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July 2, 2022
Minicon 10 (1975)-History of the MFS-Poul Anderson, Gordon Dickson, Clifford Simak, Bob Tucker & more: Minicon 10 was held April 18-20, 1975 in Minneapolis. This panel discussion, orchestrated by Gordy Dickson, majors in history and anecdotes of the 1940s Minneapolis Fantasy Society (MFS). Particpants: Kenny Gray, Poul Anderson, Oliver Saari, Gordon Dickson, Grace Riger, Bob Tucker, and Clifford Simak. A high percentage of the MFS members went on to sell professionally to the magazines...The panel begins with the flowering of MFS after Clifford Simak moved to town to anecdotes about late night hero-saving plot sessions to the true identity of Squanchfoot (hint: Simak’s City was dedicated to him). You’ll hear about the softball games in which many Saaris participated, the origin of Twonk’s disease, how Poul became an MFS member and more. There’s silly story writing, an imitation Red Boggs, and a mass induction into the MFS. For those that live(d) in Minneapolis, and for those that didn’t, this recording provides an affectionate look at the early MFS...Many thanks to Geri Sullivan and the Video Archeology project for providing the recording.

Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari
--1950s One Shots. Added 7 items: Bob Pavlat's Eofandom (59); Andrew Young's iEHEU! (Jan 57 - "The Crottled Greep HAS BEEN FOUND"); William Austin's "Namelessentials" (Feb 51); Ted White's "Smithereen" - (54 - Smallest fanzine); John Koning's "Revolution" - (59) and a LoC on Revolution from Rick Sneary; and Don Durward's "Little Name Fan" = (Jan 59). Contributors to Revolution include Donald Franson, Robert Bloch, Len Moffatt, Steve Schultheis, Bob Lichtman, Jim Caughran, and others.
--Blatant, Avedon Carol. Added #18 (Apr 89) of Avedon's perzine.
--Bleen, Dean Grennell. Added Bleen #7 (May 58).
--Discord, Redd Boggs. Added the Questionaire from #16 (Jan 62).
--Duprass, Linda Bushyager and Leslie Smith. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from the mid 80s. Contributors include David D'Ammassa, Esther Friesner, Darrell Schweitzer, Brad Foster, Jack Gaughan, Alexis Gilliland, Bill Rotsler, Steve Stiles, Taral, Stu Shiffman and Moshe Feder.
--Enclave, Joe Pilati. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from 1963-64. Contributors include Bob Tucker, Tom Perry, Steve Stiles, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Ray Nelson, Dick Lupoff, Harlan Ellison, Buck Coulson, Walt Willis and Ted White among others.
--ETA, Rob Hansen. Added 2 issues of Rob's perzine: #3 (Oct 88) and #5 (Apr 90).
--Etaoin Shrdlu, Stephen Taller. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from 1950. According to Fancyclopedia, "ETAOIN SHRDLU" is from the top row of keys on the standard linotype keyboard because they are the most commonly used letters in English. Contributors include Alfred Bester.
--Impossible, Burnett Toskey. Added 4 issues of "Impossible", a new-to-us title from 1950-51. Impossible was a production of the Nameless Ones. Contributors include C.M. Carr, Lin Carter, Lee Hoffman, and others.
--It Comes in the Mail, Ned Brooks. Added #17 (Jul 75) of Ned's perzine.
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 7/1 issue of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn! Thanks, Mark!
--Of Cabbages and Kings (and Baby Turtles), Peggy Rae Pavlat. Added the Fall 74 issue of Peggy Rae's FAPAzine.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the new Canada Day issue. Thanks, Dale!
--Oz, Beryl Henley Mercer. Added 2 issues: #2-3 of this OMPAzine, both from 1965.
--Poor Richard's Almanac, rich brown. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from 1962.
--Postwarp, Art Rapp. Added 4 early issues of Postwarp (the NFFF zine now evolved into Tightbeam), all edited by Art Rapp. Added today are issues 4-5 (Jan-Feb 50), and 7-8 (Apr-May 50). Lots of well-known names in these letterzines, including Boggs, Tucker, McCain, Vick, Sneary, Coslet, Venable, etc.
--Rhodomagnetic Digest, Don Fabun. Added #19 (52). Rhodomagnetic Digest is a core zine for us to scan.
--TNFF, George Phillies and Jon Swartz. Added the May and June issues of the The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks, George!
--Tomorrow And..., Jerry Lapidus. Added 3 more issues: #2 (coedited by Mike Bradley, Oct 68), #6-7 (71). Contributors include andy offutt, Lisa Tuttle, Dean Koontz, Mike Gilbert, Darrell Sweitzer, Jack Gaughan and others.

