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February 27, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.

--Cosmag, Ian Macauley. Added 3 issues: #4-5 (1951) and 8 (1952). These were distrbuted with Henry Burwell's Science Fiction Digest. We're going to break these out so you can look up the Science Fiction Digest separately. For now, let me tell you that #4 Cosmag has a contribution from Lee Hoffman, Richard Elsberry and #3 Science Fiction Digest (distributed with #4 Cosmag) has contributions from Hannes Bok, Shelby Vick, Lin Carter, and Walt Willis. #4 Science Fiction Digest has "The Immortal Teacup" by Walt Willis, and #5 Cosmag has fiction by Terry Carr, and articles by Bob Silverberg and Lee Hoffman.

--Metaphysical Review, Bruce Gillespie. Added 2 double issues from the second series (mid 80s). Contributors include John Bangsund, Yvonne Rousseau, Greg Egan, George Turner and Damien Broderick.

--Mimosa, Rich and Nicki Lynch. Added Rich's latest - "I Remember Me and Other Narratives - Walt Willis in Mimosa". Thanks, Rich!

--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 35. Thanks Evelyn and Mark!

--The Nehwon Review, Redd Boggs. Added #6 from Spring 1970.

--Review, Vernon McCain. Added 11 issues from the early to mid 50s. This is primarily a reviewzine, as you might guess from the title. There are also articles, for example, there's one by Eric Bentcliffe in #11

--Science Fiction Digest, Henry Burwell. Added #7 (Sep 52). Lots of great reprints from Terry Jeeves, Bob Tucker, Arthur Clarke, and Ted Carnell.

--SFSFS Shuttle. Added 13 issues of the clubzine of the South Florida Science Fiction Society: Nancy Atherton - #11 (Jan 86), 13 (Mar 86); Pam Parsons - #13 (May 86); Carol Porter - #24 (Feb 87), #34 (Jan 88); Bill Wilson - #26 (Apr 87), #32 (Sep 87); Kat Max - #27-28 (May-Jun 87), #30-31 (Aug-Sep 87); Judy Bemis - #33 (Nov 87); Gary Alan Ruse - #35 (Feb 88).

--Spiritus Mundi, Guy Lillian III. Added 3 more issues from the late 70s.

--Steam Engine Time, Bruce Gillespie, Paul Kincaid, Maureen Kincaid Speller. Added #1 (Apr 2000).

--Stellar, Austin Hamel. Added #3 (Sep 44).

--TAFF. Added ballots from 1958, 1963, 1972, 1976-77 (one from the UK and one from the US), and 2017.

--Uchujin International Edition, Takumi Shibano. Added #1 (Sep 60). This is the first English language fanzine published in Japan, and the name translates as "Cosmic Dusts". The name is actually much cooler than that. Shibano-san explains that the components of Uchu are two words - "U" meaning Space, and "Chu" meaning Time. Very cool.

--Umbra, John Hitchcock. Added #14 (Jul 56).

--Unnamable, Meade Frierson III. Added 5 issues of this early 70s perzine.

Conpubs: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Mark Olson.

--Worldcons: Noreascon Two - Added a 1977 flyer for Boston in '80. Scan by Joe Siclari; Denvention Two - Added a flyer for Devention 81. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Boskone: Boskone 1 - Added an uncredited 8 page promo. Scan by Joe Siclari; Boskone 34, added PR 2; For Boskone 35, added Pocket Program; For Boskone 36, added PR 2; For Boskone 38, added PR 2 , Boskone promo, Boston in 1980 flyer (from 1977), Denvention in '81 flyer

--Nasfic  - For Conucopia, added Pocket Guide, PR 2;

--Rivercon  - For Rivercon XXIV, added Program Book

--World Fantasy Convention - For 25th World Fantasy Convention, added WFC 25 flyer 1, WFC 25 flyer 2, Pocket Program, Program Book

PDF Replacements:

--Void, Jim and Greg Benford, Ted White. Replaced all 29 issues with searchable PDFs. OCR by Joe Siclari. Bonus - added the full text of a LoC to #18 from Rich Sneary (Apr 59).

Clarifications and Corrections:

--Thanks to Leah Zeldes for spotting an upside down page in Innuendo  #11 (Terry Carr). We've replaced the PDF and it's ok now. Thanks, Leah!

--Thanks to Thomas Bull for spotting date errors on a number of issues of Thyme. I've fixed then now. Thanks, Thomas!

--Thanks to Bill Burns for spotting an upside down page in Null-F  #2 (Ted White). We've replaced the PDF and it's ok now. Thanks, Bill!

