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February 5, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans by Joe Siclari.
--Anvil. Added 3 issues: Wade Gilbreath: #5-6 (Mar-May 79); dburden and Jim Cobb (Nov 81).
--Asp, Bill Donaho. Added #9 (Feb 67).
--Bullfrog Bugle, Lynn Hickman. Added 3 issues and an index page for this. We had had one issue under Hickman-Other Publications  and that's been relocated here. Issue #4 (May 59) has a brief article about "First Fandom", explaining what it's all about.
--Blitherings, Chan Davis. Added #7 (Fall 46).
--Challenger, Guy Lillian III. Added #14 (Spr 01). We had a subset of this online already, with Challenger 14 Selections as they appeared in SFPA 224. In today's addition, you can read the additional 55 pages of Challenger that weren't run through SFPA.
--Crifanac, Tom Reamy. Added #6 (58). Contributors include Harlan Ellison, Charles Beaumont, and Greg Benford. There's also a fine Kelly Freas cover.
--Day*Star, Marion Zimmer Bradley. Added #1 (Nov 54) and #27, coedited with Walter Breen (Aug 66).
--Dilemma, Jackie Franke. Added #5 (Apr 74).
--Fantasy Amateur. Added 9 issues of the FAPA official organ. Gregg Calkins: #108 (Aug 64), Bruce Pelz: #109-114, 116 (Nov 64-Aug 66), and Seth Goldberg: #232 (Aug 95). Not necessarily good reading, but valuable for researchers we believe.
--First Fandom Publications. Added 2 items, both edited by Joseph Martino: ScientiFiction (New Series) 3-4 (04) and 6 (05).
--Gemzine, G.M. Carr. Added 2 items: #4-17 and 18 (Nov 57- Feb 58).
--Intermission, Ahrvid Engholm. Added #129 (Jan 23). Thanks, Ahrvid.
--Ionisphere, John Thiel. Added the Feb 23 issue, sent by George Phillies. Thanks, George.
--Kaymar, K. Martin Carlson. Added the September 62 issue.
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 2/3 issue of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn. Thanks, Mark.
--Null-F, Ted White. Added #4 (May 56).
--Phlotsam, Phyllis Economu. Added #13 (Feb 60).
--Pooka, Don Ford. Added #9 (Dec 59).
--Pulsar, Debra Stansbury. Added 3 issues of this Portland area clubzine. #237-8 (Jul-Aug 98) and #247 (May 99). Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Peon, Charles Lee Riddle. Added #16 (Dec 50).
--Sinisterra. Added #8, edited by Burnett Toskey, Elinor Busby, F.M. Busby, G.M. Carr, Wally Weber, and Otto Pfeifer. Contributors include Burnett Toskey, G.M. Carr, Elinor Busby, F.M. Busby, and Wally Weber. There's also a piece by Jack Speer under the name John A. Bristol.
--Spaceship, Bob Silverberg. Added #16 (Jul 52).
--Spinnaker Reach, Russell Chauvenet. Added #7 (Feb 67).
--Steam, Ken Bulmer. Added V5#1 (Dec 59). It's short.
--Tigger, Marc Ortlieb. Added #13 (Jun 85).
--Vandy, Buck and Juanita Coulson. Added #26 (Aug 66).
--Winnie the P.O.O, Felice Rolf and Michael Ward. Added #11 (Jul 68).

Corrections/Clarifications:Thanks to Bee Ostrowsky, changed the date on Blitherings #3 from Winter to Dec 44. The fanzine is marked "Winter, but given the confusion about which winter fanzines marked "Winter" actually belong in, a date of December makes more sense. At least it falls chronologically where it should. Thanks, Bee.

Fancyclopedia: And a belated thanks to John Purcell for his contributions to Fancy.

