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June 19, 2021
Bibliographic Material: Added 2 titles, one a fanzine index and one a professional index. First, added the "Fantasy Anthology Index 1", from Sam Moskowitz and Alex Osheroff (1946). Second, added the "Fanzine Publishing Record", from Roger Sween (1975).

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Diaspar, Terry Carr. Added #4 27/33 (Mar 56). Wondering now how our alphabetizing software will cope with the fractional whole number.
--DNQ, Taral Wayne and Victoria Vayne. Added 12 issues of DNQ and 4 of Typo, its letter supplement. Added: #15-25 (Mar 79 - Jan 80), and Typo #4-7 (Mar 79 - Sep 79). Issue 19 has an article by Joe Siclari. Also added issue #3 of Down With! from Victoria Vayne which came out the month before DNQ #1. Scans by Sparky. Thanks, Sparky!
--MT Void, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. We've added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 51. Thanks, Mark! Thanks, Evelyn!
--Geis Letter, Richard E. Geis. Added 2 issues: #1-2 (Jan-Feb 92). This shares an index with "Richard E. Geis - A Personal Journal" and "Conspiracy Newsletter".
--PAS-tell. Added 2 items: PAS-tell #8 (May 62), and a Project Art Show Artist Catalogue from Juanita Coulson (1962). This catalogue has addresses, art training, preferred media, restrictions, and awards. I wish I had had such a nice concise listing when I was doing bio notes for various convention art retrospectives. Did you know that Fritz Leiber did splatter-stencil?
--Psi-Phi, Robert Lichtman. Added 1 issue of this new-to-us title: #8 (Feb 63). Art in the issue is by Bill Rotsler, ATom, Gary Deindorfer and Ray Nelson. This issue was one of the ones done for FAPA.
--Rebel, John Jackson. Added 4 issues of this new-to-us title from the early 60s.
--Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction, Frank Dietz. Added issue #6, V2#2 from Jul 49. Includes a report on the second New York Conclave, held on July 3, 1949.
--TAFF pubs. Added 1 item: Salvo 1, from Eric Bentcliffe (Spr 60).
--TNFF. Added 1 issue - V32#2, edited by Art Hayes, from Apr 72.
--Gim Tree, Bjo Trimble. Added the first issue (Apr 59) of this new-to-us title to the index page for Trimble-Other Publications.

We've updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 28,702 names in these listings.

