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May 30, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1_Issue-Maybe_More_to_Come. Added 17 items: "Brief Index - Fanzines Published by Me 2" from Terry Carr (Nov 72), "Bugle of Dingly Dell" from Bob Tucker (Jun 66), "Cacoethes" from Dian Crayne (May 76), "Classic Cat Follies 1" from Ed Cox and Lon Atkins (May 68), "ERB-dom 1" from Alfred Guillory Jr and Camille Cazedessus (May 60), "Fantasy Sampler 4" from John Murdock (Jun 56), "Flights of Fantasy 1" from Craig Miller (Jan 69), "Foliot 11" from Lon Atkins (Dec 67), "For BEMS Only 5" from Jerry Merrill and Paul Cook (57), "Hobbitalia 3" from Paul Doerr (Oct 72), "Gyronny 1" from John and Bjo Trimble (Mar 62), "Interim 1" from Mark Irwin (63),"Kitchen Sink 3" from Don Markstein (Jan 79), "Mystery Trader 11" from Ethel Lindsay (Apr 75), "Neon 4" from Arnie Katz (Apr 11), "SFanzine 3" from Sam Johnson (54), and "Tales of the Great Rich #4" from Rich Small (Dec 72). ERB-dom won the 1966 Best Fanzine Hugo, and was also nominated for the award in 1964. Contributors to "For BEMS Only 5" include John Berry, Joe Sanders, and Kent Moomaw. Contributors to Craig Miller's "Flights of Fancy" include Ray Bradbury, Forrest Ackerman, Lee Klingstein (now Gold) and Tim Kirk.
--1940s One Shots. Added "Nonesuch" by Ron Lane (Oct 45).
--1970s One Shots. Added 2 items, perhaps not fanzines at all - "New SF&F Books in Britain" (Gerald Bishop, BSFA Information Service, 1971, and "The Ratfan Dynamo v. The Gannett Flyers" (uncredited, 76). The latter is apparently a flyer for a football match - "See the Big Name Fans Make Big Fools of Themselves" and "Patrons are requested not to soil the pitch and to refrain from throwing embarassing objects during the lap of honour."
--The Best Lines Are..., Charles Burbee. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us FAPAzine from the mid 70s. Each of the issues has a name of the form "The Best Lines Are..".
--Cactus, Sture Sedolin. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us early 60s fanzine from Sweden. It's in English, and one of the zines we have online is the first annish, #5. Contents include: "I was the Treasurer for the London Con to End All London Cons...presented to fandom by Archie Mercer, Honorary Treasurer of the British Science Fiction Association". In that issue, you'll also find "The Beanie Brigade" by Ray Nelson.
--En Garde!, Al and Abby Lu Ashley. Added #9 (Mar 44).
--Imaginative Collector / Dawn, Ed Russell Watkins. This zine began as "Dawn" and changed to "Imaginative Collector" at issue 10. We've added 2 issues, from 1951.
--Memphen. Added #229 (Tim Gatewood, Mar 97) of Memphen, the clubzine for the Mid-South Fantasy Association.
--New Forerunner. Added the Oct 1975 Quarterly, and created a new index page for this title. We had had "New Forerunner 3" in the 1_Issue-Maybe_More_to_Come  and have now moved it here. This is a publication of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation.
--Paperback Inferno, Andy Sawyer. Added 8 issues: #90-97 (Jun 91-Aug 92). Scans by Kevin R. Smith for BSFA. Thank you, Kevin.
--References- Fan Histories. Added "A Presentation on Fanzines for Valbonne (2021 French Science Fiction Convention)" by Pascal J. Thomas. This is a machine translation from the original French, with a very few touchups. Thanks, Pascal!
--Swoon, Joyce and Arnie Katz. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from the mid 70s. Art by Ross Chamberlain, Bill Kunkel, Jay Kinney, Bill Rotsler, Stu Shiffman and Dan Steffan.

Fancyclopedia: Recent contributors include Thomas Bull, Darrah Chavey, Vincent Docherty, John-Henri Holmberg, Steve Johnson, Laurie Mann, Rich McAllister, Gary McGath, Bee Ostrowsky, Nigel Rowe, Kirby Sloan, Leah Zeldes Smith, Geri Sullivan, and of course Mark Olson.

Corrections and Clarifications: Scottishe, Ethel Lindsay. Thanks to Rob Hansen for quickly spotting that I had failed to put the "missing pages" note for Scottishe 35 in the right place. I had listed the note with a different fanzine that he had scanned, on a completely different index page. Thanks Rob for both the scans and the corrections.

