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March 19, 2023
Corrections and Clarifications: Credit for recent scans of Paperback Inferno  goes to Kevin R. Smith. There have been two active Kevin Smiths in BSFA, and my apologies for not being explicit as to which Kevin Smith was providing scans. Thanks, Kevin R.!

YouTube: Feminism in 1970s/80s Fandom: Janice Bogstad, Jeanne Gomoll, and Lucy Huntzinger - Fandom in the 70s/80s saw real influence from people with a feminist perspective, from the creation of Wiscon to fanzines like Janus and Rude Bitch, and to raising awareness of the reality women experienced. What were the beginnings? How did Wiscon get started? Was fandom following popular culture or leading it?  - Part 1 - Panelists Janice Bogstad and Jeanne Gomoll tell us about the creation of Janus, Wiscon and the Madison nexus of feminist thought in 70s fandom, and Lucy Huntzinger brings us into the 80s with the lamentably short-run Rude Bitch, and her other experiences in fandom as a feminist. Moderated by Edie Stern, webmaster, this intriguing panel reveals the unusual origins of Janus (and how the editor found out it was a fanzine!), the academic background brought to the discussions of women in science fiction, and some of the factors that made Madison the hotbed of feminist thought in fandom. These personal histories trace the growth of feminist discussion in broader fandom, and explore why fandom felt like a safe space for women. The panelists also discuss the sometimes negative reactions received...Wound through with personal anecdotes ("Will the real James Tiptree please stand up!", and the production of "The Emperor Norton Science Fiction Hour"), the discussion provides a window on an important area of science fiction fan history.  - Part 2 - Panelists Jeanne, Lucy and Janice continue here with more on the reactions they received from others, and with the differences in being a feminist in fandom in the 70s and in the 80s...Part 2 has stories about dating approaches in fandom, the wonderful origins of Corflu, and a number of anecdotes (both serious and constructive as well as personal and funny) about well known women writers. There are charming anecdotes about Octavia Butler, Connie Willis, Sheri Tepper (and her rousing call to action on population growth), and Ursula Le Guin. You'll also hear about the origins and early days of the Tiptree Award, and its novel funding mechanism. Finally, there are audience comments and reminiscences including a true story about the Minneapolis chicken hat...This session is lots of fun, with a serious thread underlying it.

Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1 Issue - Maybe More to Come. Added 8 items: Scoop 5, edited by B. Jay Cronin, Bruce Odesser and L. D. Levenberg (Apr 55); Scrapbook 6 edited by Arthur Hlavaty (Jun 85); Seetee 4 edited by William Knapheide (Win 51), Skiffle 4 edited by Steve Stiles (74); Snap 1 edited by Bill Kunkel and Arnie Katz (Spr 73); So What 3 edited by Rick Norwood (Aug 61); Spudnut 2 edited by Gary Deindorfer (93) and Starlanes 12 edited by Orma McCormick and Nan Gerding (53). Starlanes 12 is full of poetry, Seetee 4 (Official Publiction of Tellurian Sciencefictioneers) has a Ray Nelson cover and poem, and Scoop 5 is subtitled "An Idiotic Fanzine" - not the best recommendation.
--Atarantes, Cliff Biggers. Atarantes was the clubzine of the Atlanta Science Fiction Club (ASFiC). Added 12 issues from Jul 80-Oct 81. Issue #50 was scanned by Cliff Biggers. Thanks, Cliff.
--Copeland- SFPA zines, Jeff Copeland. Added 1 more that had previously escaped me. "You've Got Mars from May 01. Scan was either by Jeff or by Rich Lynch. In any event, thanks!
--Day*Star, Marion Zimmer Bradley. Added the Feb 60 issue, "Day-Star Presents Kerry-Toons".
--De Profundis. Added 3 issues: Mary Cantor: #334 (Oct 00); Scott Beckstead: #321 (Feb 99) and Tim Merrigan: #314 (Jul 98). Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Erg, Terry Jeeves. Added #146 (Jul 99). Scan by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Fan-Tods, Norman Francis Stanley. Added #12 (Fall 45).
--Horizons, Harry Warner Jr. Added #24 (Oct 45).
--Mag Without a Name, Walt Dunkelberger. Added 3 items: 1) Summer 45 2) Mag Without a Name Presents Fanews Second Annual (Oct 45), and 3) the Jan 46 issue.
--SF Newscope, Lawrence Ray Campbell. Added #4 (Dec 50).
--Reader and Collector, H.C. Koenig - Added V3#5 (Oct 45). This serious and constructive issue contains Chapter 1 of an article (book?) by Robert Butman, "Modern Mythological Fiction" with footnotes fro the Journal of American Folkore, Amazing Stories, Alvin Boyd Kuhn's "Theosopy", and others. "In modern mythological literature the scientific an d the cosmological symbolic aspects are combined in many ways"
--Scientifan, Joe Fortier. Added #2 (Jan 40) which contains a long article by Robert Lowndes with a detailed review of the fanzines of 1939.
--Tale of the 'Evans, E. Everett Evans. Added V3#4, titled "A Tour of the 'Evans" from Fall 45.
--WSFA Journal. Added 5 issues: Samuel Lebell - Aug, Dec 98; Lee Strong - Jan 91, Jul, Nov 92. Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.

