sapiro Article 27
Collector's Item

Center Fold
      Steel engraving of Winans Ocean Steamer
Ghost fighting gravestones Elizabeth Farmer illo 34
On the Newsstands

Galaxy, Nov. 1951 Gary Nelson review 37
Astounding, Nov. 1951 Paul H. Finch review 39
Astounding, Dec. 1951 Paul H. Finch review 40
New Worlds, Winter, 1951 L. E. Brandt review 40
Fantastic Adventures, January, 1952 L. E. Brandt review 41
Amazing Stories, January, 1952 Roger Fowlks review 41
Imagination, January, 1952 Wallace Liggett review 41
Other Worlds, December, 1951 Bernd Lambert review 42
S & SF, December, 1951 W.W. Wagner review 42
TWS, December, 1951 Hans Rusch review 43
Galaxy SF Novel #6 - The Alien - by Raymond F. Jones Patrick Spens review 43
Tyrann and A Warning from Mars Kent Kent-Wentworth review 44
Book Reviews

New Tales of Space and Time ed. Raymond J. Healy David G. Spencer review 47
The Saturday Evening Post Fantasy Stories ed. Barthold Fles Wallace Liggett review 47
The Black Fox by Gerald Heard David G. Spencer review 48
Adventures in Tomorrow by Kendall Foster Crossen David G. Spencer review 49
Space On My Hands by Fredric Brown William Gaffey review 50
Grey Lensman by Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. Les and Es Cole review 50
Letters to the Editor

Letter William Hecht letter 51
Letter Jr., Ray Schaffer letter 51
Letter Walter Willis letter 52
In My Opinion J. Lloyd Eaton book checklist 53
Index to Volume II Thomas Kent-Wentworth index 57
Rhodomagnetic Digest info and club officers

Fan Of Distinction Elizabeth Farmer fillo Inside Back Cover

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