February 1, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans by Joe Siclari.
--1 Issue-Maybe More to Come. Added 9 items: AW 1 (Dean Grennell, 74), Blue BEM Comics 2 (Joe Kennedy, Spr 48), Defenstration 5 (David Singer, 83), Defolade 2 (Bill Donaho, Apr 61), Fantasy Artisans (Frank Dietz, Aug 50), Metrofen 3 (Leslie Gerber, Dec 59) Micron 5 (Jack Riggs, May 50) Morph 29 (John Roles, Win 62) and Muzzy 7 (Claude Hall, Sum 55). I think Fantasy Artisans is Aug 50 - that's the latest date I could find in it. Fantasy Artisans is a report to members of the "Fantasy Artisans Club", founded in 1947 as a "club of and for the amateur and semi-pro artists and authors in science fiction fandom." Metrofen 3 is "unnofficial organ of Metropolitan Fandom, if such exists still. (Don't laugh; as I type this, I don't know.)"
--Bete Noire, Redd Boggs. Added #23 (Sum 72).
--Fantasias, Dick English. Added #5 (53), and created an index page for this title. We had had one issue up on 1 Issue-Maybe More to Come, and now they are both on this index page.
--Melange, John and Bjo Trimble. Added #4 (May 62).
--No Award, Marty Cantor.Added #3 (98) and 16 (Sum 06). Contributors include Mike Glyer, Bruce Pelz, Ed Green, Brad Foster, and Alexis Gilliland.
--Plenum, Milt Rothman. Added #9 (May 48).
--Sercon's Bane, F.M. Busby. Added 3 issues - #29 (Aug 66), 31-32 (Feb-May 67).
--The Southerner. Added 3 issues: Don Markstein - #52 (Feb 73). 54 (Jul 73); Gary Brown - #77 (May 77). This is the Official Organ of SFPA.
--SFC Bulletin, Meade Frierson. Added #3 (Sep 71).
--Space Junk, Rich Coad. Added 7 issues of this new-to-us title from the late 70s/early 80s. Contributors include Bill Gibson, Mike Glicksohn, Tim Kyger, Joseph Nicholas, Dan Steffan, Jeanne Bowman, and Dave Langford. Thanks to Rich for his permission to put these online at Thanks, Rich!
--Special Series, Rich Small and Brad Linaweaver. Added 2 issues from the early 1970s.
--The Spectator. Added 3 issues: #21, edited by Gordon Black (Oct 52), #84 edited by Buz and Elinor Busby (Jul 68), and #105 edited by Jim and Doreen Webbert (Oct 73). This is the Official Organ of SAPS.
--Spent Brass, Andrew Hooper and Carol Root. Added 10 more issues of Andy and Carrie's perzine. Issues with whole numbers over 12 were added today.
--Spinnaker Reach, Russell Chauvenet. Added a second V2#2, this one from Feb 64.
--Spirochete  Redd Boggs. Added #59 (Feb 92).
--TAFF. Added the 1998 ballot, US to Europe version.
--Vinegar Worm, Bob Leman. Added #15 (Nov 65).
--WRR, Otto Pfeiffer. Added V3#1 (Feb 61). Contributors include John Berry, Wally Weber, and Don Franson.
--YHOS, Art Widner. Added #63 (Apr 06).

Corrections/Clarifications: Thanks to Evelyn Leeper for pointing out dead publication links in the "Other Conventions", especially Philcon. Some of these are now fixed. Remember, all our convention pubs can now found at

PDF conversions: Trip Reports. Apologies if these are in multiple places. Our reorganization of fan fund related pubs may have missed a few. Added PDF replacements for Lesleigh's Adventures Down Under (Lesleigh Luttrell) and From the Prying FFANZ into the Foyer (Rex Thompson).