--Removed the page for Eclipse (edited by Richard Kuhn, et al from the early 40s. It was a placeholder with no scans. It will be back after we have the scans. Thanks to Rob Hansen for spotting this!

February 24, 2021
YouTube:  Added "An Anecdotal History of Southern Fandom" from our Fan History Zoom on February 20. From the description: "This Fan History Zoom (February 2021) explores the last 50-60 years of Southern US Fandom, through anecdotes and personal experiences. From Bill Plott with over 60 years of experience to Toni Weisskopf with a mere 40, the speakers share cherished memories and their thoughts on the nature of Southern Fandom. They speak about conventions, both regional and Worldcons, awards and traditions, bigger than life personalities, and fanzines. At the heart of it all, lies the hospitality and inclusiveness of Southern Fandom. There's also a brief appearance by Jim Benford on the topic of his early fanzines, and an interesting Q&A session with the audience."

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.

--1940s One Shots. Added Chronoscope 1, from Redd Boggs. This ended up being a one-shot. Contributors include David H. Keller, MD, Art Rapp, and Marion E. Zimmer.

--1950s One Shots. Added "Indian Lake...There I Went" by Bob Tucker. This is a con report on the 1953 Midwestcon, and it's also linked to from there - under 

--Diaspar, Terry Carr perzine. Added #16 (Nov 74).

--Rune. Added 9 issues from various editors: #16, 18 (Jim Young, Jun 69-Nov 70); #29, 31, 33 (Bev Swanson, Apr-Nov 73); #34, 36-37 (Don Blyly, Jan-May 74); and #39 (Fred Haskell, 1974). RUNE is the clubzine of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society (Minn-StF). There's a nice Fancyclopedia article on the group at

--Spockanalia, Devra Langsam and Sherna Burley. Added the complete 5 issue run of this early Star Trek zine. The 5 issues provide over 500 pages of material. Earlier issues were published during the brief run of the show. Contributors include Dorothy Jones, Juanita Coulson, John Mansfield, Jean Lorrah, Ruth Berman, robert toomey, Lois McMaster, Sandra Miesel and Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

--T-Negative, Ruth Berman. Added 28 issues of this new-to-us title, one of the early Star Trek fanzines. Contributors include Juanita Coulson, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Dorothy Jones, Astrid Anderson, Hal Clement, and Larry Niven.

--The Unique Magazine, A.F. Williams. Added #1 from Oct 41. There apparently only 2 issues according to Pavlat-Evans. This one has fantasy by Doc Lowndes and science fiction by Duane Rimel.

Conpubs: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Mark Olson.

--Torcon II. Added links to the Dallascon bid materials (competing bid).

February 21, 2021
Fanzines Added: Most of the fanzines listed below were published in the Southern US. There are a lot more than usual with just a single issue representing the title - that's because we were trying to get a sampling of Southern fanzines in support of our Zoom session yesterday on the history of Southern fandom. If you missed the session, you can watch the YouTube version, which will be posted soon. We'll also start to put Zoom session announcements on the homepage to make them easier for everyone to find.

Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.

--1950s One Shots. Added "Galleon of Dream, Poems of Fantasy and Wonder" by Lin Carter. It's Autographed and with illustrations by the author.

--ASFO, edited by Jerry Burge and Carson Jacks. Added #3 (Sep 53). This zine is the "unofficial organ of the Atlanta Science Fiction Organization".

--ASFOAWN, Joe Celko and Brad Linaweaver. Added 13 issues of this new-to-us Atlanta area newszine from 1983 - 1984.

--Challenger, Guy Lillian III. Added issue #1 from 1993.

--ChatSFic News, Andre Barker-Bridget. Added #1 of this clubzine for the Chattanooga Science Fiction Club.

--Collector's Bulletin, Ned Brooks. Added 8 issues of this new-to-us title, including one edited by Mike Scott.

--Correlation, James Corrick bibliozine. Added #1 (1971).

--Cosmag, Ian Macauley Added #7 (May 52). Contributors include Lee Hoffman and Bob Silverberg. Distributed with Science Fiction Digest (Burwell) #6.

--Confusion, Shelby Vick. Added #15p (Dec 53), which consists entirely of a 6 page article by Bob Bloch entitled "How Conventional Can You Get? being a special report via time-traveling machine, on the Philadelphia World Science Fiction Convention of 1975".

--Cullowhee Comments, Richard Llewellyn perzine. Added #6 (Apr 81).