PDF conversions: Degler!, Andrew Porter. Replaced 33 issues with searchable PDFs. Issues are within the range: 62-99, and all from 1965. PDFing and OCRing by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark.

March 16, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--ASFA Publications. Added #2 (May 80), edited by Amelia Sefton and Freff.
--Asmodeus, Alan H. Pesetsky and Michael DeAngelis. Added #3 (Spr 52). Contributors include H.B. Fyfe, Milt Rothman, Bob Silverberg, Jerome Bixby and Mack Reynolds.
--Atarantes, Cliff Biggers. Added 8 issues from 79-80 of this new-to-us zine, the clubzine of the Atlanta Science Fiction Club (ASFiC).
--Browsing, J. Michael Rosenblum. Added #1 (New Series) from Fall 45.
--Chat, Rich and Nicki Lynch. Added #27 (Dec 79) of this zine of the Chattanooga SF Association. Thanks, Rich.
--De Profundis. Added 2 issues: 323 (May 99) edited by Scott Beckstead, and 354 (Jun 02) edited by Marty Cantor. Issue 354 is the Bruce Pelz Memorial issue. Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Fan-Dango, Francis T. Laney. Added #9 (Fall 45).
--Fan-Fare, W. Paul Ganley. Added V2#3-4 (May - Jul 51).
--Folly, Arnie Katz. Added 10 issues of this new-to-us title from the early 90s.
--Helen's Fantasia, Helon Wesson. Added 4 issues of this perzine: #18-19 (Feb-May 67), 22 (Nov 68) and the May 70 issue too. Leah Zeldes Smith posted on Facebook recently about Helen Wesson, as part of her series of historical femmefans.
--You're Still on My Mind, Rich Lynch. Added Rich's letterzine, with LOCs on the first 5 isues of his "My Back Pages". Thanks, Rich.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the most recent issue, and Dale's revised cumulative index. The index now covers up through issue 545 (!). Thanks, Dale.
--Paperback Inferno, Joseph Nicholas. Added 4 issues: V6#1-2, and V6#4-5. All issues from 82-83. Scans by Kevin Smith and BSFA. Thanks, Kevin.
--PAS-tell, Bjo Trimble. Added #21 (Oct 66).
--Phantasphere, Donald Wollheim. Added #3 (Nov 45).
--Sardonyx, L. R. Chauvenet. Added the last, brief issue of Sardonyx (Jun 45).
--TNFF, Don Miller. Added V27#3 (Mar 68).

