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January 16, 2021
Fanzines Added:

--Fantasy Commentator, A. Langley Searles. Replaced issue #28, with the two missing pages now present. Thanks to Kim Gibbs for scanning the missing pages for us!

--Kipple, Ted Pauls. Added 4 issues: #1 (May 60), 86 (Sep 65), 88 (Oct 65), and 98 (Mar 66). Scans by Joe Siclari.

--MT Void, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Added the latest issue of this, the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 29. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--Operation Fantast, Ken Slater. Added the first 2 issues of this important UK fanzine. Operation Fantast is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the latest issue, Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday 2021. Thanks, Dale!

--Spacewarp, Art Rapp. Added 2 issues: #12 (Mar 48) and #62 (Mar 56). Spacewarp is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Tattooed Dragons, Voyages and others, Bill Rotsler. Added 3 of Rotsler's artzines: Tattooed Dragon (1957), Tattooed Dragon Meets the Beat Generation (1962), and Tattooed Dragon and the Idol's Eye (1974). Scans by Joe Siclari.

--SFSFS Shuttle. Added #109 (Apr 94), edited by Francine Mullen. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--The Southern Fan. Added 2 issues: #3 (Jerry Burge, Nov 60) and #14 (Lloyd D. Broyles, Nov 62). The Southern Fan was the "Official organ o the Southern Fandom Group". Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Tangent, Lee Hoffman. Added #2 (Spr 1952) of this FAPAzine. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Texas SF Inquirer, Alexander Slate. Added #54 from April 1995. Texas SF Inquirer is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Tumbrils, James Blish. Added #15 from 1948. This was done for VAPA. Contributors include Eric Frank Russell and Chan Davis. Scan by Joe Siclari.

Corrections: Thanks to Leah Zeldes Smith, Jerry Kaufman, Suzle Tompkins, Amy Wolfthal, Lori Meltzer, Robin Johnson, and Ell Schulman for photo corrections in a variety of directories.

We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 28,523 names in these listings.

January 13, 2021
Fanzines Added:

--CyberCozen, Leybl Botwinik. Added the Jan 21 issue of CyberCozen - "Israel's longest running and only English language SF fanzine". Thanks, Leybl!

--Drilkjis, Dave Langford and Kevin Smith. Added issue #5 to complete the run. In addition to the edditors, contributors include Chris Priest, Joseph Nicholas, Peter Nicholls, Rob Hansen, Jim Cawthrone and Phil Foglio. Scan provided by Kim Huett. Thanks, Kim!

--Hanrahan, John Bangsund perzine. Added #3, from Feb 80. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Kipple, Ted Pauls. Added 7 issues from the 1960s: #30-31, 34, 41-43 and 116. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--KiwiFan, Roger Horrocks. Added 2 issues of this New Zeland zine from the mid50s.

--Klein Bottle, Terry Carr. Added the complete 6 issue run from 1959-1960. This was distributed through FAPA. conributors include Bob Tucker, Bill Rotsler, Jack Speer, Ray Nelson, Dan Adkins, Charles Burbee, ATom, F.M. Busby, Ron Elik, Bruce Pelz, and of course, Terry Carr. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Mimosa, Rich and Nicki Lynch. Added a supplement to #11. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Outworlds, Bill Bowers. Added #30, extracted from Xenolith  #4. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Rhodoagnetic Digest, Donald Baker Moore. Added #10 (Nov 50). Contributors include Leland Sapiro, Don Fabun, Fred Brown, Marion Z. Bradley and J. Lloyd Eaton. Rhodomagnetic Digest, "being the proceedings of the Eleves', Gnomes' and Little Men's Science-Fiction Chowder and Marching Society" is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Science Fiction Weekly, Robert Lowndes. Added 9 issues to complete the run of this 1940 newszine. Added #2-3, 5-7, 10, 12-14. Sample headline from #6 - "Weird Tales Stays Weird", an article to the effect that Weird Tales was NOT becoming a horror magazine. Scans provided by David Ritter. Thanks, David!

