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December 1, 2021
Reminder: Our next Fan History Zoom is this weekend. Join us for "Wrong Turns on the Wallaby Track: Australian Science Fiction Fandom to Aussiecon - Part 1, 1936 to 1960" with Leigh Edmonds and Perry Middlemiss. RSVP to for the link.
Date: December 4 (US)/December 5 (Australia), 2021
Time: 7PM Dec 4 EST, 4PM Dec 4 PST, 11AM Dec 5 Melbourne AU

Fanzines Added: Scans not otherwise credited are by Joe Siclari.
--The Baloobius, Taral Wayne. Added Taral's latest issue - #6, titled "... Sexth", in which he discusses turning 70. I also corrected the issue titles which I had missed doing before. Thanks for sending Taral!
--Cosmos, Vol Molesworth. Added issue #1 (Apr 40) of this early Australian zine. Scan provided by David Ritter. Thanks, David!
--Detroit Stfan, George Young. Added #5 (Sep 50) of this Detroit clubzine.
--Etherline, Ian Crozier. Added 2 issues: #101 (Dec 59). Also added issue #101 1/2, dated 14 years later and edited by Merv Binns. From Merv's editorial: "A couple of half-hearted attempts have been made to start ETHERLINE again, but as I consider this the first serious go at it I will start the numbering off from the last issue done by Ian Crozier. This is just a preliminary notice to all my friends and acquaintances that things are happening." Scans provided by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry!
--Etherline II, Leigh Edmonds. Added the first 5 issues of this second series of Etherline, edited by Leigh Edmonds. These are late 60s zines and predate the #101 1/2 mentioned above. A little confusing? We can ask Leigh during the Australian Fan history zoom call. Scans provided by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry!
--Fanactivity Gazette, George Phillies. Added the last 2 issues of the N3F's new newszine. Thanks, George!
--Fangle, Ross Chamberlain. Added the 3 issues of Ross's genzine. Thanks to Bill Burns and Ross Chamberlain for getting the scans to us. Thanks, Ross! Thanks, Bill!
--Fantasy Commentator, A. Langley Searles. Added the last 3 issues of the first series of Fantasy Commentator - #23 (Sum 49), #25-26 (Win 51-Sum 52). Fantasy Commentator is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scans provided by David Ritter. Thanks, David!
--Horizons, Harry Warner, Jr. Added #153 (May 78) of Harry's FAPAzine.
--MT Void, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Added the last 2 issues of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter from the last few weeks of November. Thanks, Evelyn! Thanks, Mark!
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the late November 2021 issue of Dale's perzine. Thanks, Dale!
--Perryscope, Perry Middlemiss. Added the December issue, #17. Thanks, Perry!
--Tightbeam, George Phillies and John Swartz. Added the latest issue, Nov 2021. Thanks for sending, George!
--Ultra, Eric F. Russell. In preparation for our Australian Fan History zoom, David Ritter has been kind enough to provide 2 issues of Eric Russell's Ultra, from 1939-40. These were published in Sydney, and had contributions from Australian fans as well as a few US fans. In addition to the editor and Bill Veney, you'll find Harry Warner Jr. and Forry Ackerman. Issue #5 includes a piece on the First Sydney Convention. Prescient? Bill Veney would chair the First Australian science fiction convention in 1952. Thanks for the scans, David!

Fancyclopedia: Recent contributions have come from Darrah Chavey, Steve Fahnestalk, Steve Johnson, Dave Langford, Steven Silver, Leah Zeldes Smith, and of course, Mark Olson. Thanks, all!

Corrections and Clarifications: Sparx, Henry Spelman. Fixed the link for #2. The pdf was actually online but labelled as #1. This issue is really #2, but has both #1 and #2 internally. According to Pavlat-Evans, the date makes it number 2. Thanks to Tom Rogers for letting us know. Thanks, Tom!