--Dallascon Bulletin, Tom Reamy bidzine. Put 3 issues on line from 1969

--Mathom, Joseph Pumilia. Added #5 (Oct 70). This was the official fanzine of the Houston Science Fiction Society, with most other issues edited by Lisa Tuttle.

--Maybe, Irwin Koch. Added #6 (Jul 70). Contributors include Robert Weinberg, Alexis Gilliland, Thomas Burnett Swann, and Jeff Schalles.

--Memphen, Greg Bridges. Memphen was the clubzine of the Mid-South Fantasy Association. Added 3 issues from the early 80s.

--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 34. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--Opuntia, Dale Speirs perzine. Added the latest issue, #495. Thanks Dale!.

--Science Fiction Digest, Henry Burwell. Added #6 (May 52) distributed with Cosmag #7 (Macauley). These were sent out Ace Doubles style.

--Skiffy, Ned Brooks. Added Skiffy Bag (Apr 1979). Skiffy Bag was done for SFPA. We already had Skiffy Thyme up.

--Southern Fandom Confederation Publications. Added the 1980 Handbook (Meade Frierson III) and V4#3 of the SFC Bulletin (P.L. Caruthers-Montgomery, Sep 88).

--Spiritus Mundi, Guy Lillian III. Added #41 (Sep 77) of this new-to-us apazine.

--Strange Punch, Andre Barker-Bridget. Another clubzine for the Chattanooga Science Fiction Club. Added #7 (Sep 81).

--Tabebuian, Dave and Mardee Jenrette. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us title from the mid 70s.

--Trumpet, Tom Reamy and Alex Eisenstein. Added #9 (1969) with its stellar list of contributors, including Emil Petaja, Andy Offutt, Tim Kirk, Bill Rotsler, Harlan Ellison, and David Gerrold.

--Undertakings, Sam Johnson. Added 4 issues and 2 G.M. Carr LoCs of this new-to-us mid 50s fanzine. Issue #4 says it's "a Fugghead publication".

--Utopian, R.J. Banks. Added #11 from Nov 1952.

--Vertigo, Randy Williams and Edwin Murray. Added 3 issues: #38 (Jun 78), #42-43 (Mar-Aug 80). Vertigo is the clubzine of the Carolina Fan Federation.

Conpubs: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Mark Olson.

Worldcon: BucConeer - added Boston in 1998 final bid mailing


--Readercon 10 - added Program Guide, Souvenier Book

--Readercon 11 - added Program Guide, Souvenier Book

--Readercon 12 - added Program Book, Program Guide

--Readercon 13 - added Program Guide, Souvenir Book.pdf

Smofcon: Smofcon 18 - added Program Book

Westercon: For Westercon 54, added PR 1, PR 2, PR 3, PR 4

Fantasy Convention World Fantasy Convention:

--25th World Fantasy Convention - added WFC 1999 Awards Ballot, WFC 1999 PR 2

--World Fantasy Convention 2000 - added PR 2

February 17, 2021
YouTube:  Uploaded "Science Fiction as Social Criticism", a half hour interview with Fred Pohl by Fred Lerner, conducted for WKCR in 1963. From the YouTube writeup: Frederik Pohl fields questions on everything from how science fiction covers race relations to religion and advertising in this 1963 audio interview (presented with illustrative pictures). Fred Lerner, noted librarian, bibliographer and historian, was just 17 when he interviewed Frederik Pohl, both a professional science fiction writer of long standing, and one of the earliest science fiction fans. At the time of the interview, in addition to writing, Fred Pohl was editing prominent SF magazines and original anthologies. In this recording, listen for the discussion of his "Space Merchants" to predictions about the advertising industry, his views on fantasy vs science fiction, comments on the best fiction of the period, and even a whiff of "fans are slans". This thoughtful interview provides not only a perspective on a major author in the field, but on a major editor. It's worth noting that this is the second interview Pohl did that day. Interviewer Fred Lerner tells us that "the recording engineer was so interested in what Pohl had to say that he forgot to turn on the recorder. Fred Pohl was gracious – and patient – enough to repeat the interview!" Thanks to Fred Lerner for providing the recording. Thanks, Fred!

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.

--1940s One Shots. Added Sun T(r)ails #1 from Arthur Louis Joquel II. According to Joe: "...its instigation was Hornig's "In Defense of Pogo" and it is Joquel's condemnation of Hornig. Another early feud!". You can read "In Defense of Pogo" in Hornig's Bulletin, in the same index.