--Sfaira, Lars Helander. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us title from 1956-1957. Sfaira is a Swedish zine written in English. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Sydney Futurian, Vol Molesworth and Graham Stone. Added issue #1 of this newzine, from Sept 1947. Scan by Kim Huett. Thanks, Kim!

--TAFF, Equal Time 1A and 1B (Feb 65), from Bjo Trimble, John Trimble, Al Lewis and Stan Woolston. This was published Ace Double style, to support Jock Root and Terry Carr for TAFF. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Tightbeam, clubzine of the NFFF. Added 6 issues: #23 (Jan 64, Felice Rolfe), 25 (May 64, Art Hayes), 26 (Jul 64, Roy Tackett), 38 (Jul 66, Bill Bruce), 39 (Sep 66, Stan Woolston), 78 (Oct 73, Stan Woolston). Scans by Joe Siclari.

PDF Replacements: 3 runs completely replaced!

--Fantastic Worlds, Edward Ludwig and Sam Sackett. Replaced all 8 issues of this early 1950s fanzine with searchable PDFs. OCR by Joe Siclari.

--Granfalloon, Linda Bushyager. Replaced the full run of 20 issues with searchable PDFs. Also broke out the art portfolios into separate line items. OCR by Joe Siclari.

--Slant, Walt Willis. Replaced all issues except #1 with searchable PDFs, along with Inclinations (the Slant 6 supplement) and a 1953 questionnaire. OCR by Joe Siclari.

Conpubs (only a partial accounting): Added Hugo Nomination ballots for Baycon (1968) and St. Louiscon (1969) under their listings in Conpubs. The Baycon ballot was scanned by Kim Huett. Thanks, Kim!

Corrections: Added some names corrections to photos from the 1996 Eastercon. Correct identifications provided by Udo Emmerich. Thanks, Udo!

January 9, 2021
On Monday, I uploaded Part 1 of one of Harlan Ellison's programs at IguanaCon. It's at From the description on YouTube: "Guest of Honor Harlan Ellison held forth for hours in "Burning the Phoenix: Remarks, Dark & Light." This audio recording, illustrated with images, is the 1st 40 minutes of that talk. Harlan tells a great story about Avon, talks about The Tonight Show, his script for Asimov's "I, Robot" and about his plans for "The Last Dangerous Visions". Harlan was a charismatic, funny, witty speaker, and at this event, he is talking to a large audience of his appreciative and enthusiastic fans. "

Fanzines Added:

--Convention, Andy Porter. Added a flyer from 1972. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Energumen, Susan Wood from A Room of One's Own. The piece on Susan Wood is listed at the bottom of the Energumen index page. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Gobrin Gazette, Eli Cohen perzine. Added both issues of this short run perzine from the mid70s. Zines provided by Eli Cohen. Thanks Eli!

--Granfalloon, Linda Bushyager. We have the complete run of Granfalloon, but today we added a hoax zine, "Grand Balloon" edited by Craig Miller from 1973, and an art portfolio from 1972 by Walt Simonson. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Metrofan, David MacDonald. Added issue #5 and a letterzine "M/Folly" from June 1958. Metrofan was "unofficial publication of the New York Fandom Council." Scan by Joe Siclari.