Conpubs: Some scans and materials for scanning provided by Rich Lynch, Alan Stewart, Jeanne Gomoll, Ben Yalow, Rick Katze and F.C. Moulton. Remaining materials were scanned by Mark Olson.
---Anticipation added Reluctant Voyagers R
---Aussiecon Three added 1999 Aussiecon 3 Badges, 1999 Voice of the Platypus (A3 size before folding to A5 size), 1999 Program schedule, 1999 Program particpant correspondence (sample), 1999 bookmarks and return address labels, 1999 Advertising poster (A4 size), 1999 Advertising poster (A3 size), Daily schedules
---BucConeer added 1998-Program Update 1, 1998-Program Update 3, 1998-Program Update 4
---ConFrancisco added Pocket Program/Quick Reference Guide
---L.A.con III added Post-con Letter from Chairman Mike Glyer to LA Con III program participants
---Noreascon 4 added First Night Guide, Ham Radio Info
---Renovation added Alien Reefer, Masquerade, Music Night Wednesday, 2011-Program Changes
---Torcon II added Torcon 2 Pocket Program

---ArmadilloCon 8 added Program Book

--Australian Natcon:
---SpawnCon Two added Awards ballot, 1999 Spawncon Two Flyer
---SunCon added Business Meeting minutes, Fundraising flyer, Program Book, Progress Report 1, Progress Report 3, Progress Report 4
---Syncon '92 added Australian artists list, Badge and ticket, Syncon Book of Lists, Syncon Daily 2, Syncon Daily 3, Maps, Photos by Alan Stewart, Photos by Ken Moylan, Program, Progress Report 2, Progress Report 3, Progress Report 4-5, Progress Report 6, Souvenir Book

---Balticon 20 added Pocket Program

--Boskone: Boskone 11 added Art Show Ballot, Movies, Program Book, Seminars; Boskone 59 added Pocket Program
---Chattacon V added Updated two-sided flier
---ConFusion 101 added Contests, Program Book, Restaurant Guide

---Corflu 4 added Worlds of Corflu - progress report
---Corflu 29 added PR: 2012-03-16, PR: 2012-02-16

---Loscon XIV added Newsletter #1-2, Pocket Program
---Lunacon 17 added PR 1
---Midwestcon 48 added Two-sided flier

---Minicon 13 added Thingie
---Minicon 22 added flyer, Minicon Monthly V1.2
---Minicon 26 added Mailing, PR (incomplete)
---Minicon 27 added Mailing
---Minicon 34 added Booksellers Guide

---Conucopia added NASFiC Film Competition flier, Restaurant and Resources Guide, Warner Aspect party flier 1999
---Rivercon XXV added Two-sided flier
---Westercon 32 added Film Notes, How to Buy Art in the Art Show, Map, Newsletter with BM minutes, Party Notice, Program Book

--WisCon: Pubs provided by Jeanne Gomoll.
---WisCon 1 added Program Book
---WisCon 2 added Program Book & Janus 11
---WisCon 3 added Press Release, Program Book, Program Grid and Map, Flyer, Film Program, Pocket Program, Folded flyer
---WisCon 4 added Program Book, Flyer, Folded flyer
---WisCon 5 added Film Schedule, Folded Flyer, Pocket Program, Program Book, Program Survey, Publicity Survey
---WisCon 6 added Art Show Ballot, Film Schedule, Mad Moose Gazette #6.4, Mad Moose Gazette #6.5, Pocket Program, Program Book, Program Survey, Publicity Survey
---WisCon 7 added Mad Moose Gazette #7.4, Mad Moose Gazette #7.5, Pocket Program, Program Book
---WisCon 9 added Art Show ballot, Flyer layout, Program Book
---WisCon 13 added Mad Moose Gazette V13.3, Mad Moose Gazette V13.4, Mad Moose Gazette V13.5, Program Book, Restaurant Guide
---WisCon 15 added Pocket Program, Program Book
---WisCon 16 added Flyer, Pocket Program, Program Book
---WisCon 17 added Mad Moose Gazette V17.2, Mad Moose Gazette V17.3, Mad Moose Gazette V17.4, Membership Survey, Pocket Program, Program Book, Request for Volunteers
---WisCon 18 added Art Show Ballot, Mad Moose Gazette #3, Mad Moose Gazette #5, Mad Moose Gazette #6, Membership Survey, Pocket Program, Program Book, Program Evaluation
---WisCon 19 added Folded flyer #2, Folded flyer, Mad Moose #4, Pocket Program, Pre-con publicity #1, Pre-con publicity #2, Program Book, Restaurant Guide
---WisCon 33 added A Momentary Taste of Wiscon #1, Program Book, Brochure, Pocket Program, Progress Report, Desert Salon tickets, A Momentary Taste of Wiscon #2
---WisCon 39 added Pocket Program, Postcard flyer
---WisCon 40 added Pocket Program