--Choog, aka The Chattahoochee, Okefinokee and Ogeechee Occasional Gazette, from Lee Hoffman. Added 7 issues from 1952 to 1957 of this FAPA perzine: #1 (1952), an issue from 1953, two issues from 1955 and one from 1956. There's also v2#1 and #2 done for the FAPA 79. There were at least 4 Choogs that appear to all be for FAPA 79.

--Goojie Pubs, Miriam Dyches. Added #4 - Syzygy (Aug 59) edited by Miriam Dyches Carr. Contributors include Dan Adkins, Kris Neville, Harry Warner Jr., Ted Johnstone, Terry Carr, Ray Nelson and Terry Jeeves. Goojie Pubs is a core publication for us to scan.

--is, Tom Collins. Added #3 and 4 from 1971. An incredible list of contributors to issue #4 (focused on Derleth) including Bob Bloch, Ramsey Campbell, Lin Carter, Fritz Leiber, Doc Lowndes, E. Hoffman Price, and Gahan Wilson.

--I Palantir, Ted Johnstone. Added #1 (Aug 60) to complete the run. Thanks to Ruth Berman for sending us a copy. Thanks, Ruth!

--Intermission, Ahrvid Engholm. Added #103 from Dec 2020. Thanks, Ahrvid!

--Mimosa, Rich and Nicki Lynch. Added (Title Goes Here), a mid 1995 progress report on Mimosa 17. Thanks, Rich!

--Quark, Lesleigh and Chris Couch. Added #6 (Apr 68).

--Ragnarok, Terry and Miriam Carr perzine for SAPS. Added 3 issues (#5-7) from 1960.

--Rally, Don Markstein. Added #41 (Nov 78).

--SFSFS Shuttle. Added a local article about SFSFS into this index, from 2001. Warning: this article contains several factual errors.

--Shadowland, Sam Martinez. Added #2 of this new-to-us title from 1951. Shadowland subtitles itself "the Eerie Fanzine".

--Southern Fandom Confederation Publications. Added 23 items: 9 bulletins edited by Meade Frierson III: SFC Bulletin #2 (Jun 71), #4 (May 72), #8 (Aug 73), #8 supplement (Aug 73), #9 (Oct 73), #11 (Jul 74), #15.5 (Aug 76), #18 (Fall 77), and #27 (Jul 82), and 4 Roster and Roster supplements from the early 70s: #1, #4 Sup, #5 and #5 Sup along with 2 Handbooks (1974-1977); 5 edited by Tom Feller: V6#2 - V6#6 (Nov 95 - Oct 96); 1 edited by Julie Wall: V7#2 (Jan 99); 1 edited by Toni Weisskopf - the 1997 Handbook; and 1 by Guy Lillian III - Rebel Yell V2n2 (84).

--Trap Door, Robert Lichtman. Added #34 (Dec 2018), an all-web issue. Thanks, Robert!

--Zenith, Harry Turner. Added #5 from Apr 42, coedited with Marion Eadie. Contributers include Ted Carnell and Maurice Hanson.

Conpubs: SunCon. Added a Blood Drive flyer. Scan by Joe Siclari.

Clarifications and Corrections: Thanks to Leah Zeldes Smith for pointing out an error in the dating of Fandango, combined with Burblings (FT Laney and Charles Burbee). It should be Nov 1948. Thanks, Leah!

February 13, 2021
We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 28,524 names in these listings.

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.

--1940s One Shots. Added Hornig's Bulletin #1 (Charlie Hornig, Sep 1941). P-E said there was a note in Le Zombie about a 2nd issue. Has anyone seen it? If there's a scan out there (or a fanzine to scan), I'll put it in a dedicated index. It starts with IN DEFENSE OF POGO- "In this first number, I wish to clear the name of one of fandom’s top feminine fans—Pogo—of false accusations and suspicions. Wo have always agreed that fans should "stick together" yet we sometimes go out of our way to pass on some choice bit of malicious scandal about another fan." . Plus ca change.

--1950s One Shots. Added Space Legion 1 (Larry Touzinsky, Fall 54). Does anyone know if there was ever an issue 2? I couldn't find anything that would tell me. This first issue has contrubtions from Ken Slater, Greg Calkins, and Redd Boggs. Scan by Mowgli Assor. Thanks, Mowgli!

--Australian Science Fiction Monthly, John Bangsund. Added 2 items with 4 issues: issue #1 supplement (Jan 71), and #2-4 (Mar 71). Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--CyberCozen, Leybl Botwinik. Added the February 2021 issue. Thanks, Leybl!