--MT_Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 28. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--Null-F, Ted White. Added 2 issues: #32 (Feb 63) and #51 (Feb 75), the 20th annish. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Philosophical Gas and Parergon Papers, John Bangsund. Added 6 issues of Philosophical Gas: #14-19 (distributed as one, Dec 72), and one of Parergon Papers - #6 (Jan 78). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Rhodomagnetic Digest, Donald Baker Moore. Added issue #7 (Jun 50). Rhodomagnetic Digest is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Rumble, John Magnus. Added 3 issuess to complete the run. Issues added: #2, 4, 14 as well as a LOC for #11. All are from 1957-58. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Stellar, Ted White and Larry Stark. Added 2 issues: #11 (1957) and #17 (1958). Issue 11 includes contributions by Marion Zimmer Bradlye, Harry Warner Jr, Charles Burbee, Lee Hoffman (as Lee Shaw) and Ray Nelson among others. Stellar is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Tattooed Dragons, Bill Rotsler. Added 2 Tattooed Dragon artzines: "The Curse of the Tattooed Dragon", 1973 and the "The Tattooed Dragon and the Queen of Mars" (1975). This index page lists the ones we don't have as well. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Third Foundation, Lee Gold. Added issue #81 (Mar 68). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--TNFF. Added 4 issues: V18#1 (Ray Higgs, Mar 59), V23#6 (Donald Franson, Nov 64), V23#7 (Wally Weber, Dec 64), V24#2 (Wally Weber, Apr 65). TNFF is a publication of the National Fantasy Fan Federation. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Trap Door, Robert Lichtman. Added 12 issues: #21-26, 29-33 from 2002 through 2016. BTW, the page count listed in the index is about half the correct count, as they were scanned 2 up. So, twice the reading pleasure for you. Trap Door is a core fanzine for us to scan. These issues provided by Bill Burns, and they are also available at Thanks, Bill!

PDF Replacements: Enchanted Duplicator, Walt Willis and Bob Shaw. All the versions of this (and there are many) are replaced with searchable PDFs. The links are all collected here. If you know of any other versions, please let us know. I think we're missing one. OCR by Joe Siclari.

January 2, 2021
We're planning our 2nd Fanhistory Zoom for January. Scheduled for January 23, at 4PM EST, we will have an interview of Ted White by John D. Berry. Ted has been a fan for almost 70 years, and there's a lot to talk about. Please send your RSVPs to, and I'll send you the link a day or two before the talk.

Two of the largest fanzines ever produced are now up on See the listings below for Outworlds 71 and for Warhoon 28. These are enormous, worthwhile labors of love and you should read them.

One of the comments that came in response to one of the splash pages was that we should keep the BNF splash pages permanently somewhere. Great idea. We're saving them in -  . Warning: These are a point in time snapshot of materials we have on line when the splash pages were done. They won't be updated as we put up new material, although they may be updated a little later. Example: Since her splash page was up last September, we've added LeeH's perzine "Self-Preservation" and her "Inadequate Time Machine".

Fanzines added:

--1940s One Shots, X Prime 1. Destruction of the original futurians, signed by Larry Shaw, James Blish, Judy Zissman, Damon Knight, Chester Cohen, Virginia Emden and Bob Lowndes. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Algol, Andrew Porter. Added 2 issues: #26 (Sum 76) and 33 (Win 78). Algol is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--The Bug Eye, Rüdiger b. Gosejacob, Helmut Klemm and Rolf C. Gindorf. The Bug Eye is a new-to-us West German title from the early 60s, and today we've added 10 issues. Earlier issues are German with some English, and later issues are mostly in English. Joe Siclari adds, "This is the only zine I know of that directly addressed fannish attitudes regarding Germans and Nazis and Jews." Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Kipple, Ted Pauls. Added 8 issues of this genzine, from the mid 60s. Issues added: #65-66, 68, 72, 75, 79, 81 and 84. The last two pages from #65 are ripped out of our copy, so if anyone has it and can scan them for us, we'll update the pdf. Thanks. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--MT Void, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 27. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--Outworlds, Bill Bowers. Added two teaser PDFs, the magnificent Outworlds 71 (a posthumous publication) and "Afterworlds, An Eclectic Bill Bowers Appreciation… and Fanthology… ", edited by Pat Virzi, Jeanne Bowman, Rich Coad, and Alan Rosenthal, design, layout & production by Pat Virzi. These are monumental publications, totaling over 500 pages of high quality material. You can acquire paper copies via Amazon, with proceeds going to benefit the Fan Funds. Well done, guys. And thanks to Pat Virzi for providing them to us to put online. Thanks, Pat!

--Slant, Walt Willis. Didn't add any issues, because Slant is complete. However, we did add two indexes, one by contributor and one by issue. Indexes created by Joe Siclari.