May 26, 2023
FAPA 43: Here are the last 3 of the FAPA 43 zines. Added 3 in 1940s One Shots. "Merger 1" (Don Wilson / Howard Miller), "Scrooge" (Don Wilson). and a reprint of "Time for Union of the Free" by Harold Urey, distributed through FAPA by Mike Fern.

Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1 Issue-Maybe More to Come. Added 3 items: First, "Wavelength - Science Fiction Collaboration 1" by Forry Ackerman and Henry Ackerman (no relation). Wavelength scan provided by Rob Hansen. Secondly, "4SJ's Sci-Fi Kaleidoscope 20" (Forry Ackerman, Dec 96) and "Tau Ceti Reprints 1" (Bob Tucker, Feb 61). In this issue of Tau Ceti Reprints, Bob starts with a reprint of a 1935 "Science Fiction Bibliograpy". We have the original up here. The last two scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rob and thanks, Rich!
--1950s One Shots. Added "The Fannish Case of Ashworth v Lindsay" from Ethel Lindsay. This is an entertaining bit of 1950s fannish silliness purportedly between Ethel Lindsay and Mal Ashworth, about the consequences of offering attractive young females a subscription rate of "one photo of self in a bikini."
--1960s One Shots. Added 6 items: "Afrogiwood" (John Foyster, Jul 62), Carr-con II flyer (Terry and Miriam Carr, 60), "Fannish IN and OUT Book" (Bill Sarill and Larry Stark, 60), "Share the Rapp" and "Share the Rapp invitation" (John and Bjo Trimble, early 61) and "White Stencil 62" (Bob Silverberg, Feb 64).
The Carr-con flyer is a party invitation, and "Share the Rapp" is in honor of Nancy Share and Art Rapp's wedding.
--1990s One Shots. Created this index page, and started it with 6 items three scanned by Rich Lynch, one by Roelf Goudrian, and one provided by Geri Sullivan. There's a list of Forry's films, a letterzine from George Flynn, and a Christmas card substitute from Eric Lindsay. Those are from Rich. There's "Gasworks 1" by John D. Berry and Steve Swartz, provided by Roelf Goudrian and later also provided by Geri Sullivan at Corflu Craic. Finally, there's the "Fan Editor Who Couldn't Meet a Deadline" by Roger Sims, and "Nameless Zine 1" by Peggy Rae Pavlat. That last was for the Confrancisco APA. Thanks to Rich Lynch, Roelf Goudrian and Geri Sullivan.
--2020s One Shots. Added 2 items: "Gatekeeper", an uncredited fanzine scanned at Chicon 8, and from Pat Sims, the handout provided at Roger Sims memorial service which includes a short bio of Roger. Thank you, Pat.
--Fanactivity Gazette, George Phillies. Added the May 2023 issue of this NFFF newsletter. Thanks, George.
--KWS, Pascal Thomas. Added 10 more issues of this French language zine. Added #80-89 (Jul 17-Aug 22. PDFs provided by Pascal Thomas. Thanks, Pascal.
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 5/23 issue of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn and Mark.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the most recent issue. Thanks, Dale.
--Scottishe, Ethel Lindsay. Added #35 (Apr 64). This is missing the last page (two pages of print - Natterings page 2 and 3. Scottishe is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan byRob Hansen. Thanks, Rob.
--TAFF. Added "Snufkin Goes West, Notes from the TAFF Trail, 1998" by Maureen Kincaid Speller. This is not a TAFF report... Now there are many people who don’t actually believe in the existence of TAFF reports anyway..". Scan by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Timebound, David Sooby. Added 2 issues of this clubzine of the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society: V24#6 (Jul 00) and V24#8 (Oct 00). Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--TNFF, George Phillies and Jon Swartz. Added the May issue of the The National Fantasy Fan. Thanks, George.
--Torrents, Nancy Share. We had had an issue up on the One So Far  page. Today we add another issue and give this zine its own index page (and move the first one out of the One so Far page).

PDF conversions: Winnie, Michael Ward. Replaced 5 issues with searchable PDFs. Repaced are V4#2, V4#6, #44-45, and 54. PDF and OCRing by Mark Olson.