--DUFF. Added 7 items: DUFF 1977-78 Administrator's Report (Christine Ashby), DUFF 1980 Administrator's Report (Paul J. Stevens), DUFF 1983 Newsletter (Peter Toluzzi), DUFF Talk-About (Pat and Roger Sims, 1196) and 3 DUFF Reports from 1985-86 (Jack Herman). Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--FANAC, Walter Breen. Added a supplement to #78 from 1961 titled "Admirable Crycon".

--G2, Joe Gibson. Added V3#1 (Oct 63).

--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 33. Thanks Evelyn, thanks Mark!

--Null-F, Ted White. Added 2 issues: #10-11 (Feb 1958).

--Pot Pourri, John Berry. Added issue #40 (Jul 1965) - Project Research - the V2 .

--Rune, various. Added 4 issues, all edited by Lee Pelton and Carol Kennedy from the late 70s. Added issues #51 (1978), #53-54 (1978) and #58 (1979).

--Self-Preservation, Lee Hoffman FAPAzine. Added #1 (Spr 61) and 6 (Nov 64). From #6 - "Well, the next thing I know--a few days later--Andy phones and tells me that Lupoffs will pick me up about 7:00 and that he has to go eat. A few minutes later Lupoffs call to tell me that they are practically on the way. Soon Terry Carr calls to ask if I can make it. I am overwhelmed. And shortly I am in a Caddy convertible with Arthur Thomson, and Dick and Pat Lupoff, seeking Brooklyn." Andy is Andy Porter.

--SFaira, Lars Helander. Added #4 of this Swedish genzine (which is in English).

--Southern Fandom Confederation Publications, Meade Frierson III. Added 4 SFC directories from the early 1970s.

--Tattooed Dragons, Voyages & others, Bill Rotsler artzine. Added The Tattooed Dragon Returns (1958).

--Third Foundation, Lee Gold. Added #91 (Nov 69). Contributors besides Lee are Tom Digby, Barry Gold, Ted Johnstone, Barry Weissman, Darrell Schweitzer and David Gerrold.

--Tightbeam, various. Added 3 items: V32#2 (Art Hayes, Apr 72), V21#5A (Al Lewis, Nov 62), and Tightbeam June 82 (Owen Laurion).

Conpubs: Unless other noted, all scans by Mark Olson

--Boskone. For Boskone 42, added Helmuth 42, the Pocket Program and the Program Book

--Midwestcon. For Midwestcon 58, added the Program Book

--Readercon. For Readercon 16, added the Program Guide and the Program Book

Clarifications and Corrections:

--Thanks to Dave Langford and Leah Zeldes Smith for pointing out some omissions in Slant. We've replaced issues #1 and #4 with searchable PDFs (with all the pages this time). Thanks, Dave!

--Thanks to Sandra Bond for letting us know that there was a problem in the TAFF directory (a missing publication). It's been fixed now. Thanks, Sandra!

February 10, 2021
YouTube:  Added the final part of Ted White's interview. From the YouTube description: In part 4, Ted tells us about his history with Corflu, his experience attending conventions and how that's changed with age. There are anecdotes of Ron Ellik, the origin story of the Fan Writers of America, the proliferation of APAs, and the original concept behind FAPA. Ted discusses his juvenile fiction and answers questions about editing Amazing and Fantastic, Dr. Progresso and more."

Fanzines Added:

--Bundalohn Quarterly, John Bangsund. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title. Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--DUFF. Added 4 items. First, the 1972 results (Fred Patten), and then 3 issues of the 1980ish DUFF Newsletter by Ken Fletcher (and one co-edited by Linda Lounsbury). Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--Fantasy Digest, Ted Dikty. Added #7 (Mar 1940), the first annish. Conributors include Henry Kuttner, Earl Korshak, Bob Tucker, Don Wollheim, Charlie Hornig, and Doc Lowndes. The Kuttner piece is subtitled, "Kuttner Tells All!". From that piece, "I don’t ask for much; all I want is a quiet, peaceful existence with my six dictaphones, my thirteen stenographers (including the blond), and the eighty-seven typewriters, including the automatic one which writes stories by itself." Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Fanthologies, Collections and Festschrifts. Added Fanthology 75, edited by Bruce Arthurs. There are pieces from Mike Glicksohn, Jeff Shaelles, Robert Bloch, Susan Wood, Dave Locke, Gene Wolfe, James White and Phil Foglio among others. Scan by Eli Cohen. Thanks, Eli!