--Snickersnee, Robert Silverberg FAPAzine. Added 2 issues: #1 (Jun 76), and Vol?#!(Spr 72). Issue 1 scanned by Eli Cohen, and the strangely identified issue by Joe Siclari. Thanks, Eli. Thanks Joe too, but since he is leading this project, he gets fewer exclamation points.

--Warhoon, Richard Bergeron. Added Warhoon 28! We've put this up in 3 parts because it's so large. This 668 page mimeographed zine was published in hardback in May 1978. It is a complete collection of the writings of Walt Willis, including "The Harp that Once or Twice", "The Harp Stateside" and "Twice Upon a Time". Warhoon 28 was nominated for the 1981 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo. If you haven't read Walt Willis before, this is very much worth your while. Warhoon is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan for #28 by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark!

PDF Replacements:

--Cry of the Nameless, F. M. Busby edited these issues. We replaced 35 issues: 115 (May 58), 130-145 (Aug 59-Dec 60), 151-160 (Jun 61-May 62), and 162-169 (Aug 62-Aug 63), along with ephemera. With these, we have replaced all the issues we have with searchable PDFs. Phew. Cry is a core fanzine for us to scan. OCR by Joe Siclari.

December 30, 2020
It's the last update for 2020. Wishing you all a better, safer, more joyful year to come.

YouTube: Uploaded on Dec 27, the video of Rob Hansen's Virtual walking tour of fannish London. From the YouTube description: "In the midst of the Covid pandemic, Rob Hansen, noted historian of British fandom, takes us on a virtual walking tour of fannish Holborn (London). Using video and audio clips, along with historical photos, Rob provides a thoughtful and insightful look at British fan history. He talks about early fans, conventions, fanzines, clubs, and the impact of WWII. As this is a walking tour, many of the stops are legendary pubs - the favored meeting places for London fandom for many decades. This is a live recording too - about 35 fans from two continents attended the zoom call where this was presented, and the video includes their Q&A." Find it at  Thanks Rob, for a great tour!

Fanzines added:

--Awry, Dave Locke. Added #9 (Aug 75) of this genzine. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Kipple, Ted Pauls. Added 27 issues of this genzine, mostly from the early 60s. Added issues #2-13, 15, 50-52, 57-62, 64, 97, 118, 157, and 179. Contributors include Ted White, Marion Bradley, Red Boggs, Rog Ebert (#11), John Magnus and others. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Ornithopter, Leigh Edmonds perzine. Added 5 issues of this new-to-us title from the late 70s/early 80s. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--I Palantir, Ted Johnstone. Added #2 of this Tolkien fanzine out of LA in the mid 60s. Ted Johnstone edited the first 2 issues, and Bruce Pelz edited the last two. We're only missing #1 to complete the run, so it's going on the One and Done Begging list. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Rosebud, Mari Beth Wheeler. Added #5 (Mar 46) of "fandom's intimate fanzine". Not only is Bob Tucker on the TOC, but so is H.P. Pong. We have only one issue left to complete the run - we're missing #1. So, it's going on the One and Done list too. Scan of issue 5 was by Joe Siclari.

--Self-Preservation, Lee Hoffman. Added 2 more issues of Lee's perzine: #3 (Sum 62) and #9 (Aug 66). Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Short Enough To Be Interesting, Eli Cohen. Added the full 4 issue run of Eli's perzine from the mid 1970s. Thanks, Eli!

--Sirruish, Leigh Couch and the Ozark Science Fiction Association. Added 4 isses: #9-12 from the early 1970s. Issue 11 has an article on where the zine got its name. Hint: it has to do with cuneiform and dragons. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Son of the WSFA Journal, Don Miller. Added issues #2 and 3 of this newszine from fall of 1969. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Twll-Ddu, Dave Langford perzine. Added 11 issues, plus an apology and a flyer. Issues: #1-7 (Apr 76-May 77), 12.5 (Aug 78), 14 (Oct 78), 16 (Jul 79), and 20 (Apr 83). Twll-Ddu won the 1977 Nova Award for best fanzine, and three Checkpoint Fan Polls. Twll-Ddu is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scans by Joe Siclari.