June 16, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Cygni, Boff Perry. Added issue #6 of this new-to-us title from Oct 47. It's the 2nd annish, and contributors include Rick Sneary, Redd Boggs, and damon knight.
--FAAN Awards. Added the 1977 Nomination Ballot. Scan by Kim Huett. Thanks, Kim!
--Ice: The Frigid Fanzine, Hal Shapiro. Added #1 (Aug 52). The editorial address 790th AcW Squadron for Sgt. Hal Shapiro, and I'm not sure when the title ended. P-E lists at least one more issue in 1952.
--Intermission, Ahrvid Engholm. Added #109 (Jun 21). Thanks, Ahrvid!
--The Lovecraftsman, Redd Boggs. Added #4 of this new-to-us-title from Fall 65. This last issue is only 2 pages.
--Matrix, BSFA. Added 3 issues: #26 (Oct 79), #29-30 (Apr-Jun 80), all edited by John and Eve Harvey. Scan by Rob Jackson. Thanks, Rob!
--The Mentor, Ron Clarke. Added 10 issues and supplements. Sometimes the supplements came months apart from the main issue (including months before I think). We added #61A (1986), #62 (Jan 89), #62A (May 87), #62C (Mar 88), #64 (Aug 89), #71 (Jun 91), #74-75 (Apr-Jul 92), #78 (Apr 93) and a Review supplement from Jun 89. Scans by Alan Stewart. Thanks, Alan!
--Noumenon, Brian Thurogood. Added 3 issues: #1-2 (1976), and #4 (Jun 76). Scans by Kim Huett. Thanks, Kim!
--Phantasy Press, Dan McPhail. Added 4 issues: #18 (Jan 58), #31 (Jan 61), #39 (Oct 62) and #48 (Apr 65).
--Philosophical Gas, John Bangsund. Added #71 (Aug 87).
--Rune, Minn-Stf. Added #75 (Nov 86), edited by Michael Butler and a LoC on the issue from Rick Sneary. Includes a Corflu con report by Geri Sullivan.
--SFSFS Shuttle. Added 3 issues of the South Florida Science Fiction Society newsletter. Added #2-3 (Apr-May 85, Nancy Atherton) and #156 (Jul 2003, Cindy Warmuth). For those with a particular liking for bylaws, I can tell you that #3 includes the then current bylaws. These were developed from the NESFA bylaws, so you know they are terse.
--Sludge, Bob Foster. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us UK title from 1951. Issue 2 has an article titled "Science Fiction has Ruined my Social Life".
--Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin. Added V9#2 (Sep 2008), edited by Warren Buff.
--Space Times, Eric Bentcliffe. Added #16 aka V2#10 (Oct 53). Contributors include Terry Jeeves, Mal Ashwoth, Sandy Sanderson and G.M. Carr.
--Spacewarp, Art Rapp. Added #9 (Dec 47). Spacewarp is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Tink, Mae Strelkov. Added her hecto album from November 1979.