---12th World Fantasy Convention added Pocket Program, PR 1, PR 2, PR 3

March 10, 2023
We sent out a Newsflash a few days ago (and the link is in the list below). Part of the flash was to brag that we have now exceeded 20,000 fanzines available on 20,000! If you didn't receive the Newsflash, and would like to, sign up on and you'll get the next one.

Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1940s One Shots. Added 2 items: Life of the Fan (Milt Rothman, 46) and Proclamation! (Aug 49).
--ASFA Newsletter. Added Mar 82, edited by Sheila Orick.
--AtoZ, Arthur Thomson. Added #2 (Sum 60). Illustrated by ATom!
--Dimensions, Harlan Ellison. Added 2 items of ephemera: "Science Fantasy Bulletin Announces Dimensions" (53) and "Invitation to Dimensions" (54).
--FANAC updates. Added the March 2023 Newsflash that went out on 3/8/23.
--Future Retrospective, Cliff and Susan Biggers. Added 14 issues of this new-to-us genzine from the 70s. Contributors include Mike Glyer and Mike Weber. Thanks to Cliff Biggers for both his permission to put these online and for providing the scans. Thanks, Cliff!
--Hickman-Other Publications, Lynn Hickman. Added Badmouth 3 (Sum 71).
--Milty's Mag, Milton Rothman. Added 2 issues of this FAPAzine - #19-20 (Jul-Oct 45). The location listed for 19 is Paris; for 20 it's "All over Europe".
--Geis Letter, Richard E. Geis. Added 3 issues: #59 (Mar 99), #63-64 (May-Jun 99). Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Intermission, Ahrvid Engholm. Added the late Feb 23 issue. Thank you, Ahrvid.
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 3/3 and 3/10 issues of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn and Mark.
--Paperback Inferno, Joseph Nicholas. Added 7 issues: V4#6, V5#1-6 all from 81-82. Scans by Kevin Smith for BSFA. Thanks, Kevin!
--Sustaining Program, Jack Speer. Added the Fall 1945 issue.
--Tightbeam, George Phillies and John Swartz. Added the March issue. Thanks, George.
--Vegas Fan Diary, Arnie Katz. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us title from the 90s. Lots of stuff on the Vegrants.
--WSFA Journal. added 4 issues, all edited by Samuel Lubell. Added today were Nov 98, and Feb, May and Jun 99. Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.