November 16, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Asp, Bill Donaho. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us FAPAzine from the mid 60s.
--Birdsmith, Vernon McCain. Added 8 issues of this new-to-us FAPAzine from the mid 50s. Sample: "BIRDSMITH is a publication of the Society for the Preservation of Robert Bloch. Remember, "Satisfaction guaranteed or double your offerings back ••••"
--Eusifanso, Roscoe Wright. Added 3 issues from 1951-2 of this new-to-us title, the clubzine of the Eugene Science-Fantasy Artisans.
--Gilgamesh, Terry Carr. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us title from the mid 80s.
--Girl's Own Fanzine, Sue Smith (aka Sue Clarke). Add the complete 3 issue run of this 1973 genzine. One of the scans courtesy of Alan Stewart. Thanks, Alan!
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the Nov 12 issue of the newsletter of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society. Thanks, Mark! Thanks, Evelyn!
--Shipside, John Trimble. Added 3 issues of this new to us FAPAzine from 59-60.
--Tightbeam. Added 9 issues of the NFFF Tightbeam: Robert Lembeck - #2 (Jul 60), #9 (Sep 61); Ed Meskys - #8 (Aug 60); Roy Tackett - #14 (Jul 62); Lynne Holdom - H7 (Jul 77), H23 (Mar 80), 166 (Nov 90); Diane Miller - #183 (Sep 93) and #195 (Sep 95). Tightbeam started as "Postwarp" in the late 1940s.
--Troat, Lynn Hickman apazine. Added 8 issues of this new-to-us-title from the mid 60s. Some appeared in SFPA  and some in OMPA.

Corrections and Clarifications:
--Danny Plachta, Keith Freeman and Jim O'Meara at Eastercon 24. Added an identification on this photo thanks to Bill Burns. Thanks, Bill!
--Erle Korshak at Pacificon - 1946. Corrected spelling of Erle's name thanks to Leah Smith. Thanks, Leah!
--Windy City Pulp and Paper. The photos for Windy City Pulp and Paper were lumped in with the Windycon photos. Thanks to Steven Silver for pointing it out. The conventions have now been separated. We don't have many photos for either one unfortunately. Thanks, Steven!

We've updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 28,796 names in these listings.

November 11, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Ancalagon, George Heap. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us title from 1961. Ancalagon was a PSFS clubzine, or rather it was published "in the interest of the Philadephia Science Fiction Society".
--Conventional Fanzine, Eva Whitley. Added #4 (79).
--CyberCozen, Leybl Botwinik. Added the Nov 21 issue. Thanks, Leybl!
--Elmurmurings, Elmer Perdue. Added #1 (1944).
--Galactic Jive Tales, Mike Glyer. Added 5 issues of Mike's Apa-L zine from the mid 70s. This is a new-to-us title.
--Harpies, Richard Schultz. Added #6 (1969).
--Holier Than Thou, Marty and Robbie Cantor. Added 7 issues: #12 (Jan 82), #14 (Sep 82), #16-18 (Jun83-Feb84), #22 (Fall 85), #25 (Win 87). Contributors include Paul Skelton, Mike Glyer, Darrell Schweitzer, Jack Harness, Adrienne Fein, Taral, Stuart Shiffman, Boyd Raeburn, Marc Ortlieb, Terry Carr, and others.
--Joe's Jottings, Joe Kennedy. Added 5 issues of this new-to-us VAPAzine from the mid 1940s.
--Lan's Lantern, Lan Laskowski. Added 4 issues: #25-27, from 1988 and #30 (1989). In the approx 550 pages in these 4 issues, you'll find contributors including Mike G1icksohn, Thomas A. Easton, Esther Friesner, Bob Shaw, Mike Resnick, Kurt Erichsen, Terry Jeeves, Brad Foster, Stu Shiffman and Marc Ortlieb. Lan's Lantern is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Leer, Charles Lee Riddle. Added #1 (Aug 49).
--Maelstrom, Bill Plott. Added #4 (1960). Contributors include Harry Warner, Jr., Lloyd Biggle, Jr., Marion Bradley, Ray Nelson and Jerry Page.
--Nyarlathotep, Ben Solon. Added 5 issues of this new-to-us title from the mid 60s. We now only need issue #2 to complete the run. Contributors include Alexei Panshin, Robert Bloch, George Barr, Roger Zelazny, Bill Bowers, Ed Wood, Andy Offutt, Phyllis Eisenstein, Harlan Ellison, Vernon McCain, Steve Stiles, Ted White and more. Issue #2 is going on the One-and-done list.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Dale Speirs sent us #512 (9.6 MB) of his perzine. Thanks, Dale!
--Southern Fandom, Lionel Inman. Added #1 (1948).
--Starling, Hank and Lesleigh Luttrell. Added #26 (Oct 73). Contributors inclulde Susan Glicksohn, Joe Sanders, Juanita Coulson, Grant Canfield, Ken Fletcher and Bill Rotsler.
--Tattooed Dragon zines, Bill Rotsler. Added "The Red-Nosed Tattooed Dragon" from 1976.
--Tympany/Tympani, Robert Stein, Redd Boggs. Added the Aug 1947 Philcon Memory Book issue of Tympani.
--Nexus, a Vector review supplement edited by Chris Fowler. Added #3 (Jun 77) to the Vector index page. Vector is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--The Zed, Karen Anderson. Added #801 (1960). Excerpt: "We just got a typical John Campbell letter. He's taking Poul's latest story -- one about Nick van Rijn---but he took a couple of pages complaining about various aspects of low-temperature chemistry involved, in it. This happens all the time. He never asks for revisions, but he almost always disagrees with some point in the physics (damn this typer) or chemistry or sociology of a story...I've missed him at the last couple of conventions; I do like John, in spite of everything. I still hope to write something I can sell him."