--Winnie, Jerry Jacks newszine. Added V2#1 (Apr 69). This one is titled Winnie the P.O.O. The lead article - St. LouisCon biggest yet? - "The next world convention is seemingly building up to be the larest one yet. As of April 16, the convention had approximitly 670 members, up about 5% from Baycon."
--Yandro, Buck and Juanita Coulson. Added #114 (Jul 62). Includes columns by Ted White and Marion Bradley, and art by ATom, Dan Adkins and others. Yandro is a core fanzine for us to scan.

PDF Replacements: Norstrilian News. Replaced the August 1973 issue (Robin Johnson) with a searchable PDF.

June 13, 2021
Fanzines Added: All scans today by Joe Siclari.
--1950s One Shots. Added 2 items: Aleph-Null V1#1 from Bill Venable (Aug 50), and Ye Cats 1 from Neal Clark Reynolds (Aug 52). Neither of these faneds intended to pub a one-shot, and in fact Pavlat-Evans has a possible #2 for Aleph-Null, but it's dated ?????. If it turns up, we will give it an index page.
--Brumble, Ken Cheslin. Added 2 issues of this BSFG clubzine from the mid60s. Issue #4 is an excited preamble to Brumcon II.
--Different, Sam Moskowitz. Added V3#2 (Oct 67). In this issue, "How I Was Dragged, Kicking and Screaming, Into the Arena as a Reluctant Antagonist of the New Thing". Here the New Thing is the New Wave.
--DUFF. Added the very first DUFF ballot (72), "Introducing DUFF".
--Dynatron, Roy Tackett. Added #100 (Dec 91).
--Ice Age, Larry and Noreen Shaw FAPAzine. Added 4 issues of this early 60s FAPAzine.
--The Lindsay Trader, Ethel Lindsay. Added #2 (Sep 71).
--Magnitude, Ralph Stapenhorst, Jr. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us title from the mid 50s.
--Mote, Bob Peatrowsky. Added 6 issues of this new-to-us title from the early 50s. Contributors in clude Dick Lupoff, Norman Browne, Richard Bergeron, and others.
--The New Newport News News, Ned Brooks. Added 2 issues of this new-to-us APAzine title from the late 60s. And yes, it originated in Newport News.
--Phantasy Press, Dan McPhail. Added #54 (Apr 79), done for FAPA 167. This was Dan's re-entry into FAPA after a multiyear absence. He also reprints a 1939 article by Jack Speer, listing fannish nicknames of the day. Stanislaus Prosody? aka Cyril Kornbluth. The Polysyllable Multiname? aka Sam Moskowitz. There are more.
--Rockets, R. L. Farnsworth. Added 6 issues of this related pub. Edited by Farnsworth, Rockets was an official publication of the United States Rocket Society. The issues run from 1946 to 1956.