March 6, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans re by Joe Siclari.
--1950s One Shots. Added 10 items: Bloodshot (Jon Magnus and Dick Clarkson, Jul 54), Cincinnati Fantasy Group (Don Ford, Jul 57), Earth Women's Burden (Karen Anderson and Djinn Faine, 1958), Lilith (Delcie Austin, Sum 53), A Modest Proposal (Walt Willis, 57), Potshot (Karen Anderson, Jun 55), STF Habba No #1 (Art Rapp, Dec 51), This #1 (Pete Graham, May 58), Twin Set (Ken Slater, Aug 54), Void #1 (George Clements, Nov 52). Some fun stuff here - Poul Anderson and Gordon Dickson's "Earthman's Burden" came out in 1957; Earth Women's Burden is credited to Karen and Djinn Dickson-to-be. Potshot is not a one-shot, it's a potshot. STF Habba No is a carbonzine. Walt's "A Modest Proposal" sets the stage with "Moskowitz nodded to Korshk, who rose and fixed the gathering with a glassy stare "This Extraordinary Meeting of Elder Fans," he said, "has been called by the Policy Committee of the Secret League of Old BNFs".
--Alexiad, Joseph and Lisa Major. Added the last 2 issues - #126 (Dec 22) and #127 (Feb 23). Thanks, Joseph.
--Alien, Vic Waldrop Jr. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from 1952. There's an early Joe Green piece in one of them.
--Alien Culture, Jim Leary. Added #4 (Oct 49).
--Canadian Fandom, Beak Taylor. Added #14 (Feb 48). Conributors include Fred Hurter and Leslie Croutch.
--De Profundis. Added 6 issues of De Profundis, the LASFS clubzine, from the late 90s. Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Ectoplasm, William J. Calabrese and Myles Callum. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from 1952.
--En Garde, Richard Schultz. Added #5.5, a supplement to #5 (Jan 69) of this related zine. The zine is focused on the TV show "The Avengers".
--Eye Tracks, George Locke. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from 1960.
--GUFF. Added 2 items: 1999 Ballot, and GUFFaw 2 (Paul Kincaid, Aug 99). Scans and GUFFaw OCR by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Kipple, Ted Pauls. Added what I think is #178, from early 1970s. He says that Kipple is getting too hard. Our scans show there was a big jump between 177 in Mar 70, and 179 in Oct 84.
--Rasterman Blues, Lenny Bailes. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title courtesy of Lenny Bailes and Thanks, Lenny. Thanks, Bill.
--Scarab, Fred Ross Burgess. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us title from the mid 40s. Poetry, fiction, reviews. Pavlat-Evans only lists #5, which we don't have.
--Variant World, Shel Deretchin. Added 4 issues of this new-to-us title from the early 50s.
--Xenolith, Bill Bowers. Added #17, the script for FAANS by Larry Tucker and Randy Bathurst (which is on our youtube channel) from Mar 81.

Corrections and Clarifications:
--Thanks to Bee Ostrowsky for pointing out an updside page in Le Zombie  56. Fixed now. Thanks, Bee.
--Quip, Arnie Katz. Thanks to Sam McDonald, added a clarification that a supplement to #11, the "Fannish Worry Book", is often called Quip 11.5. Thanks, Sam.
--Warhoon, Richard Bergeron. Thanks to Bill Burns for letting me know about one bad link, and another 404 on the Warhoon index page. Fixed now. Thanks, Bill!

Conpubs: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Mark Olson.
---Aussiecon added Australia in 75 Bid matches
---Aussiecon Three added Double sided bookmark flier, Flyer, Banquet menu, Banquet ticket, Hugo acceptor letter, Hugo nominee certificate, Hugo nominee letter, Hugo party invite
---Aussiecon Two added Melbourne in '85 Fundraising Calender 1 by Ashby
---BucConeer added Broadside #6 plus Pirate's Pocket Guide insert, program participant information letter, Program Update #5 09 Aug 1998, Site Selection Ballot from Bucconeer for choosing the 2001 Worldcon
---ConJose added San Francisco in 2002 flier
---LoneStarCon 2 added LSC 2 Flyer
---MidAmeriCon 2 added Tomorrow Is Now tri-fold brochure
---Millennium Philcon added Boston for Orlando in 2001 two sided bid flier, Boston for Orlando in 2001 FAQ, Flash pre-progress report, Orlando in 2001 flier
---Noreascon Two added PR 0, WSFS Business Meeting Minutes, Lobster Tales #1-12, N2 Dealers' Directory, N2 Film Info, N2 Pocket Program, N2 Program Supplement, The Noreascon Two Proceedings (hoax), WSFS Constitution as of August 1980
---Torcon 3 added Incisors Report 3 Torcon 3 bidzine Jan-July 1998, Incisors Report 4 Torcon 3 bidzine Aug-Dec 1998