June 27, 2022
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari
--1970s One Shots. Added "Space Opera 1" from Ed Pippin (Aug 78). This is a Tom Corbett zine, and was provided to us for scanning by Jesse Mazer. Thanks, Jesse!
--Differential, S. W. Paul Wyszkowski. Added 9 issues of this short new-to-us perzine from the early 60s. These are snappy little zines, with some humor and wit.
--Fantasy Commentator, A. Langley Searles. Added #43 (Spr 92). We pulled this one ahead in the scanning list as it was specifically requested for a paper being written by an academic in Azerbaijan. Fantasy Commentator is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Holier Than Thou, Marty Cantor. Added #6 (Apr 80).
--HPL, Meade Frierson. Added Meade Frierson's massive (144 pg) Tribute to Howard Philips Lovecraft. Contributors include Robert Bloch, Stuart Schiff, E. Hoffman Price, Fritz Leiber, George Wetzel, Gerry de la Ree, Steve Fabian, Tim Kirk, Danny Frolich and others. We already had three supplements online and now we have the central publication. Whoot!
--Les Spinge, Dave Hale. Added #10 (Jan 63). Contributors inlude Ken Cheslin, John Berry, Terry Jeeves and others. Les Spinge is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Masiform D, Devra Langsam. Added #2 (Mar 72) and #8 (Feb 79). Contributors include Marion Zimmer Bradley, Joyce Yasner, Eleanor Arnason, Alicia Austin, Sandra Wise and others.
--Munich Round Up, Waldemar Kumming, Walter Reinecke and Gary Klüpfel. Added #87 (Mar 66) of this German language fanzine.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the Summer Solstice 2022 issue. Thanks, Dale!
--Phantasphere, Donald Wollheim. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us VAPAazine, both from 1945. Issue 2 calls it the "phantagraph-in-vanguard"
--Quip, Arnie Katz. Added 4 issues: #2-3 (co-edited with Lenny Bailes, Win 65 - Spr 66) and #12-13(Aug-Oct 69). Contributors include F.M. Busby, Walt and Madeleine Willis, Ted Wite, Ross Chamberlain, Steve Stiles, Harry Warner Jr., Charles Burbee, Greg Benford, John D. Berry and more.
--Quotebook, Bill Rotsler. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title. These are a "Collection of Quotations for all Occasions". From #1 - "This collection was compiled mainly from private sources—conversation, correspondence, privately printed magazines of limited circulation—and the more obscure, offtrail and overlooked public sources plus a few well-known quotations that amused or interested the editor." Example - a quote about work from Bob Shaw, Hyphen 10 - "Work is the only thing you can do for years without getting the habit." And if you would like to read the original, see Issue 2 lacks attributions.
--Random, Dapne Buckmaster. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us OMPAzine from 1961.
--Rhodomagnetic Digest, Donald Baker Moore. Added two issues: #8 (Aug 50) and #11 (Feb 51). Rhodomagnetic Digest is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--SF Weekly, Andrew Porter. Added #182 (May 67).
--Son of the WSFA Journal, Don Miller. Added #130 (Mar 74).
--Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin, Julie Wall. Added V7#11 (Nov 01). This issue has a number of In Memoriam articles for Meade Frierson III, a mainstay of southern fandom. The reminiscences include pieces by Toni Weisskopf, Guy Lillian III, Deb Hammer-Johnson, Irv Koch, and several others.
--T-Negative, Ruth Berman. Added 5 more issues of Ruth's Star Trek zine, thereby completing the run. Added #4-8 (Dec 69-Aug 70). Contributors include Dorothy Jones, Astrid Anderson, Juanita Coulson, Jacqueline Lichtenberg and others.
--Time Warp, Art Rapp. Added #6 (Sum 50).
--Vague, Ted Pauls. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from 1959/60.