--Green Dragon, Ed Meskys. Added 2 issues of this Tolkien Society Newsletter. From 1970, added issues #10-11. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Minac, Ted White and Les Gerber. Added 5 issues to complete the run. Added #11 (Jan 64), 12 (Feb 64), 13 and 13A (Mar 64) and 15 (Jul 64). Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Operation Fantast, Ken Slater. Added a supplement to issue #6, New Series, from Sept 1950. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the early February 2021 issue (the latest). Thanks, Dale!

--Philosophical Gas and Paregon Papers, John Bangsund. Added Paregon Papers 10 (Oct 78), and Philosophical Gas 57-59, and 63. Philosophical Gas 57-59 was distributed together. Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--Southern Fandom Confederation Publications, various. Added 9 issues: From Tom Feller, V6#1, 8, 10, 12 from 1995-98, and from Julie Wall, V7#1, 3, 5-7 from 1998-2000, Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Space Tales, Tom Ludowitz. Added #3 (1941). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Sustaining Program, Jack Speer. Added #23 (Fall 1944). Scan by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!

--Thots, Henry Elsner perzine. Added issues #1-3 from 1947 to 1948. Does anyone know if this is a complete run? P-E only lists #3. Here's a random sample - "The anti-science movement in stf might be explained: the stories in which a scientifically governed, over-efficiency-ized culture, was shown up to be evil might have been a natural reaction, after the flood of science-worship in early stfan circles." Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Postwarp, Bob Johnson. Added the September 1950 issue. San by Joe Siclari.

--Thyme, Alan Stewart. Added the entire issue #88 (Nov 92), replacing the part A that had been there. I believe this completes the run. Scan by Alan Stewart. Thanks, Alan!

--Twig, Guy Terwilliger. Added #14-15 from 1960. Slightly odd, issue 14 is marked Vol 3, #2 and issue 15 is marked Vol 3, #1. Contributors are impressive, but not odd. They include: Dan Adkins, Dick Lupoff, Ron Ellik, George Barr, Tom Reamy, Juanita Coulson, ATom, Bob Bloch, and Terry Carr. Scans by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!

--Wiz, Richard Bergeron perzine. Added the complete 13 issue run of this perzine that ran from 1982 to 1986. Scan by Joe Siclari.

PDF Replacements: Space Tales, Tom Ludowitz. Replaced #4 with a searchable PDF. OCR by Joe Siclari.


--Balticon, Added Balticon 42 program book

--Boskone, Boskone 43 - Program Book and Pocket program; Boskone 47 - Progress Report 2

--Lunacon, Lunacon 1 - ad; Luncacon 50 - Progress report, Program Book; Lunacon 51 - Daily Crescent 2008 and Pocket Program; Lunacon 52 - Progress Report and Program Book

--Minicon. Minicon 44 - PR 2

--Philcon. Philcon 2005 - Pocket Program

Clarifications and Corrections:

--Thanks to Alan Stewart and Irwin Hirsh for letting us know that what we had marked as Thyme  #109 local was actually an alternate cover for 109, along with page 2. Thanks Alan and Irwin!

--Thanks to John D. Berry for pointing out two pages reversed in an issue of Foolscap. Fixed now. Thanks, John!

February 7, 2021
Addition to our next FanHistory Zoom: On February 20th, "An Anecdotal History of Southern US Fandom" will be discussed. We've added a deeply knowledgeable speaker to the session - Bill Plott - who has been active in Southern Fandom since the 1950s. Join Bill, Toni Weisskopf, Janice Gelb and Guy Lillian III for a dive into Southern Fandom. RSVP to for the zoom link.

YouTube:  Added part 3 of the FanHistory Interview of Ted White by John D. Berry (from Feb 6). From the YouTube description: "Ted White has been in the science fiction field for over 70 years, as a fan, artist, fanzine editor and publisher, professional writer, editor and jazz critic..Ted talks about his solo fanzines and his fanzine collaborations, including one which was "an exercise in macho fanmanship". He describes his theory of fandom as an anarchistic meritocracy, his experiences with the Washington Science Fiction Association, and tells wonderful anecdotes about Lee Hoffman. And, from a first hand perspective, he talks about Walter Breen...My favorite quote from this part of the interview - "When I first became a fan, anyone else that was a fan was de facto my friend."

Fanzines Added:

--G2 or G Squared, Joe Gibson. Added 21 issues of this early 1960s perzine, along with 4 complete LoCs from Rick Sneary. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Iguanacon Blues, Bruce Arthurs. Added 2: Iguanacon Blues and Iguanacon Blues Redux. One man's view of the 1978 worldcon, Iguanacon. Scanned at Boskone 2020.