PDF Replacements:

--Cry of the Nameless, F. M. Busby edited these issues. We replaced 16 issues: 130-145 from Aug 1959 to Dec 1960. Cry is a core fanzine for us to scan. OCR by Joe Siclari.

--Fantasy Fan, Charles Hornig. Replaced #2, 15 with searchable PDFs. Scan/OCR by Kim Huett. Thanks, Kim!

--Innuendo, Terry Carr. Replaced 9 more issues with searchable PDFs. Now the whole run is in that format. OCR by Joe Siclari.

Convention Pubs (partial update): Thanks, delayed: Thanks to Anne Gray for sending us Smofon 2000 and Confusion 2009 pubs. You can find them at  and

December 26, 2020
Fanzines added:

--1930s One Shots. Starting off this new index page with a single entry - "The Science Fiction Circular", a one page zine from Sam Moskowitz.

--1950s One Shots. Added 3: Terry Carr's "The BNF of Iz", Lin Carter's "Sandalwood and Jade" and Sam Moskowitz's "Science Fiction Market Survey 1956". The BNF of Iz was already up as an article, retyped by Judy Bemis in (I think) the 1990s. It's replaced here with a searchable PDF facsimile copy. Lin Carter's zine is subtitled "Poems of the Exotic and the Strange" and is scanned from the copy he gave to Lee Hoffman. Scans by Joe Siclari.

--1960s One Shots. Added an undated one shot "Fanalog" from Shelby Vick. If anyone has a different/better sense of what decade (or year) it belongs in, please let me know. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--1970s One Shots. Starting this index page with 4 short one shots from Eli Cohen. Thanks Eli!

--Fanthologies, Collections and Festschrifts, added Vol 1 of the Complete Bob Shaw - "The Best of the Bushel". Scan by Joe Siclari (and the copy was autographed to Joe by Bob).

--Fandom Speaks, Rex Ward and Jack Clements. Added 4 issues of this late 1940s letterzine. We're only missing #5, so it's going into the One-And-Done Begging List. Joe adds," Laney wrote a letter to Fandom Speaks but it had folded. The letter is in Fan-Dango 17." Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Moss on the North Side, also MOS on the North Side, Eli Cohen. Added the complete 17 issue run of Eli's perzine from the late 70s/early 80s. He started the zine while living in Canada and changed the name when he moved to NY. Scans provided by Eli Cohen. Thanks, Eli!

--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. We Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 26. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--The Scientifiction Scout, Gerry de la Ree. Added the last issue, #7 of this new-to-us title from 1941. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Sinisterra. Added #6 (Fall 1954), edited and William Austin and Royal Drummond. This is a publications of the Nameless Ones club (Seattle). Contributors include Wally Weber, G.M. Carr, and F.M. Busby. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Tightbeam, various editors. Added 4 issues and an 18 page supplemental issue: #10s (1961), 13 (May 1962), 17-18 (Jan-Mar 1963), and 20 (Jul 1963). Issue #18 was edited by Bill Mallardi and Bill Bowers, later of Double Bill fame. Scans by Joe Siclari.

PDF Replacements:

--Cry of the Nameless, Wally Weber, and Buz & Elinor Busby edited these issues. We replaced 15 issues: 101, 109, 120-121, 126-129, 170-175, and 184 from Mar 1957 - Sep 1969. Cry is a core fanzine for us to scan. OCR by Joe Siclari.

December 23, 2020
Notable: is resplendent in a new SSL certificate. You'll notice that there's a little locked lock next to the url at the top of the page. If your browser was telling you we were insecure, this should make the nagging go away.

Last weekend's Zoom call - Rob Hansen's virtual tour of Fannish Holborn: I forgot to mention that all the photos that were used in the Zoom call are online in the Fanac Fan Photo album section. If photos went by too quickly for you, you can dwell on them at your leisure at The photos are arranged in the order of the stops on the tour, so you can retrace Rob's steps as you go. If you weren't able to join the call, you can still look forward to the tour. I'm hoping to put the recording up on our YouTube channel  RSN.