Corrections and Clarifications:
--Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Memoirs, Critiques and Bibliographies. Thanks to Donovan Loucks for pointing out that two pages were reversed. Fixed now. Thanks, Donovan!
--Thanks to Bill Burns for finding a busted navigation arrow on a page in "ATom Abroad". Fixed now. Thanks, Bill!

June 22, 2022
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari
--1940s One Shots. Added 3 items - Bembook (Bill Groover and Art Rapp, Jul 47), Hazing Stories (Bob Pavlat, Bob Briggs and Chick Derry, Aug 49), and Final War (1949). Final War is an unusual piece. After a contest, ten pieces of art were selected by the Portland Science Fantasy Society to be reproduced on postcards. David Keller received a set of the cards, and wrote a story to fit them. This publication is David Keller's story, and the 10 pieces of art that inspired it. Very cool.
--Amble, Archie Mercer. Added #22 (Sum 65).
--Day*Star, Marion Zimmer Bradley. Added 5 issues of Marion's zine - 3 from 1961, 19-20 (Aug 62-Feb 63). Contributors to these issues include Redd Boggs, Walter Breen, and of course, Marion Zimmer Bradley.
--Descant, Norm Clarke and Gina Ellis Clarke. Added 9 issues of this new-to-us apazine from 1961 to 1971.
--Disjecta Membra, Ted Pauls. Added 4 issues of this new-to-us letterzine title from the late 50s.
--Fanactivity Gazette, George Phillies. Added the June issue of this NFFF newsletter. Thanks, George!
--Homunculus, Avram and Grania Davidson. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us personalzine from the early 60s. The title is explained in issue 1 - "HOMUNCULUS.. This has several meanings. In Medieval Latin or Ancient Esperanto or something, it means ”a little man” In this case, our unborn child."
--JD, Lynn Hickman. Added #22 (Oct 55). Contributors include Basil Wells and Wilkie Conner.
--Moebius Trip, Edward Connor. Added 6 more issues. #2-3 (Nov 69 - Jan 70), #5 (Jul 70), #7-8 (Jan-Mar 71), #10 (Oct 71). Contributors include Ted Pauls, Perry Capdelaine, Bill Rotsler, Terry Jeeves, David Gerrold, Mike Gilbert, Jeff Schalles and others.
--Nous, Ruth and Jean Berman. Added #1 (Jun 67). Contributors include Eleanor Arnason, and Len Bailes.
--Prehensile, Mike Glyer. Added #3 (72). Prehensile is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Quaro, Art Widner. Added 4 issues of Art's SAPszine from 1995 and 2000. This is a new title for us, and was scanned by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich!
--Science Fiction Newscope, Lawrence Ray Campbell. Added #17 of this newszine (Jun 52).
--WSFA Journal, Don Miller. Added 3 items to this page. The two most interesting are the announcement of Disclave 4 by Bob Pavlat (sponsored by WSFA) in 1958, and the Sept 1948 WSFA Constitution. Also added SF&F Journal 90 (May 78).