May 20, 2023
YouTube:  Description: At the 2023 Eastercon (Conversation), Guest of Honor Niall Harrison, and fellow “Third Row” fans John Coxon, Emily January and Abigail Nussbaum sat down for a discussion on the future of fandom (circa 2004). Moderated by Meg MacDonald, the panel hilariously tells the story of Third Row Fandom, named and brought into being accidentally by Greg Pickersgill during a “Future of Fandom” panel at the 2004 Eastercon. Themselves dubbed “the future of fandom” by Greg, the fans seated in the third row at that panel have made good on the title, pulling others into their orbit and having an outsized influence on science fiction and science fiction fandom over the last 20 years...Illustrated with powerpoint slides to map out their impact, this fascinating panel tells the story of a cohort of young fans maturing into movers and shakers in the field, as writers, reviewers, editors, award judges and convention organizers...Many thanks to Conversation 2023 for providing this recording, and particularly to Alison Scott for her assistance.

FAPA 43: Here are 9 more of the FAPA 43 zines.
--1 Issue-Maybe More to Come. Added 7 items, all from Spring 1948: "Disturbing Element #2" (Bill Rotsler), "The New Loxygen #3" (Joe Schaumburger), "One Fan's Outlook #2" (Stan Woolston), "Solipsist #2" (Bob Stein), "Third Eye #2" (Henry Spelman III), "Yellum #2" (Ron Maddox), and "Ysatnaf #1" (Ray Higgs).
--Fanomena, Andy Lyon. Added #2 with FAPA 43. There was one issue in the One-So-Far  directory. I've put both of them here.
--Synapse, Jack Speer. Added the Spring 48 issue, and just like Fanomena, pulled an issue from the "One So Far" directory. In this case, also added a third issue from Feb 94.

Other Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--2010s One Shots. Added this index and 1 item - "Neither Complete Nor Conclusive", a collection of fanwriting by John Hertz. That's the only fanzine listed so far, but I'm sure there will be more.
--Avenging Aardvark's Aerie, Ross Pavlac. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us zine from the late 70s.
--Challenger, Guy Lillian III. Added #8 (Fall 98). Contributors include Terry Jeeves, and Harry Warner Jr. Scan by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--CyberCozen, Leybl Botwinik. Added the June issue. Thanks, Leybl!
--De Profundis, Heath Row. Added the March 2023 issue of the LASFS newsletter.
--Geis Letter, Richard E. Geis. Added 2 issues: #56-57 (Nov 98-Jan 99). Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich!
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the last 2 issues of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn and Mark.
--Paperback Inferno, Andy Sawyer. Added 10 more issues: #80-89 (Oct 89 - Apr 91). All scans by Kevin R. Smith. Thanks, Kevin.
--Science Fiction Review, Robert Franson and Dean Sandin. Added 3 issues of this new-to-us reviewzine from the early 60s. Issue #10 has a short column by Poul Anderson on his favorite book so far ("Three Hearts and Three Lions").
--Scottishe, Ethel Lindsay. Three additions: Added #3-4 (Jun-Sep 55) and #37 (Sep 64). Scottishe is a core fanzine for us to scan. These scans provided by Rob Hansen. Sincere apologies to Rob for the long delay between his providing the scans and me putting them online. Errors on my part entirely. Thanks, Rob.
--Tandstikkerzeitung, Don Markstein. Added #9 (Oct 75).
--Why Not, Al Lewis. Added 5 issues of this new-to-us APAzine (mostly N'APA) from the early 60s.

May 17, 2023
FAPA 43: Joe has scanned FAPA 43, and I'm starting to upload the individual zines. I've added 5 so far. The next time we run the FAPA mailing code, these will show up as they should under the FAPA 43 mailing. For right now, I'll tell who what I've put online and you can go and read it there. You can use the alpha list to find everything -
--Added "Burblings 3" (Charles Burbee), "Fantasy Amateur V11#1" (Charles Burbee), "Dream Quest" ad (Don Wilson}, "Phanteur 5" (Don Thompson) and "Grulzak 3" (Joe Kennedy). The Grulzak issue completes that run.