Corrections and Clarifications: Erle Korshak and Don Day at NorWesCon. Corrected spelling of Erle's name thanks to Leah Smith. Thanks, Leah!

PDF Replacements: Fan-Vet. Replaced 2 issues with PDFs - V3#2 (Feb 53), V4#4 (Feb 55).

November 6, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Erbania, D. Peter Ogden. Added 5 issues of this new-to-us British Burroughs zine from the 1950s. Contributors include E. Hoffman Price, Jim Cawthorn, Bjorn Nyberg, Joseph Miller and others.
--Intermission, Ahrvid Engholm. Added the latest - #114 (Oct 21). Thanks, Ahrvid!
--LeeH, Lee Hoffman perzine. Added 6 issues of this new-to-us title of Lee's Lilapa perzine from the mid 1960s. They're short, but they're LeeH.
--MT Void, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Added the latest - V40#19, dated 11/5/21. Thanks, Mark! Thanks, Evelyn!
--Plokta, Steve Davies, Alison Scott, Mike Scott. Added 2 issues: #30 (Nov 03) and #38 (Mar 08).
--SaFari, Earl and Nancy Kemp. Added 2 issues: a 2 pager from 1962 titled The Last SaFari, and a 20 pager from Feb 1965 done for FAPA.
--Si-Fan, Gerald Page, Jerry Burge and Joe Christoff. Added all 4 issues of this new-to-us early 60s Atlanta area genzine.
--The Southern Fan. Added 10 issues. Added 4 edited by Jerry Burge: #1-2 (Jul-Sep 60) and 4-5 (Jan-Jul 61); 6 issues edited by Lloyd Broyles - #7-12 (Aug 61-May 62).
--Space Diversions, John Roles. Added 2 issues: #4 (Dec 52) and #9 (Sum 57). Contributors include Stanley Nuttall, Vince Clarke, Eric Bentcliffe and others.
--Sparx, Henry Spelman. Added 3 issues of this late 40s, new-to-us title. Issue 6 has an article by Jack Speer, "People Are No Damn Good".
--Spiritus Mundi, Guy Lillian III. Added #45 (Apr 78).
--Ur, Ellis Mills. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us title from the late 50s/early 60s.
--Vandy, Buck and Juanita Coulson. Added 11 issues of this new-to-us FAPAzine title. Issues we've uploaded run from 1958-1970. Fancyclopedia says that Vandy is a precursor to Yandro, and the earlier issues include contributions from Bob Tucker.

Corrections and Clarifications: More photo fixes, some of which were reported months ago.
--AussieCon 4. Corrected identifications on 3 photos thanks to Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--ConAdian. Added 2 photo identifications thanks to Margaret Austin and to Kim Hull. Thanks for sending them in, Margaret and Kim! And apologies for these corrections taking so long to do.
--Confederation masquerade photo. Added the identification of Garret Rigoni, courtesy of Bruce Mai, the archivist of the International Costumers Guild. Thanks, Bruce!
--Rupert Schwarz and Olaf Funke photo. Added the names of these two German fans thanks to Udo Emmerich. Thanks, Udo!
--LACon 2 Masquerade costume. Corrected the name of David Butterfield's costume, thanks to David Butterfield. Thanks for sending the correction, David!
--George Laskowski and Frank Olynyk. Corrected the spelling of Frank's name. (Sorry Frank.) Correction courtesy of Leah Smith. Thanks, Leah!
--Trekcon Intl photo. Added the names of the Andorian and Klingon, courtesy of the Klingon - Joe Sikoryak. Thanks, Joe!