June 17, 2022
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari
--Don-O-Saur, Don C. Thompson. Added 2 issues - #58 (May 90) and the last issue, #60 (Nov 90).
--Einblatt. Added 8 issues of Einblatt from 1986, all edited by Karen Schaffer. Einblatt is an events and announcements zine from Minn-Stf.
--Entmoot, Greg Shaw and David Hall. Added 4 items of this Tolkien focused zine from the mid60s - issues 1-3 and a questionnaire on the Tolkien Symposium.
--Eusifanso, D. R. Fraser. Added #7 (Jul 50). Contributors include Rick Sneary, Roscoe Wright, and Vernon McCain.
--Explorer. Added 6 issues of this, the official organ of the International Science Fiction Correspondence Club. Added issues from Oct 53-May 59. All but one were edited by Ray Higgs. The last one was edited by Art Hayes.
--Goojie Pubs, Miriam Knight. Added an item from 1963: "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Poughkeepsie". This is edited by Miriam Knight. The Goojie Pubs are a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Graymalkin, Denise Leigh. Added the complete run of 6 issues from the late 70s-early 80s. Later issues include contributions by Bill Bowers, George R.R. Martin, Dave Locke, Bill Rotsler, Bob Tucker, JodieOffutt, Terry Jeeves and others.
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 6/10 and 6/17 issues of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn! Thanks, Mark!
--Phantagraph, Donald Wollheim. Added #33 (Feb 41). The Phantagraph is a core fanzine for use to scan.
--Quip, Arnie Katz and Lon Atkins. Added #5 (Feb 67). Contributors include Len Bailes, Pete Weston, Robert Bloch, Ross Chamberlain, Harry Warner, Jr., Bill Bowers, Wally Weber, Terry Carr, F.M. Busby, Greg Benford, Terry Jeeves, Andy Porter, Bill Rotsler, Steve Stiles, ATom and Bjo.
--Savoyard, Bruce Pelz. Added #9 (Mar 63).
--Scottishe, Ethel Lindsay. Added #42 (Dec 66). Scottishe is a core zine for us to scan.
--Texas SF Inquirer. Added #37 (Mar 91), edited by Dale Denton and Alexander Slate. Texas SF Inquirer is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Tightbeam. George Phillies and John Swartz. Added the June issue. Thanks, George!
--Twilight Zine. Added 4 issues - 3 were edited by Leslie Turek and Cory Seidman: #17-18, 20 (1966) and one by Mike Ward: #16 (Mar 66). Twilight Zine is a clubzine of the MIT Science Fiction Society aka MITSFS.

Corrections and Clarifications:
--Floccipaucinihilipilification, Mike Glicksohn. Mark also found a typo in the name 1) on the index page, 2) in the Classic List, and 3) online directory. For entertainment value, the online directory typo was a different typo. Thanks a lot Mark.
--Foundation. Mark Olson found a couple of errors on the index page. Now corrected. Thanks, Mark!
--Quip, Arnie Katz. Fixed an incorrect editor attribution. It's Cindy Van Arnam, not Dave. Thanks to Joe Siclari for the correction!

Conpubs: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Mark Olson.
---Aussiecon 4 added Melbourne in 2010 ConJose party flyer

---Balticon 56 added Name badge with CoC on the backside, Rocket Mail daily newsletter Friday, Rocket Mail daily newsletter Saturday, Rocket Mail daily newsletter Sunday

---Boskone 16 added Film Program, Helmuth (Satruday), Pocket Program
---Boskone 21 added Boxboro Fandom party invitation, Eichmil 1, Eichmil 2, Eichmil 3, Film & Video schedules, Helmuth #3, Helmuth #4, PR, Helmuth #2

---Capclave 2022 added Business card flyer

---ConFusion 14 added Program Book

---DSC 40 added Two page flyer

---Disclave 18 added Filk Song Book
---Disclave 27 added Program Book

---Coroncon added Loncon 53 in Song and Slightly Dirty Story by various
---Festivention added a Report by A. Vincent Clarke
---Helicon added flyer
---SCI-CON 70 added Two page photo sheet