--Kipple, Ted Pauls. Added #177 (Mar 1970). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the latest issue (Late January 2021). Thanks to Dale for sending. Thanks, Dale!

--Revolting Tales of Sex and Super-Science, John Bangsund. Added 4 issues from 1973-1974. Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--Rune. Added 7 issues of Rune, with different editors. Added #19 (Art Roberts, Dec 1970), 22 (Lynn Torline and Chuck Holst, Apr 1971), and 38 (Bev Swanson, 1974). Added 4 issues edited by Fred Haskell - 41 (Dec 74), 45-47 (1975-76). Contributors include Jim Young, Reed Waller, Ken Fletcher, Leigh Edmonds, Grant Canfield and others. Scans by Joe Siclari

--Southern Fandom Confederation Publications, various. Added 15 publications: SFC Bulletins #12 and #13, edited by Meade Frierson III from 1974-5, Rebel Yells V2#1, edited by Guy Lillian III from 1983, SFC Bulletin V4 issues from P.L. Caruthers-Montgomery, V4#1-2 (1988), #4 (Jan 1989), #6-8 (1990-1991). Added 6 issues from volume 5, all edited by Sue Francis, from 1993-94. These provide a lot of information that might be useful background when we have the "Anecdotal History of Southern Fandom" zoom on Feb 20th. RSVP to Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Thyme, Alan Stewart. Added #96 (Mar 94) and #109 Local (May 96) of this Australian newszine. I believe with these, the run is now complete. Scan by Alan Stewart. Thanks, Alan!

--Tucker Bag, Jackie Franke. Added #3 (Jul 74) of this zine sent to contributors of the fan fund to bring Bob Tucker to Aussiecon I. Scan by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

Suggestions and Corrections: Thanks to Kim Huett for suggesting an Axe 25B Willis article  for us to add to the splash page. Done, and thanks, Kim!

February 3, 2021
There's a new splash page up on our home page. This month, we are highlighting Walt Willis, a deeply missed and very gifted fan. The splash page lists the material we have by and about him on and points to relevant Fancy3 articles as well as the interview done for the MagiCon, the 50th Worldcon, where he was Fan Guest of Honor. Material from previous splash pages can be found at FANAC BNF pages.

Fanzines Added:

--1940s One Shots. Added "Nirvana 1", edited by Ken Bulmer from Fall, 1949. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Bangsund - Other Publications, John Bangsund. Added 2 items: "Postscript to Anzapa 57" (1977) and "Rewolf-Galf?" (Jun 79). Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--DUFF. Added 7 ballots from 1975 to 1985. Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--Foundation, various editors. Journal of the Science Fiction Foundation. Added 5 issues: #1 (Mar 1972), #45 (Spr 89), and 129-131 (2018). Scans provided by editor Paul March-Russell. Thanks, Paul!

--Godless, Bruce D. Arthurs. Added the complete 14 issues run of this 1970s fanzine. Contributors include Dave Locke, Terry Jeeves, Don D'Ammassa, Sheryl Birkhead and others. Ten of these issues were scanned last year at Boskone 2020, and the other four by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark!

--New Millennial Harbinger, John Bangsund. Added 2 issues: #8 (Jan 74) and #10 (Jun 74). Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--Philosophical Gas, John Bangsund. Added #5 (Jun 71). Scan by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

--Southern Fandom Confederation Publications, Meade Frierson III. Added 15 issues of the SFC Bulletin from 1972 to 1983. We're planning to put other publications from the SFC in this index including Handbooks and Rosters. If you're interested in Southern Fandom, remember that we have a Zoom history call on Feb 20th at 7PM to discuss "An Anecdotal History of Southern Fandom". RSVP to Scan for the SFC pubs are by Joe Siclari.


--2014 World Fantasy Convention. Added the Virgil Finlay Centennial catalog for the exhibit that Joe and I did for the 2014 World Fantasy Convention.

Fancyclopedia: Contributions this last month from Dave Langford, Zeah Zeldes Smith, Steven Silver, Steve Johnson, Thomas Bull, Gary McGath, Michael Lowrey and Darrah Chavney. Thanks, all!

January 30, 2021
Corrections: Thanks to Rob Hansen for spotting a problem with the dates on Roger Ebert's Stymie. Thanks, Rob!

--  Added a filk concert from 1987. From the YouTube description: "Leslie Fish was the special filk guest at Tropicon 6, held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1987. This recording captures (almost all of) her concert at the convention, and includes 12 songs. Of these, Leslie wrote eleven, including one song which is a posthumous collaboration with Rudyard Kipling. For decades, Leslie has been a towering presence in the filk world, with some of her songs achieving true iconic status. Her strong libertarian streak is on full display in this concert, as is her enormous skill with words and practiced performance."