Other Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1 Issue - Maybe More to Come. Added 6 items: "Detours 65" (Russ Chauvenet, Aug 98), "Interstellar Ramjet Scoop" (Bill Wright, Aug 04), "Statement 259" (Joel Polowin - Newsletter of the Ottawa Science Fiction Society, Feb 99), "Trash Barrel" (Donald Franson, Aug 98), "Warp 45" (Lynda Pelley - Newsletter of the Montreal Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, Jan 99) and "The Floating Fan #4" (Pam Boal, Jan 99). These scans provided by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Brevizine, Warren Freiberg. Added 10 issues of this new-to-us zine from the early 50s. Lots of fan fiction here.
--Filk  Added the 2001 combined edition of Bruce Pelz's Filksong Manual. Originally published in 4 parts, the combined edition is 101 pages long. This index is intended to be ordered chronologically, but I've listed this right after the original publication of part 2. If you've wanted to find the words to the Gilbert and Sullivan parodies, or "The Childish Edda", here's your chance. There are songs by Poul Anderson, Randall Garrett, Tom Digby, Ted Johnstone, and of course, Bruce Pelz. Plus many others. The original publications were in 1965-1969, and some of the songs are considerably older. "Think of the Old Tacky Stuff as Of Historical Interest. To Someone. Somewhere. Somewhen. And blame the appearance of this revision/reprinting -three years after I started it -- on Lee Gold."
--Eureka!, Nicki Lynch. Added 6 issues of Nicki's 1980s Dr. Who zine, "Eureka!". Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich. Thanks, Nicki!
--Folly, Arnie Katz. Added 2 items: Issue #4 and #4a from Dec 25, 1990.
--The Michifan, Martin Alger. Added an issue from 1955.
--Paperback Parlour. Added 3 early issues: Philip Stephensen-Payne: #6-8 (Dec 77-Apr 78).
--SFOHA Publications. Added the Jan 94 newsletter, edited by Nancy Tucker.
--Spartacus, Guy Lillian III. Added 11 issues: #25-26 (Mar-May 18), 30-31 (Dec 18-20), 34 (Sep 19), 36 (Jan 20), 50 (Aug 21), 52-53 (Nov 21-Jan 22), 62-63 (Jan-Feb 23). Scans provided by Guy Lillian and e-fanzines. Thanks, Guy! Thanks, Bill!
--SpeleoBem, Bruce Pelz. Added issue #35 of Bruce's perzine from Apr 67.
--Spent Brass, Andy Hooper and Carol Root. Added 1 item - #23-24 from Dec 93.

PDF conversions: Hot Shit, John D. Berry and Calvin Demmon. Replaced the complete run of this fanzine with searchable pdfs. PDFing and OCRing by Mark Olson.

Corrections and Clarifications:
--My miscellaneous directory got hosed up somewhere along the line, and I am fixing it. For those that are interested, I've moved Dave Kyle's "A Warning!" to the 1930s One Shots at Thanks to Joe for finding this issue.
--Thurban 1, Warren Dennis. Several people have told me that Ted White has pointed out that the fanzine I labeled "Thurban" is actually "Thurban 1" as in the first planet around the sun Thurban. I've changed it appropriately on the index page, and added the date and last issue information. Thanks, Ted! and thanks to Bill Burns and Andy Porter for passing the word.

May 10, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1 Issue -Maybe More to Come. Added 11 items: "Radioactiovs! 160" (Fred Patten, Nov 67), "Rock 2" (Es Adams, Spr 59), "Rubber Meatball 1" (Steve Stiles, May 62), "Tailgate 5" (Roger Sims and George Young, Dec 55), "Tallahassee Fandom Comix and Stories V2#2" (Rich Small, May 73), "Tandem 1" (Joyce and Arnie Katz, Feb 73), "Tart 3" (George Jennings, mid 50s), "Telstar 1" (Mario Kwiat, Jul 63), "Telstar 1" (Carla Motteli, Apr 64), "Torrents 2" (Nancy Share, Fall 54), and "Vanguard Variorum" (Larry Shaw, May 46). Note that the two Telstars (yes, there are two different zines with that name) are both German language zines.
--1980s One Shots. Added 4 by Christina Lake: "Acrylic" (Jul 85), "Holiday Supplement" (Jan 84), "Snail's Countdown" (May 84) and "Soft Parade" (Mar 86). Provided for scanning by Christina Lake at Eastercon 2023. Thanks, Christina!
--Anakreon, John Boardman. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us filk apazine from 1990.
--British Fantasy Society Bulletin. Added 1 item by J. Michael Rosenblum - "British Fantasy Fan Federation Preliminary Bulletin 1", Mar 42. It reports the results of a questionnaire in FIDO on the creation of a proposed new Fantasy Society.
--BSFA Bulletin. Added a membership list from 1965-66.
--Challenger, Guy Lillian III. Added #5 (Win 96). Scan by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Dragonburst, Christina Lake. Added the complete 3 issue run of this early 80s genzine. Contributors include Ian Sorensen and Simon Lake. Thanks to Christina for bringing these to Eastercon to be scanned, and for permission to put them online. Thanks, Chirstina!
--Jornada Post, Jeanne Gomoll and Scott Custis. Added 5 issues of this new-to-us perzine from the early 00s. PDFs provided by Jeanne Gomoll. Thanks, Jeanne!
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the 5/5 issue of the Mt. Holtz Science Fiction Society Newsletter. Thanks, Evelyn and Mark.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added early May, the most recent issue. Thanks, Dale.
--Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin. Added 10 more issues: Warren Buff - V9#3 (Aug 09); R.B. Cleary - V8#5-6 (Mar-Aug 04), V11#1-2 (Oct 22 - Mar 23); Jennifer Liang - V1#1-3 (Jul 13-Sep 15); Julie Wall - V7#12-13 (Mar-Jun 06). Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich.
--Tightbeam, George Phillies and John Swartz. Added the May issue. Thanks, George.