January 29, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans by Joe Siclari.
--Bletherings, Ethel Lindsay. Added 2 issues: #26 (61), #35 (Mar 64).
--Glamdring, Bruce Pelz. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us title from 1968. Bruce catalogued other fanzines in Glamdring. I'll also list it in the References.
--Leftovers, John and Perdita Boardman. Added what we believe to be the full 5 issue run of this 67-68 zine.
--Lunacy, Roger and John Rehm, John Cockroft, and George Caldwell. Added 9 issues of this new-to-us title from the mid 40s.For some of the issues, we're not entirely sure of the publication date (and neither is Pavlat-Evans). We are also not entirely sure of the editors. It took a little searching to figure out who the "Rehmites" were. If you have a better sense of it, please let me know.
--The Medway Journal, Tony Thorne and Brian Lewis. Added issue #3 (May 53) and created an index page, pulling one other issue from the 1 Issue-Maybe More to Come  index.
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 1/27/23 issue of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn and Mark.
--OSFAn. Added V2#6 (Apr 70) edited by Chester Z. Malon Jr, Sally Watson and Jay Rikosh,
--Revoltin' Development, Martin Alger. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title.
--SFSFS Shuttle, Shirlene Ananayo. Added #105 (Dec 93).
--SH-SF Fanthology, Ruth Berman. Added 2 more issues of this Fanthology series dedicated to writing on Sherlock Holmes in fanzines. It was published for the Professor Challenger Society in the 60s/70s. Contributors include Robert Bloch, Dick Eney, Dick Lupoff and Bruce Pelz.
--The Southerner, Don Markstein. Added #53 (Jun 73). This is the Official Organ of SFPA.
--The Spectator. Added #34, edited by Karen Anderson from Jan 56. This is the Official Organ of SAPS.
--Spent Brass, Andrew Hooper and Carol Root. Added 9 issues of this new-to-us-title from the late 80s/early 90s. Thanks to Andy and Carrie for their permission to archive this zine.
--TNFF, George Phillies and Jon Swartz. Added the January issue of the The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks, George.
--WRR, Otto Pfeiffer. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us zine from the late 50's-60s. Contributors include Len Moffatt, John Berry, Buck Coulson, Bruze Pelz, Joe Green and Wally Weber.

Fancyclopedia: Recent contributors include Darrah Chavey, Barry Gold, Steve Johnson, Dave Langford, Michael Lowrey, Laurie Mann, Bee Ostrowsky, Profgeek54, Leah Zeldes Smith, Jan Vanek jr and of course, Mark Olson. Apologies for the username in the list. I'll give credit again if/when I learn the name.

Corrections/Clarifications: And the first error report comes from Joe Siclari who points out that BSFan 13 was edited by ELAINE Stiles and not STEVE Stiles. Fixed now. Thanks, Joe.

January 25, 2023
References and the new approach: I should have mentioned in the last update that the reference section has been revamped. There are now three index pages, structured somewhat like the fanzine index pages are structured. We have a page for Fan Histories, a page for fannish bibliographies of professional publications, and a page for everything else - There are shortcuts at the top so you can find what you're looking for. With this new organization, you'll find that the references now appear in the alphabetical, chrono, and by editor listings. I've also added an index page for the older editions of Fancyclopedia at

Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans by Joe Siclari.
--Crifanac, Orville Mosher and Tom Reamy. Aded 2 items by Orville Mosher: #1 (Jan 55), and a supplement (Sep 55).
--Dagon, John Boardman. Added 5 issues: #71-75(Oct 68).
--Fantasy Amateur. Added 4 issues: V24#4 (Marion Bradley, Aug 61) V25#1 (Charles Burbee, Nov 61) and two edited by Gregg Calkins - V34#3 (May 71) and V36#3 (May 73).
--Gemzine, G.M. Carr. Added 2 issues of this early 60s APAzine.
--Motley, Bjo Trimble. Added 2 issues of this Motley. The short run perzine was intended to get folks to write letters to children in a school for the deaf. (We also have another Motley  - this one a longer running perzine by Jim Bedford.) --Sam, Steve Stiles. Added #15 (Spr 83).
--Sandworm, Bob Vardeman. Added #18 (Jun 72). A little poetry, fanzine reviews, movies, and classy illos.
--Scribble, Colin Freeman. Added #2 (Oct 60), 4-5 (Feb-Apr 61).
--Slow Djinn, Dave Locke. Added 15 issues: #50-53 (Feb-Aug 88), 73-75 (Dec 91-Apr 92), 77-80 (Aug 92-Feb 93), 83-85 (Aug -Dec 93). There's a supplement in there too.
--Space Wastrel, Mark Loney, Julian Warner and Michelle Muijsert. Added 3 issues: #V2#4 (Sep 86), V2#7 (Apr 87), and V2#9A (Jan 88). Contributors include Dave Luckett and Paul Skelton.
--Spinnaker Reach, Russel Chauvenet. Added 3: V1#1 (May 60), V2#1-2 (Oct 61-Feb 62).
--Stf Trends, Lynn Hickman. Added 4 items: #10 (Jan 53), 12-13 (Mar-Apr 53), and #20 (May 55). The date on 20 is an approximation. It was combined with Tailgate (George Young) and the May 55 date is on the Tailgate content.