---ArmadilloCon 10 added Program Book
---ArmadilloCon 17 added flyer
---ArmadilloCon XI added Program Book

---Balticon 57 added Two sided postcard flier
---Boskone 13 added Program Book
---Corflu 16 added 1999 Corflu final progress report, Progress Report 2

---DSC 36 added flier
---DSC 40 added Program Book
---DSC 60 added DSC60 and Other Destinations con report by Rich Lynch PDF direct conversion from MS Word file

---Disclave 21 added Program Book inserts, Program Book

---Ditto 10 added and Octocon 34 program and restaurant guide
---Ditto 11 added two-sided flier

---FanHistoriCon 5 added Program
---FSF 1995 added Program Book

---Loscon 25 added flier
---Loscon 48 added Loscon 48 one-shot conzine
---Loscon Fifteen added Pocket Program, Program Book
---Loscon XIV added Program Book

---Lunacon 18 added Pocket Program
---Lunacon 28 added Program Book

---Midwestcon 50 added Two-sided flier

---Minicon 25 added Restaurant Guide
---Minicon 28 added Pocket Program
---Minicon 30 added PR 1, PR 2, Pocket Program
---Minicon 31 added PR1.pdf; Notes=Two *really* big pages.., Pocket Program

---Mancon added Program uncredited 1952-10-05. Scans by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!
---Conucopia added PR 1
---Norwescon IX added Pocket Program

---OryCon 13 added Pocket Program
---OryCon 14 added Pocket Program

---PgHLANGE IX added Flyer
---Philcon 1998 added Progress Report

---Rivercon XVI added PB, Pocket Program
---Rivercon XXIII added flier
---Rivercon XXV added Letter to Former Guests

---Tropicon XVII added flier
---Tropicon XVIII added Flier

---Westercon 41 added PR 4, Registration Form
---Westercon 46 added Pocket Program, Program Grid
---Westercon 48 added Pocket Program

March 1, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans re by Joe Siclari.
--Apollo, Joe Hensley and Lionel Innman. Added #2 (Nov 43).
--Centaur, Jack Chalker. Added Centaur 1 (Apr 60), aka the first issue of Mirage. The 2nd issue was named Kaleidoscope 2, and the third was named Mirage 3. It stayed Mirage after that. There's a John Berry article in this first issue. Adding the Centaur completes the run of Mirage.
--Conversation, Lynn Hickman. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title, both from 1960.
--CyberCozen, Leybl Botwinik. Added the January and February issues. Thanks, Leybl.
--Fantasy Amateur. Added 5 issues: 195-197 (May-Nov 86), and 199-200 (May - Aug 87). All were by Seth Goldberg.
--Helen's Fantasia, Helen Wesson. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us title. The zine ran for decades. These issues are from the 50s/60s.
--Imagination, Russ Hodgkins. Added #4 (Jan 38). Contributors include Forry Ackerman, Ray Bradbury and Henry Kuttner. There's also the text of a letter received by Forry Ackerman from H.P. Lovecraft. I believe this completes the run. Thanks to David Ritter, who noticed we were missing issue #4 and volunteered to provide scan. Thanks, David!
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 2/24/23 issue of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn and Mark.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the late February issue. Thanks, Dale.
--Perryscope, Perry Middlemiss. Added the Feb 23 issue of Perry's perzine. Thanks, Perry!
--Phantasy Press, Dan McPhail. Added #27 (Apr 60).
--Pot Pourri, John Berry. Added #12 (May 60). This issue has photos on page 17 (that's 19 in the PDF).
--Pulsar. Added 3 issues of this, the clubzine of the Portland Science Fiction Society. Added #90 (Rosalind Malin, Apr 86), #91 (Pat Gulley, May 86), #157 (Arlene Hills-Peterson, Nov 91). Scans provided by Sam Butler. Thanks, Sam.
--Quip, Lenny Bailes and Arnie Katz. Added #1 (Fall 65), thereby completing the run.
--Random, Daphne Buckmaster. Added #1 (Sep 60), completing the run.
--ScoLar, Lars Bourne and Scotty Tapscott. Added the full 2 issue run of this 1959-60 fanzine, plus a letter from the editors.
--Sercon's Bane, F.M. Busby. Added #40 (May 69).
--Skoan, Calvin Demmon. Added 4 issues of this new-to-us title, plus a letter from Rick Sneary sent for #13. All the issues are early 60s.
--STF maglet, Eva Jane Clevenger. Added 2 issues of this new to us title from 1948. The second is a little strange, as it is combined with Kar Mar (K.M. Carlson) and Nuzine (Ray Higgs) and the triplezine is only 6 pages long.
--T-Negative, Ruth Berman. Added the double issue #34-35 (Mar 79), completing the run.
--TNFF, George Phillies and Jon Swartz. Added the February issue of the The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks, George!
--Valapa, Bruce Pelz. Added 4 issues. I think this apazine is called Valapa - the title is written in Cyrillic, and Valapa is the best I can do with a transliteration. It was for ValAPA so it kind of makes sense. I tried to put this up with the file names having a Cyrillic set of characters. The server refused, my local code for prepping the index page refused. I gave up and now we have the fanzine "Valapa".
--The Zine Dump, Guy Lillian III. Added #57 (Feb 23).