PDF conversions:
--Epsilon, Rob Hansen. Replaced #1-18 with searchable PDFs. PDFing by Mark Olson.
--Fantasy_Advertiser, Gus Wilmorth and Roy Squires. Replaced 15 more issues with searchable PDFs. PDFing by Mark Olson.

May 4, 2023
Fanzines: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Bedlam, Mike Deckinger. Added #1 (61) and created a new index page for this. Issue #2 had been in the 1 Issue-Maybe More to Come  directory, and now I have moved it to the new index page. This 2-issue run is now complete.
--Fanews, Walt Dunkelberger. Added the Dec 45 "Fanews Photo Album". As you might expect, there are photos of notable fans, including a full page on Brooklyn fans, and one on fans in the service. There's also photographic evidence of Hoy Ping Pong's trip to the moon.
--Fan Polls and Awards. Added 2 nominating ballots for the Tucker Award. Read about it at
--First Fandom Publications, Dave Kyle. Added 2 special First Fandom News Letters from 98 and 99. Zines sent by Pat Sims after Roger passed. Thank you, Pat. (There's a short description of conflict among the ranks in the 99 issue.)
--Intermission Ahrvid Engholm. Added #132 (May 23). Thanks, Ahrvid.
--International Revolutionary Gardener, Judith Hanna and Joseph Nicholas. Added 4 issues. Zines provided for scanning by Joseph Nicholas at Eastercon 2023. Thanks, Joseph!
--KWS-Keep Watching the Skies, Pascal Thomas. Added 10 more issues of this French language zine. Added #65-74 (Jul 10-Sep 14) and #90 (Jan 23). PDFs provided by Pascal Thomas. Thanks, Pascal!
--Mercatorial Annual, Archie and Beryl Mercer. Added 4 issues of this new-to-us publication from 58-68.
--Musicals and Plays. Added 2 choice items: the original script for "FAANS", written by Larry Tucker and Randy Bathurst (80ish), and the script for "FANNS II" written by Leah Zeldes Smith and Larry Tucker (87). Both were provided by Pat Sims from Pat and Roger's collection. Thank you Pat.
--Paperback Inferno, Andy Sawyer. Added 3 more issues: #72-74 (Jun - Oct 88). Scans provided by Kevin R. Smith. Thanks, Kevin.
--SFOHA Publications. Added 7 issues of this new-to-us organization zine, ranging from the late 88s to 2006. Scans by Rich Lynch. Thanks, Rich!
--Tandstikkerzeitung, Don Markstein. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us SFPAzine from the mid 70s.
--Thurban, Warren Dennis. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from 1953, described by Fancyclopedia as a crudzine. Issue #3 does have the first part of a serial by Roger Zelazny, listed on the masthead as an assistant editor.

PDF conversions: Unless otherwise noted, all PDF conversions are by Joe Siclari
--Degler!, Andrew Porter. Replaced the remaining issues we have (57) with searchable PDFs. OCR by Mark Olson for 53 of them.
--Fantasy Times, James Taurasi. Replaced another 10 issues with searchable PDFs.
--Science Fiction Times, James Tuarasi. Replaced another 14 issues with searchable PDFs.
--WSFA Journal. Replaced 13 more issues with searchable PDFs. OCR by Mark Olson.

Fancyclopedia: Recent contributions by Darrah Chavey, David Dyer-Bennet, Dave Langford, Laurie Mann, Gary Mattingly, Bee Ostrowsky, Steven Silver, Leah Zeldes Smith, Geri Sullivan, Jan Vanek jr and of course, Mark Olson. Thanks, all!

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