--Thanks to Sam McDonald for spotting a duplicate issue of Burp. And, oh, yeah, it shouldn't have been in the 1 Issue-Maybe More to Come  because we already had more, including that one. Mea culpa. Fixed now. Thanks, Sam.
--Thanks to Sandra Bond for spotting typos in the years on some of the newly uploaded Spirochetes. Fixed now. Thanks, Sandra.

January 21, 2023
Hey, check out the logo on the individual fanzine index pages. Thanks to Geri Sullivan for providing a lovely, cleaned-up stacked logo for us to use. Thanks, Geri!

Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans by Joe Siclari.
--1 Issue-Maybe More to Come. Added 7 items in today's load: Bedlam 2 (Mike Deckinger, Dec 61), BSFan 13 (Steve Stiles, Jan 84), Burp 24 (Ron Bennett, Dec 64), Cap'n Ro's Whizz Bang #5 (Ro Nagey, 74), Circletter 5 (Dan Curran, Dave Foley, Jul 54), Clarges 3 (Lon Atkins, Aug 65), and Pegasus 7 (Joanne Burger, Feb 71). Contributors to Cap'N Ro include Ted Reynolds, Cy Chauvin, Randy Bathurst and Don D'Ammassa.
--Goliard, Karen Anderson. Added #848 (Feb 75).
--Kipple, Ted Pauls. Added #83 (Jan 66).
--Melange, Bjo and John Trimble. Added #1 (Nov 60) of this FAPAzine.
--Moonshine, Len & June Moffatt, and Stan Woolston. Added #35 (May 68).
--Pointing Vector, John Boardman. Added 19 items - several supplements plus issues 7-9 (Feb-Jun 62), 11-12 (Oct 62), 14-15 (Jan-Apr 63), 17-19 (Aug 63-Feb 64), 12-25 (Aug 64-Aug 65). Note: there is a lot of politics in these, along with other nonfannish stuff.
--Potlatch, Joyce Katz. Added #7-8 (Oct 71-Feb 72). Contributors include Bob Tucker and Bjo Trimble.
--Spacewarp, Art Rapp. Added #64 (Oct 59).
--Space Wastrel, Michelle Mujisert, Mark Loney and Julian Warner. Added V2#2 (Mar 86). Contributors include Ian Nicholls and Dave Luckett.
--The SpeleoBem, Bruce Pelz. Added #5 (Oct 59), a massive 102 page issue. --Spirochete, Redd Boggs. Added 27 issues of this APAzine: 2-18 (Nov 64-Sep 69), 41 (Aug 87), 49 (Aug 89), 56-57 (May-Aug 91), 63-65 (Feb-Aug 93), 67 (Feb 94), 69 (Aug 94) and #73 (Aug 95).

Corrections/Clarifications: Thanks to Bee Ostrowsky for catching a fanzine name error in the 1 Issue-Maybe More to Come. As Bee rightly points out, it is "Cluster" and not "Custer". Fixed now in the list. We'll see if we can get the metadata fixed too Thanks, Bee!