Conpubs: All scans today are by Mark Olson.
----Tricon, 1966. Added Tricon Baltimore in 67 flyer, Tricon Boston in 67 Grumpy flyer, Flyer, Mark Owings Hugo letter, PR 1, PR3, Hotel card, Hugo nomination form, and the Program Book
----St. Louiscon, 1969. Added Program Book, The St. Louis Bug #1
----Noreascon I, 1971. Added Boston in '71 and also DC in '71 ads in St. Louiscon PB
----LACon I, 1972. Added PR1 and PR4
----Nolacon II, 1988. Added Janice Gelb's Report - Bring Me the Head of Dennis Dolbert
--Eastercon. Added the program book for Seacon 84.
--Westercon. For FUNcon II (1969), added the Final Report, and Program Book
----For Westercon 16 (1963), added the Program Booklet, Project Art Show, PR 1, PR2, Info sheet, Hotel Card, Hotel brochure, flyer, and Auction Materials
----For Westercon 18 (1965), added "A Guide to Long Beach", Auction Catalog, PR 1, PR 2, PR 5, the Hotel card, and the Program Book
----For Westercon 19 (1966), added Advertising brochure
----For Westercon 23 (1970), added PR 1, PR 2
--Miscellaneous conventions. When we get more pubs for each of these, they will get their own page
----BYOB con 8 (1978): added Program Book
----CopperCon 2 (1982): added PR 1
----SFCon 70 (1970): added PR 2

We just received a package of interesting stuff from Rich Lynch, including material from Mae Strelkov. More for the scan pile! Thanks, Rich!

June 9, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari. You'll see a real community effort here. On one day we received scans from 4 countries on 3 continents.
--1950s One Shots. Added 2 items: Off of This Planet Adventures (Lee Hoffman and Charles Wells, 1952) and Perspective #1 (Harvey Segal, Apr 55). LeeH's zine is subtitled "A special convention mag from Savannah Fandom".
--Awry, Dave Locke. Added #3 (Oct 72). In this issue is material by by Bob Tucker, Milt Stevens, Bill Rotsler, Dan Steffan, Alexis Gilliland, Jeff Schalles and others.
--Challenger, Guy Lillian III. Added 3 issues: #7 (Win 98), 10 (Fall 99) and #38 (Sum 2014). Contributors to #38 include Greg Benford, Joseph Major, Joe Green, Mike Resnick, Kurt Erichsen, Taral and David Thayer. The issue also includes Mike Resnick's Chicon 7 GoH speech.
--The Fan-Vet, Ray Van Houten. Added 2 issues: V1#1 (Sep 50) and V5#2 (Apr 55). "Veterans of World War II know what it means to be isolated from science-fiction after years of activity in the fan field --- to be cut off without even the stuff to read." The Fan-Vet was published by the Fantasy Veterans Association.
--Fantum, Anne Steul. From Rob Hansen: Fantum is "historically important being the first fanzine by an individual German fan. The SFCD, which had only formed less than a year earlier, had ANDROMEDA as it's official organ, and that was it. FANTUM's editor, Anne Steul, also organised the first German SF con (with some help from the Benfords) and did an OMPAzine, too." Scan by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!
--Femizine, Joan Carr. Added #2 (Summer 54). From Joe Siclari: "Femizine was an integral part of one of the great fannish hoaxes. It started as a zine for all women contributors with editor Joan W. Carr. Joan's address was at Maida Camp in Egypt. Joan Carr, of course, was male fan Sandy Sanderson. He had some help from Frances Evans and Ethel Lindsay. The subterfuge was revealed in 1956, in issue 9 officially. Pam Bulmer's editorial says the revelation was met with laughter but there were also some bad feelings generated. It took a while, but Ethel Lindsay revived the zine under a proposed (seriously or not) new title, Distaff. Femizine was back officially with #11 and with a swarm of new contributors, many were US femmefans. The last issue was #15 in 1960. Rob Hansen has some background including photos of "Joan" and the other Femizine contributors at" Scan by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!
--Inspiration, Lynn Bridges FAPAzine. Added 2 issues: V3#3 (Fall 45), V4#1 (Apr 46). The April 46 issue has an article on "The First Twenty Years" looking back on the magazines from the perspective of a point 20 years after the first issue of Amazing Stories" hitting the newstands.
--JD aka JD-Argassy aka Pulp Era, Lynn Hickman. Added 11 issues, and a Loc from Rick Sneary. JD-Argassy was devoted to the pulps, and many were distributed through OMPA. It was nominated for the 1959 and 1960 Best Fanzine Hugos. The zine had multiple name changes, but maintained the same numbering.
--JDM Bibliophile, Len and June Moffatt. Added 7 issues, #14-20 (from 1970-75) of this mystery fanzine. These were scanned from the collection of Len and June Moffatt. Some of these were distributed through FAPA.
--Masque, Bill Rotsler. Added #16 (1965).
--Matrix, John and Eve Harvey. Matrix is a publication of the British Science Fiction Association. We've added 4 issues: #22-25 (Feb-Aug 79) edited by Eve and John Harvey. Issue 23 has a piece by Bob Shaw. Scans by Rob Jackson. Thanks, Rob!
--Mentor, Ron Clarke. Added 2 issues: #77 (Jan 93) and #81 (Jan 94). Scans by Alan Stewart. Thanks, Alan!
--Metaphysical Review, Bruce Gillespie. Added issue 24-25 (Dec 95). Many interesting lists (of favorite authors) in this issue. Scan by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry!
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 49. Thanks, Evelyn! Thanks, Mark!
--Retro, F.M. Busby. Added 12 issues of Buz's SAPSzine from 1958 to 1965.