November 2, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--First Draft, Dave Van Arnam. Added 11 issues: #170-171, 173-176, 178, 182-183, 185 and 190, all from the 2nd half of 1967.
--Lan's Lantern, Lan Laskowski. Added #42 (May 94). Contributors include Ben Indick, Pete Grubbs, Terry Jeeves, Andy Offutt, Harry Andruschak, Thoas Easton and others. Lan's Lantern is a core fanzine for us to scan. Issue provided by Roxanne King. Thanks, Roxanne! --MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue, V40#18 (Oct 29) of this, the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn! Thanks, Mark!
--Perryscope, Perry Middlemiss. Added the latest issue, #16 (Nov 21). Thanks, Perry!
--Rune. Added 6 issues with various editors: Ken Fletcher/Caryl Bucklin - #28 (Mar 73); Fred Haskell - #40 (1974), 42 and 44 (1975); David Emerson - #50 (Nov 77); and Garth Edmond Danielson - #81 (Dec 91). Lots of Reed Waller art, as well as Ken Fletcher, Grant Canfield, and others. Other contributors include Don D'Ammassa, Jim Young, Jackie Causgrove and others.
--The Scarr, George Charters. Added #3 (Aug 64), thereby completing the run.
--Sirius, Erwin Scudla. Added 3 issues from 1960 - #2-4 of the International Edition. One more needed to complete the run - #5.
--Small Friendly Dog, Paul and Cas Skelton. Add 3 issues: #16-18 (Mar 79-Apr 80).
--Speculative Review, Dick Eney. All the issues of Speculative Review were edited by Dick Eney, except for the first, which was edited by John Magnus. That's what we've added today, V1#1 (Dec 57), and thereby have completed the run.
--SpeleoBem, Bruce Pelz. Added 2 issues of this perzine: #21-22 (Oct 63-Jan 64).
--Spartacus, Guy Lillian III. Added #51 (Oct 2021). Thanks, Guy!
--Umbra, John Hitchcock. Added 4 issues and a LoC: issues 6 (May 55), 9 (Oct 55), 11 (Jan 56), and 16 (Oct 56) along with a LoC from Rick Sneary to #16.

Corrections and Clarifications: There are LOTS of corrections and clarifications today. Mea Culpa.
--Bob, Ian Sorensen. Sandra Bond kindly pointed out that I have been consistently incorrect in the spelling of Ian's name. Apologies to Ian, thank yous to Sandra, and I'm sorry. It's been corrected.
--Cinvention. Corrected name spellings on this photo thanks to Leah Smith. Thanks, Leah!
--Wendy Sheridan at Discon II  and Elayne Pelz at Discon II. Added the names on these two masquerade photos thanks to Wendy Sheridan and to Joyce Lloyd. Thanks, Wendy! Thanks, Joyce!
--First Draft, Dave Van Arnam. Corrected a screwup between issues 143 and 144. Thanks to Sandra Bond for finding this and letting me know. Thanks, Sandra!
--Midwestcon. Corrected or clarified a dozen photo captions in photos for Midwestcon 1, 2, 3, and 43. The changes included name identifications, corrections for name misspellings, and additional clarifications, all thanks to Leah Smith. Thanks, Leah!
--NYcon Princess Costume. Identified the wearer of the costume, Olga Ley, thanks to Bruce Mai and the International Costumer's Guild. Thanks, Bruce!
--Midwestcon 57. Updated the description of the Suzanne Reynolds photo to be more clear. Thanks to Leah Smith for the clarification. Thanks, Leah!
--Plokta, the Plokta Cabal. Thanks to Rich Lynch who pointed out that the index page wasn't working. It is now. Thanks, Rich!
--Sky Hook, Redd Boggs. Two issues were switched (#12 and 15). They're now correctly labelled. Thanks to Sandra Bond for letting me know about the mistake. Thanks, Sandra!
--Heidi Saha and Bob Bloch at Torcon. Corrected an identification on the page, thanks to David Dyer-Bennet. Thanks, David!
--Tricon photo 21, had a misidentification of Carol Carr as Miriam Carr. Thanks to both Eli Cohen and Jim Benford, it's corrected. Thanks, Eli! Thanks, Jim!

PDF Replacements: Fancyclopedia. Not a replacement but rather an addition of a PDF version of Fancyclopedia 2 by Dick Eney. PDFing by Mark Olson. Thanks, Mark!

Fancyclopedia: Contributions this last month by Thomas Bull, Tom Cardy, Darrah Chavey, Robert Lichtman, Laurie Mann, Leah Zeldes Smith, and of course, Mark Olson. Thanks, all!

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