January 18, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans by Joe Siclari.
--Catch Trap, Marion Zimmer Bradley. Added 2 issues of Marion's FAPA mailing comment zine from the early 60s. Per Fancyclopedia, an issue was numbered based on the FAPA mailing on which it was commenting.
--Dagon, John Boardman. Added 12 items: #657-667 (Oct 14-Sep 15). There's a supplement to #662 in the batch.
--Lethe, Jack Riggs. Added 4 issues: #1-2 (Jul 44-Apr 46), 5-6 (Jan-May 47). Issue 1 was codedited by Louis C. Smith, Jack Riggs and Larry Smith, but near as I can tell the others were Riggs alone. Tigrina is a contributor. Regarding issue 1, "FRONTISPIECE Mlmeo-Block-Prlnt. The Most Colorful Fan Illustration Ever Published." It's still very bright, all these years later.
--Lan's Lantern, Lan Laskowski. Added 8 issues (totaling over 1000 pages): #31 (Aug 89), #35-6 (Dec 90-Mar 91), #39-41 (Aug 81-Jul 93), 43 (Mar 95) and 45 (Oct 97). Way too many contributors to list, but that list includes Thomas Easton, Laura Resnick, Jack Williamson, Michael Kube-McDowell, Gordon Dickson, Teddy Harvia, Mike Resnick, Martha Soukup, and Lois McMaster Bujold.
--Lines of Occurrence, Arthur Hlavaty. Added 5 issues of this new-to-us perzine from the 80s. Thanks to Arthur for his permission to archive his zines. Thanks, Arthur!
--Maybe, Irwin Koch. Added 2 issues: #9 (Dec 70), and #20 (72).
--Masque, Bill Rotsler. Added 3 issues, each of which is dated only by the year. Added 1956, 1984 and 1986.
--Null-F, Ted White. Added #49 (Feb 73).
--Pablo Lennis, John Thiel. Added 2 issues: #11 (76), and #3 (2nd series?, May 86).
--Phantasy Press, Dan McPhail. Added 2 issues: #33-34 (Jul-Oct 61).
--Perryscope, Perry Middlemiss. Added the ltest - Jan 23. Thanks, Perry.
--Retro, F.M. Busby. Added 2 issues: #22 (Oct 61) and #40 (Apr 66).
--Sandworm, Bob Vardeman. Added 3 issues of Bob's fanzine "Sandworm", a title that's new to us.
--Sercon's Bane, F.M. Busby. Added #18 (Nov 63).

Corrections/Clarifications: Thanks to Geri Sullivan for spotting a blank page for our chron list where there should have been numbingly long content. Apparently, I had a failure during upload and missed spotting it. Thanks, Geri!

January 15, 2023
You may notice that the navigation buttons are looking a little different. The references, Fancyclopedia buttons and miscellaneous other topics are now under "More". This may not be the Navigation bar's final form, but we'll settle on a standard soon. Thanks for your patience.

Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans by Joe Siclari.
--1960s One Shots. Added 12 items: Amnesia 1 - Bob Lichtman (Aug 61); Bathtub Gin - Richard Lupoff, rich brown and Steve Stiles (65); Dark As A Dungeon 1 - Buck and Juanita Coulson (Dec 61); Figment of a Dream - David H. Keller and Jack Chalker (Dec 62); FORRY! 50th birthday zine - Fred Patten (66); Great White Also - Fred Patten (68); Grendel - John Foyster (Apr 62); Mobius Strip 1 - R. & D. Buckmaster and Chris Miller (Sep 60); Not Quite a Teapot - Bill Donaho (Jun 65); Pleiades Pimples - Bob Tucker (Jan 60); Where Have All the Misfits Gone? - uncredited (66), and The Zinephobic Eye - Mike Glicksohn (undated but 60s). Have a good look at FORRY!, the 50th birthday zine. It has letters from Robert Moore Williams, Brian Aldiss, Edmond and Leigh Brackett Hamilton, Isaac Asimov, Doc Lowndes, and others, plus articles by Len Moffatt, Ted Carnell, Earl and Nancy Kemp, William Nolan, Ray Bradbury, Walter Ernsting, and many more. Very cool, especially as it was done for a surprise present for 4sj and for the guests at the Testimonial Banquet in his honor. Note: Pleiades Pimples was scanned by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Foofaraw, Fred Patten. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us perzine from the 60s.
--Garage Floor, Larry Stark and Jean Young. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from the '50s.
--Grulzak, Joe Kennedy. Created an index page and added #1 from Oct 46. Moved #2 from the 1 Issue-Maybe More to Come  page.
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 1/6/23 and 1/13/23 issues of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn. Thanks, Mark.
--OSFAn, Hank Luttrell. Added 8 items: an April 68 proposed constitution, and issues 43 (Jan 68), 34 (Mar 68), 45-49 (Feb - Jun 69). Scans by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark.
--Polarity, F.M. and Elinor Busby. Created an index page and added #3 from Oct 58. Moved #1 from the 1 Issue-Maybe More to Come  page. Issue 3 has Buz and Elinor's (individual) reports on Solacon, "The Incompleat Southgate". A random sentence from Buz's report - "Monday, we were leaving for LA, so naturally the CRY was to be published on Sunday (add curses "May you become really active in-fandom")...".
--Potlatch, Joyce Katz. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us zine from the early 70s.
--Tightbeam, George Phillies and John Swartz. Added the January 2023 issue. Thanks, George!
--TNFF, Wally Weber. Added V24#4 (Aug 65).
--Wee Tome Tipper, Walt Liebscher. Added The Wee Tome Tipper Extra (Jan 45, from Faews 103) to complete the run.
--Zymurgy, Zymurworm and Zymur-worm, Dick Patten and Bob Vardeman. Added 8 issues of these new-to-us titles, 5 of them edited by Dick Patten alone and the other three co-edited with Bob Vardeman. Dick Patten published Zymurgy, Bob Vardeman published Sandworm and it came to pass that they both published Zymurworm (with various spellings). Zymurgy and its offspring are numbered via the alphabet, so you'll see issues like e, f, and g. Thanks to Bob Vardeman for his permission to archive the zines, and to Pat Virzi for asking him.