Conpubs: Noreascon 1, 1971 Worldcon. Added 8 misclelaneous publications including: Art Show Rules, Discussion Group Form, Hotel Reseration card, Instant Boston, PR0 and Peggy Rae Pavlat's site selection ticket. By the way, the price charged for an attending membership was $5. Scans by Joe Siclari.

June 5, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Bleen, Dean Grennell. Added 3 issues of this 1950s FAPAzine.
--Brillig, Lars Bourne. Added #7 (Mar 57).
--Diaspar, Terry Carr perzine. Added #19 (Nov 77), in which Terry discusses his experience at SunCon. Talking about a panel on "Fandom in the 60s" that morphed into a panel on "Fandom in the 50s" when Bob Silverberg elected to go to the botanical gardens instead, "A strange and moderately wonderful thing happened when we started talking about fannlsh fanzines and sercon fanzines: Ted was rhapsodizing over HYPHEN when Ed Wood boomed from the audience, "I WAS ON THE HYPHEN MAILING LIST AND I USED TO DROP EVERY COPY INTO THE WASTEBASKET WITHOUT EVEN OPENING IT!" Ted told him he was crazy and had no taste and they promptly got into a loud argument that went on for five minutes while I sat there bemused, thinking to myself that this was exactly the sort of thing that used to happen in fandom in the fifties and all the neofans in the audience, like Tom Perry, were seeing history come alive."
--EC Fan Journal, Mike May. Added #6 (May 54). This early comics fanzine is full of familiar names - contributors include Larry Stark, Ted White, and Ron Ellik.
--Grue, Dean Grennell. Added #22 (Fall, 54). Contributors include Vince Clarke, Greg Calkins, and others.
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added the latest, #502 of Dale's perzine. Thanks, Dale!
--Philosophical Gas, John Bangsund. Added #76-77 (Spr 89). Scan by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--Remembrance of Things Past, Bill Evans. Added 4 issues of this new-to-us title. Each issue is a selection of writings from a single fanzine title. For example, #5 is taken from the pages of Fantascience Digest. These were distributed in FAPA. The issue on Spaceways  is 186 pages, a fannish blockbuster.
--Renaissance, Joseph Semenovich. Added 6 issues and a poll of this new-to-us Genzine from the early 1950s. Contributors include George Wetzel, Richard Billings, Elmer Kirk, Lee Hoffman and Robert Silveberg.
--Rune, MinnStf. Added 5 issues and a supplement of the zine from Minn-STF. Added: John Bartelt and David Stever - #67-68 (Sp-Sum 82); Karen Trego - #69 (Fall 82); John Bartelt, David Stever, Garth Danielson - #70 (1982); Dave Romm and Jeanne Mealy - #77 (Jan 88). Also aded a supplement to #71.
--RUR, Dave Rike. Added 15 issues of this new-to-us title. This was commonly mailed out with Terry Carr and Ron Ellik's FANAC. From Joe: "RUR did not a little to build up the Brandon mythos. Rike often talked about him."
--Science Fiction Chronicle, Andrew Porter. Added V3#9 (Jun 82).
--Space Times, Eric Bentcliffe. Added #9 (Mar 53). Contributions by Eric Bentcliffe (of course), G.M. Carr, Brian Varley and Sandy Sanderson among others. Scan by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!
--TAFF. Added the 1962 TAFF ballot. Scan by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--X-Bilinmeyen, Selma Mine. This is a Turkish language fanzine, and we've added #2 from Apr 76. The title translates to "X-the Unknown". There's some fan fiction, articles, and I'm not sure what else. Google Translate is your friend, so be adventurous.
--Zealot, Ragnar Fyvi. Also known as Zelot, and ZeaLoc (for the letter supplements/point issues), Zealot is an English language fanzine from Norway from the late 70s. We've added 1 regular issue and 2 point issues.

Conpubs: Constellation. Added an Australia in 83 Bidding Statement. Scan by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

June 2, 2021
Bilbiographic Material: Added 4 items to the Bibliographic Publications. In order of date, added 1) Larry Shaw's Index to FAPA, issues 1-28; 2) Material Towards a Fanzine Index by Alan Lewis, 3) Neffer's Guide to Current Fanzines, Dora Holland from a card file by Ralph Holland, and 4) Chronicle of Fandom by Joe Siclari, which was part of the origin story of