PDF conversions: Degler!, Andrew Porter. Replaced the first 52 issues that we had on line with searchable PDFs. The issues are from 1964-65. OCR by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark.

Fancyclopedia: Recent contributors include Bill Burns, Steve Johnson, Dave Langford, Ben McKenzie, Gregory Meyer, Joe Siclari, Leah Zeldes Smith, Ian Sorensen, and of course Mark Olson. T Thanks, all!

Corrections and Clarifications: Thanks to Bill Burns for spotting that Science Fiction Parade  issue #6 was published at the end of the quarter and so my listing it as having been published at the beginning of the quarter introduced some errors in the Chron list. Fixed now. I think. Thanks, Bill!

February 25, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans re by Joe Siclari.
--Ankus, Bruce Pelz. Added 4 issues of Bruce's FAPAzine: #19 (Nov 66), 22 (May 69), 28 (Feb 75), and 45 (May 98).
--Bullfrog Bugle, Lynn Hickman. Added 3 issues of Lynn's APAzie: 1 (Feb 59), 3 (59), and 5 (Jul 59).
--Bull Moose, Bill Morse. Added V2#1 (Feb 62) of this FAPAzine.
--Fanactivity Gazette, George Phillies. Added the January issue of this NFFF newsletter. Last week I realized that I had missed it, and George Phillies was kind enough to resend it. Thanks, George.
--Glamdring, Bruce Pelz. Added #2 (May 60).
--Moonshine, Len and June Moffatt. Added #37 (May 69).
--SLANder, Jan Sadler aka Jan Penney. Added one more issue (#1) of this 50s zine, and created an index page. A previous issue had been listed under 1 Issue-Maybe More to Come. Now all moved to the new index page.
--SFSFS Shuttle, Carol Porter. Added #33 (the second issue marked #33) from Dec 87.
--Sparx, Henry Spelman. Added 2 issues: #7 (Jun 49) and #9 (Sep 49). Issue 9 is a special Isaac Asimov issue. Isaac was all of 29, and contributed a bibliography and a short article.
--The Sphere, Don Markstein. Added V48#1 (Apr 77) and V58#1 (Jan 79).
--Spinnaker Reach, Russell Chauvenet. Added #2 (Aug 60).
--Sun Spots, Gerry de la Ree. Added #26 (Fall 45). Contributors include Ralph Milne Farley, Harry Warner Jr., Manly Wade Wellman and William H. Evans.
--TAFF. Added 3 items: 1999 TAFF Ballot (Ulrika O'Brien and Maureen Kincaid Speller), TAFFkin's Bum 1 (Maureen Kincaid Speller, Jul 98) and TAFF Official (Avedon Carol, Jan 85). The TAFF Ballot and TAFFkin's Bum were scanned by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Ur, Ellis Mills. Added #5 (Dec 58).
--Vandy, Buck and Juanita Coulson. Added 2 issues of the Coulson's FAPAzine: #7 (May 60) and 31 (Feb 69).
--Watling Street, Robert Lichtman. Added 7 issues of this SAPSzine: #7 (Jan 61), 9 (Jul 61), 10 (Oct 61), 12-13 (Apr-Jul 62), and 16-17 (Apr-Oct 63).
--Wild Heirs, Arnie & Joyce Katz, et al. Added 10 issues of this new-to-us genzine title from the 90s. Et al in this case: Bill Kunkel & Laurie Yates, Ken & Aileen Forman, JoHn & Karla Hardin, Tom Sprinker & Tammy Funk, Ben & Kathy Wilson, Ray & Marcy Waldie,Belle Augusta & Eric Davis, Peggy Kurilla, Ross Chamberlain, Woody Bernardi, Peggy Burke, Charles & Cora Burbee, William Rotsler and Chuch Harris. There are probably others who I have missed. Contributors include the editors (and that's quite enough) plus Rob Hansen, rich brown, and Ray Nelson. Issue #13, the annish, is 100 pages long.