--  Added part 2 of the FanHistory Interview of Ted White by John D. Berry. From the YouTube description: "Ted White has been a science fiction fan for over 70 years, as well as an artist, fanzine editor and publisher, professional writer, editor and jazz critic. Interviewer John D. Berry has known Ted for more than 50 years. In part 2 of the January 23, 2021 interview, Ted talks about how he began writing professional science fiction, and the influence of Marion Zimmer Bradley, Terry Carr, Bob Tucker and others. There are anecdotes of the New York Fanoclasts and of how the bid for the 1967 NyCon3 came about. Ted discusses "The Club House" column in Amazing Stories, responsible for bringing many into fandom in the early 1970s (including me), and speaks of his many fanzine collaborations, along with challenges along the way."

Donations: In the last 25 years, in addition to contributions of scans and physical material, has received monetary contributions (and thanks to all who provided financial and material support!). As the archive expands in size, and as we start to incorporate "ancient" audio and video, we appreciate those contributions even more. This last week we added a DONATE button to the home page for those that want to contribute funds. is non-profit organization approved by the IRS under section 501(c)(3).

Fanzines Added:

--1970s One Shots. Added "Leaves and Leaflets" from Mae Strelkov. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--A Bas, Boyd Raeburn. Added a full 2 page letter from Len Moffatt, dated May 16, 1959, intended as a LoC for issue #11. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Australian Science Fiction Monthly, John Bangsund. Added #1 (Dec 70) of this new-to-us title. Interesting article by George Turner in this issue. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Bangsund - Other Publications, John Bangsund. Added an index page for the minor publications done by John Bangsund. Some of these are very minor, others are a bit more substantial. Scans provided by Perry Middlemiss and Irwin Hirsh. Thanks Perry and Irwin!

--DUFF. Added 2 items: DUFF Newsletter V3#1 from Joyce Scrivner (1982) and DUFF 2K the Newsletter from Terry Frost and Janice Gelb (2000). Scans by Joe Siclari.

--First Fandom Publications. Added 3 items: First Fandom Magazine #8 (Roy Tackett, Feb 63), and 2 issues of ScientiFiction edited by Mark Shulzinger (Win 96, Spr 98). Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Goon Defective Agency Publications, John Berry and ATom. "A Goonzine One Shot 1" (Jan 56). Scan by Joe Siclari

--Gripes and Groans, Rick Sneary. Added what we believe is the complete 2 issue run of this 1940s fanzine. However, the 2nd issue is marked #3. Pavlat-Evans isn't sure if there's an issue between. I've marked it as issue 2. Does anyone know? Scan by Joe Siclari.

--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 31. Thanks Evelyn and Mark!

--Outlander. Added Outlander News Review #1 from Len Moffatt (Jul 1951). It's short, just 3 pages, and mostly it's a Westercon 4 convention report. "Bidding at the Auction was healthy. Outstanding items were a Bonestell original, originals by G. Faraco and a Bradbury manuscript." Scan by Joe Siclari.

--PSFS News. Added 14 issues, almost all from the late 90s and all but one edited by Carol Kabakjian. Added Jan 97 (Beck Jollensten), and Aug 91, Jan-Mar 98, July-Nov 98, Feb-Mar 99 and May 99. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Sinisterra, G.M. Carr. Added #1 (Apr 50) of this publication by the Nameless Ones. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Sirius, Erwin Scudla. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from 1959-1961. Sirius was "the newsletter and magazine of the ISFS - International Science Fiction Society". Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Speculative Review, Dick Eney. Added 7 of the 8 issues of this new-to-us title. Speculative Review was a reviewzine from WSFA in the early 60s. All we need is the one issue from 1957 edited by John Magnus. It's going on the One and Done  list! Scans by Joe Siclari.

PDF Replacements: The Science Fiction Fan, Olon Wiggins. Replaced issue #48 with a searchable PDF. OCR by Joe Siclari.


--Thanks to Sam McDonald for pointing out a problem with the page titles on Bob Tucker's Le Zombie  #36. Thanks, Sam!

--Thanks to Rob Hansen for finding a problem in the Chronological List of Fanzines, and on a page in FANAC 41 (Ron Ellik & Terry Carr). The first was a software bug, and has now been fixed by Mark Olson. I fixed the other one. Thanks Rob and Mark!

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