---Midwestcon 59 added program book

---2023 Nasfic added Orlando in 2023 two sided NASFiC flyer, Winnipeg 2023 NASFiC flyer
---2024 Nasfic added Buffalo in 2024 NASFiC flyer

---Alternacon added Pocket Program, Program Book
---Norwescon IX added Norwesscon 9 Program Book
---Norwescon VII added Newsletter, Program Book, Pocket Program, Special Notice
---Norwescon VIII added Spawn of Prophecy #1

---Philcon 1982.1 added Program Book
---Philcon 1984 added Artist's Workshop, Film Guide, Program Book
---Philcon 89 added Film Guide

---Smofcon 38 added Flier

---Windycon XII added Gopher Information Sheet, Pocket Program, Volunteer release form
---Windycon XVI added Pocket Program

June 8, 2022
Apologies, all, for the long delay between updates. A family medical emergency kept me away from FANAC for most of the last month. It's now resolved, and FANAC updates should resume in pretty much the same fashion as they were before.

Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari
--Diaspar, Terry Carr. Added #17 (Nov 75).
--Intermission, Ahrvid Engholm. Added the latest issue, #121. Thanks, Ahrvid!
--Kyben, Jeff Smith. Added 2 items: #3 (Feb 72), and a Kybs ballot from Jan 74. I haven't heard of "Kybs" either. Look at the ballot to see what it's about. Contributors include Bill Rotsler and James Tiptree, Jr.
--Les Spinge, Dave Hale. Added #11 (Jun 63). Les Spinge is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--MT_Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the last 3 issues of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn! Thanks, Mark!
--Odd, Ray Fisher. Added #19 (Sum 68). Contributors include Ted White, Roger Zelazny, Bob Bloch, Jack Gaughan, Bob Tucker, Joe Haldeman, Harry Warner Jr., and Arnie Katz among others. Odd is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added #525-526 (late May - early June), as well as updated the cumulative index. Thanks, Dale!
--Peon, Charles Lee Riddle. Added 3 issues from 1950 - #12 (Mar 50) and #14-15 (Jul-Oct 50). Contributors include Tony Boucher, Roy Tackett, Larry Saunders and Jim Harmon. Peon is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Phantagraph, Donald Wollheim. Added the brief issue V14#3 (Aug 45) written to mark the end of World War II. The Phantagraph is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Pluto, Vince and Mavis Manning. Added #4 (Sep 40). Contributors include L.R. Chauvenet and Dale Tarr.
--Quip, Arnie Katz. Added 4 issues and corrected an error on the index page. Added: #4 (Sum 66) coedited by Lenny Bailes, #7 (Fall 67) coedited by Cindy Van Arnam, #10-11 (Oct 68-Feb 69). Also, as Lenny Bailes pointed out, we had labeled issue 6 erroneously as issue 5. That's now been corrected. Contributors incude Steve Stiles, Greg Benford, Harry Warner, Walt Willis, Ross Chamberlain, Jack Gaughan, Bill Rotsler, John Berry, John D. Berry, Ted White, John Trimble, F.M. Busby and others.
--Spacewarp, Art Rapp. Added 6 issues: Spr-Sum 1953, Dec 1953, #78-79 (Apr-Oct 64), and #83 (Jan 67). Spacewarp is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Twilight Zine. Added 20 issues by various editors. Added #24-39 (Jul 71- 87), 42 (1992), #44-5 (00-01) and #47 (Jan 07). These scans provided by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark!
--Vandy, Buck and Juanita Coulson. Added 6 issues of this FAPAzine: #2-3 (59), 15 (62), 17-18 (63) and 22 (64).
--Yandro, Buck and Juanita Coulson. Added #40 (May 56). Yandro is a core fanzine for us to scan.

Fancyclopedia: Recent contributors include John Bray, Darrah Chavey, Dave Langford, George Phillies, Steven Silver, Jan Vanek Jr, and of course, Mark Olson.

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