PDF conversions: Unless otherwise noted, all PDF conversions are by Joe Siclari
--References. Created PDFs of Peter Robert's two British Fanzine Bibliographies, covering 1951-1970. These were on a separate index page and have now been moved under References.
--Sky Hook, Redd Boggs. Replaced #18 with a better copy, and a PDF to boot.

January 10, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans by Joe Siclari.
--Birdsmith, Vernon McCain. Added #18 (Fall 57). "BIRDSMITH is published by the Society for the Preservation of Robert Bloch".
--Boo!, Bob Stewart. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us zine from the early 50s.
--Crank, Rob Hansen and Ted White. Added a supplement to #1 (Sep 85).
--Critical Mass, Don D'Ammassa. Added #3 (Jan 79).
--Fiendetta, Charles Wells. Added 4 issues of this 1950s title. We had had #13 up on the 1 Issue-Maybe More to Come, and now we've created an index page for them. Contributors inlude Redd Boggs, Dave English, Harlan Ellison, Lee Hoffman, Bob Tucker, Terry Carr and others.
--Kaymar-Trader, K. Martin Carlson. Added 13 issues of the Kaymar-Trader adzine from the 1950s. This zine was previously known as the "STF Trader". As I understand it, it is also related to the Kay-Mar Trader, but the numbering was restarted with STF Trader.
--Nandu, Nan Gerding. Added 2 items: #9 (Win 54) and the #9 Apropos Addenda. The Addenda has contributions from Jack Harness, Art Rapp, Ed Cox, Dean Grennell and others.
--NOLAzine. Added #8, edited by Patrick Adkins. Contributors include Daniel Galouye, Donald Markstein, Rick Norwood and others.
--Not Science Fantasy News, Vince Clarke. Added #3 (Mar 83), apparently completing the run.
--Penseroso, Redd Boggs. Added 8 issues of this new-to-us SAPSzine from the 80s.
--Prothallus, Sarah Prince. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us perzine from the late 70s.
--Retro, F.M. Busby. Added 2 issues: #16 (Apr 60) and 33 (Jul 64) of this SAPSzine.
--Stf Trends, Lynn Hickman. Added 2 items: Christmas supplement (Dec 52) and #11 (Feb 53).
--Watling Street, Robert Lichtman. Added #11 (Jan 62) of this SAPSzine.
--Winnie the Poo, Jerry Jacks. Added 2 issues: V3#3-4 (Jun-Jul 69).

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