February 22, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1 Issue - Maybe More to Come. Added 6 items: Bilcyn 1 (Ken Slater, Mar 55), Ditmar Newsheet no. 1 (Peter Toluzzi, Dec 78), Etron 2 (Jim Schreiber, approx 1960), Phenotype (Dick Eney, approx 87), Shables 1 (Dave Locke and Ed Cagle, Feb 76) and Syllabus 1 (Shelby Vick, Aug 60). The Ditmar Newsheet was scanned by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--Fantasy Amateur, Seth Goldberg. Added 11 issues: #183-184, 186-194 all fromMay 83 to Feb 86. Fantasy Amateur is the Official Organ of FAPA.
--Imagination!, Russ Hodgkins. Added 4 items from the 1930s: #3 (Dec 37), 6 (Mar 38), 12 (Sep 38) and "Imagination! Rejected - Council on Controversy". It's a treat to get these online, since most of our recent uploads have been from much later decades. Contributors include: Ray Harryhausen, Julius Schwartz, Charlie Hornig, Henry Kuttner, Oswald Bradbury, T. Bruce Yerke, Forry Ackerman, and Robert Bloch. I believe "Oswald Bradbury" is a penname for Ray Bradbury.
--Kteic Magazine, Bill Rotsler. Added 2 issues: #119 (Mar 65) and #125 (Jul 65).
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 2/17/23 issue of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn and Mark.
--The Spectator. Added 2 issues of this, the OO of the Spectator Amateur Press Society. Added #42 (Nancy Share, Jan 58) and #87 (Buz and Elinor Busby, Apr 69).
--Sandworm, Bob Vardeman. Added 5 issues: #5 (68), 10 (70), 14-16 (Aug 71-Jan 72).
--Wooden Nickel, Arnie Katz. Added 12 issues of this new-to-us perzine from 1973. Well, one of them is called Wooden Pickle instead - "WOODEN PICKLE Volume 1 Number 7 Whole number 7 is catering in a lewd and lascivious manner to the prurient interest of 50 high-living fans By Arnie Katz."

Corrections/Clarifications: Leer, Charles Lee Riddle. Thanks to Sandra Bond for pointing out that the Dec 56 issue was in OMPA 10. Somehow, I had missed checking Vince Clarke's OMPA listing  for its first 5 years. Thanks, Sandra!

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