Fanzines added:

--CyberCozen, Leybl Botwinik. Added the December 2020 issue. Thanks Leybl!

--Fantasy News, William Sykora. Added issue #149 (mismarked as 150) from May 1941. Scan provided by David Ritter. Thanks, David!

--Horizons, Harry Warner, Jr. Added #152 (Feb 1978). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Musicals and Plahys, Requiem for a Fake Fan, by James O'Meara. This was done for Pittcon, the 1960 worldcon. It's also listed with the rest of the Pittcon pubs. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the latest issue, Saturnalia 2020. Thanks, Dale!

--Rhodomagnetic Digest, Don Fabun. Added 4 issues: #14-16 (1951), and 22 (edited by Al haLevy, 1962). Rhodomagntic Digest is a core fanzine for us to scan.

--Self-Preservation, Lee Hoffan FAPAzine. This is a new title for us, and we've added 5 issues from the 1960s. FYI, issue 10 is the "Special Legible issue in commemoration of the fact that I bought a new impression roller.)". Scans by Joe Siclari.

--Rune, various editors, from the Minnesota Science Fiction Society aka Minn-Stf. Added 10 issues and an envelope: #37.5, 72 (and envelope), 73-74, 82, 87-91. Scans courtesy of Matthew Strait and Minn-Stf. Thanks Matt!

--Tink, Mae Strelkov. Added issue #9 (Aug 1973). Scan by Joe Siclari.

PDF Replacements:

--Cry of the Nameless, G.M. Carr, Wally Weber, and F.M. Busby for these issues. We replaced 27 issues: 21 from the early 1950s, and 6 from the early 1960s. Cry is a core fanzine for us to scan. OCR by Joe Siclari.

--Innuendo, Terry Carr. Replaced issue #4 with a searchable PDF. OCR by Joe Siclari.

--Luna, Frank Dietz. Replaced 4 issues: #1-2, and 4-5 from the 1960s with searchable PDFs. OCR by Joe Siclari.

--Spanish Inquisition, Jerry Kaufman and Suzle Tompkins. Replaced all the issues we have with searchable PDFs. Want to egoscan? Now you can do that courtesy of Ctrl-F. We are still missing issues 1 and 2. If you have them, we'd love to get a scan. I did go egoscan for chair, Joe Siclari. I found this from Jerry in #6 - "Vaguely square of shape and slow of speech, Joe is an omnibus collector. No, I take that back. Joe does not collect omnibuses, thank God. He does collect movies, fanzines, sf pulps, film, mystery and sf books, projectors, piano rolls... I expect the walls of our new apartment to be covered with paper (spines neatly out) from wall to shining wall." Joe hasn't changed much. And of course, OCR by Joe Siclari.

--Stellar, Ted White and Larry Stark. Replaced all 10 issues that we have with searchable PDFs. Stellar is a core fanzine for us to scan. OCR by Joe Siclari. Joe's note on Stellar: "Fan fiction (fiction about fans), not amateur science fiction, has appeared in fanzines for many years. I think the best period for this was during the 1950s. From The Enchanted Duplicator to The BNF of Iz and more, we had some marvelous ideas mitered with good writing. For six issues from when it started Stellar carried the epitome. These zines are still worth reading again. Fiction by Brandon White, Stark, Harness, plus Grennell - and that was the first issue. Carr, Ashworth, Shaw and Hoffwoman (as Lee Shaw), plus Calkins, Ellison, Jeeves, Willis and quite a few others. The "Death of Science Fiction" serial may have overshadowed other pieces but there was much good stuff to read, even Mike Hammer (sort of) - and of varied enough styles so that it didn't blend into a mush as so much fan fiction seems to. There were other features as well, reviews, articles. Ted White carried it all in the best looking zine of its time. His color mimeography was superb and the layout utilized modern (for its time) styling. It couldn't last. With the exception of #18 with (Willis and Hammer), the later issues were just standard White fare."

December 19, 2020
Noteworthy: Today we held the first Fanhistory Zoom session. Rob Hansen gave a virtual tour of Holborn (London) fannish history. Using video, audio and still photos, Rob gave an interesting and entertaining illustrated tour, much of it centered on the pubs which have been the venues for meetings of London fandom. About 35 people were in attendance, and participated with questions and commentary. If you weren't there today, you may get a second chance. We're going to put a recording on the YouTube channel real soon now. We do have another zoom scheduled for January. When we have a date and time settled, I'll announce the details here.

Fanzines Added:

--1950's One Shots. Continuing to add index pages with one shots by decade. We already have the 40s, 60s and 80s represented. Today, we add the 1950s. The first and so far only entry in the list - Richard Lupoff's "One-Shot Wonder #1 Pal Maxy Science Fiction" from 1952. This is one of Dick's earliest fanzines. We put up his other early title a few days ago. Scans by Joe Siclari.

----1960's One Shots. "Harlequin" by John Berry and Arthur Thomson (May 1964). From the introduction by Bob Shaw: "You'll be able to read about John's days in the army, a couple of his adventures with Arthur Thomson, a fan fiction item and a spy story or two. You've also got the wonderful ATom illustrations to ponder over. I had a sneak preview a couple of months ago, and I think they're fabulous." Scan by Joe Siclari.

--ASFA Publications. Added the 17th Chesley Awards Program (2002). Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Asmodeus, Alan Pesetsky and Michael DeAngelis. Added issue #2 of this new-to-us title. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Discrete, Virginia Emden (aka Virginia Kidd). Added the complete 2 issue run of this 1945 perzine. Scan by Joe Siclari.

--Energumen, Mike Glicksohn and Susan Wood. Added 7 issues and several supplements, completing the run. Added today: issues #1 (Feb 70), 4 (Nov 70), 11-15 (Mar 72- May73). Also added are an ad for Torcon 2, and supplements to issues 7 and 9. Energumen won the 1973 Best Fanzine Hugo and was nominated for the 1971 and the 1972 Best Fanzine Hugos. Contributors include Ted White, Greg Benford, Bob Toomey, Jack Gaughan, Bill Rotsler, Tim Kirk, Grant Canfield, Dan Steffan, Sandra Miesel, Walt Liebscher, Bubbles Broxon and others. Energumen is a core fanzine for us to scan, and features in the Susan Wood spotlight currently on our homepage. Scans by Taral Wayne. Thanks Taral!

--Fantasy News, William Sykora. Added 14 issues: #129 (Dec 1940), 132 (Jan 1941), 138-146 (Feb-Apr 1941), 151 (Aug 1941), 153 (Oct 1941) and an announcement for the 3rd annish from June, 1941. Issue #132 recaps the headlines of 1940, has articles and excerpts of articles and runs 12 pages. Scans provided by David Ritter. Thanks, David!

--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 25. Thanks Mark and Evelyn!

--New Futurian, J. Michael Rosenblum. Added issue #1 (Spr 1954) to complete the run! Last week, I told you we were only missing one issue. Sam McDonald came through for us! He scanned the issue and sent it to us. Thanks Sam! I'm taking it off the list.

--Rune, aka The Newsletter of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, by various editors. Added 16 issues of this clubzine: #5-8 (May-Jul 1968), 10 (Aug 1968), 12-13 (Nov-Dec 1968), 17 (Nov 1969), 23 (May 1971), 35 (Feb 1974), 59-61 (1980), 63-66 (1981-1982). The first 9 scans were provided by Matt Strait and Minn-Stf. Thanks, Matt! The last 7 were scanned by Joe Siclari.

--Xenolith, Bill Bowers perzine. Bill did two series of this title, which is primarily a perzine. We've added 7 issues of the first today (from 1977-1979), and 8 of the second series, along with a 2 page index. Scans by Joe Siclari.

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