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--1940s One Shots. Added 1 item: Fan Spectator 1, edited by Ron Maddox (Feb 46). This NYC zine looks like it was planned to be a newzine. We have it in one-shots because Pavlat-Evans says it's a one shot, but Bruce Pelz's list has unnumbered one pagers as well. If we find them, we'll give it a dedicated directory.
--1950s One Shots. Added 2 items: Con-Science, edited by Eric Bentcliffe, Eric Jones and Terry Jeeves (Apr 54). Con-Science is "a not so serious constructive publication dedicated to all those who have fallen at past conventions.". Also added - Confusion 1, edited by Gar Williamson (Sep 52).
--Plays and Musicals. Added 2 items: First, a play, Requiem for a Fake Fan, presented by CHIAC-LASFS at the Pittcon in 1960. Secondly, a Sherlockian Christmas Carroll by Robert Pattrick, from Dec 1960, originally sung by Ruth Berman and Ron White. "I took my steely gun in hand, long time the Afghan war I fought. In extremely open field I stood, was Jazailed while I thought." The Sherlockian Christmas Carroll was scanned by Kim Huett. Thanks, Kim!
--Askance, John Purcell. Added the latest issue, #51. Thanks, John!
--Atres Artes, Harold Cheney. Added 2 issues of this 1946 genzine. Issue #2 (Mar 46) has articles by Frederic Brown, Bob Tucker, Francis T. Laney and others. The other issue added is the Pacificon Combozine issue.
--DNQ, Taral Wayne and Victoria Vayne. Added 14 issues of this new-to-us title, and 3 issues of the letter supplement "Typo" . DNQ's subtitle was "the subjective faanish newszine". Lots of interesting material here. We've added issues #1-14 from 1978 and 1979. Thanks to Taral for letting us put this online, and to Sparky for the scans. Thanks, Sparky! Thanks, Taral!
--Femizine. Added 3 issues by two editors: Ethel Lindsay - #10 (Sep 58) and #12 (Fall 59); Pamela Bulmer - #8 (Mar 56). Contributors include Madeleine Wilis, Ken Bulmer, Bjo Wells (now Trimble), and Joy Clarke. Scans provided by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!
--JDM Bibliophile, Len and June Moffatt. Added 4 issues of this mystery fanzine dating from 1968-1976.Some issues were distributed through FAPA, and it well shows the overlap in science fiction and mystery fandom. These were scanned from the collection of Len and June Moffatt.
--Mentor, Ron Clarke. Added 5 issues: #48 (Feb 94), #89 (Jan 96), and #92-#94 (Jul 97-Mar 99). Scans provided by Alan Stewart. Issue 94 has articles by Mae Strelkov and Buck Coulson, among others. Thanks, Alan!
--NOLAzine, clubzine of the New Orleans Science Fiction Association. Added 7 issues, #3 is memorial issue for Rosel George Brown. Added #2 (Harrington Purvis, 67), #3 (Dec 67, Purvis/Don Walsh/William Bruce/Donald Markstein), #4 (Feb 68, Purvis), #6 (Aug 68, Patrick Adkins), #9 (70, Adkins) and #12-13 (71-73, Adkins). We had the cover for #12 and #13, but not the issues and those are now added.
--Norstrilian Review, John Foyster and Bruce Gillespie. Added 4 issues of this new-to-us title, dating from the early 1970s. Scans provided by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--Perryscope, Perry Middlemiss perzine. Added the most recent, #11. Thanks, Perry!
--Quandry Index. Added Laundry 1 to the Quandry index, Lee Shaw aka Lee Hoffman, and with a charming Quandry homage cover page. From Joe Siclari: "Although it drives Edie crazty to do all the work to put up a minor little one-shot fanzine, these items are occaisionally little gems of satire and sometimes fine narrative of travel or even serconess. Laundry is a self-satire from Lee Hoffman that I had to share. I liked LeeH, even when she was indulging the puerile side of her sense of humor like teaching our cat to fetch by with tobacco."

Conpubs: Torcon II. Added Jim Young's Minneapolis in '73 Filksong book to the competitive bid materials of the day. It's also linked from the Filk index. Scan by Joe Siclari.

Fancyclopedia: In the last month we've had Fancyclopedia contributions from: Bill Higgins, Linda Strickler, Dave Langford, Ian Sorensen, Jo Van Ekeren, Joe Siclari, John Bray, Laruie Mann, Leah Zeldes Smith, Manny Maris, Michael Lowrey, Steven Silver, Matt Strait, Thomas Bull, Tom Whitmore, and of course, Mark Olson. Thanks, all!

Corrections and Clarifications:
--Thanks to Sparky for spotting the egregiously bad typo in the DNQ  index page. Fixed now.
--Thanks to Jim Benford for pointing out typos (many of them) on the index page for Shaver Mystery Magazine. Fixed now.

May 29, 2021
Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Andromeda, Pete Campbell. Added 4 issues of this mid50s UK zine. Apparently Pete Campbell had fun with the dating - dates are marked from 1055 to 1854.
--Ark, Ron and Sue Clarke. Added 2 issues (the complete run) of this mid 70s fanzine. #1 is marked Dec 74 followed by #2 in Mar 74, but I believe the first issue is really 1973. If you know different, please drop me a note (to Issue 1 has part one of Vol Molesworth's "Australian Fan History". Scan provided by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--Askew, John Purcell perzine. Added #33 (Mar 2021). Thanks, John!
--The Blue Cat, John Boardman. Added issue #708 (Dec 2020) sent by Andy Porter. Thanks, Andy!
--GUFF. Added 5 items: John Foyster and Dave Langford - GUFF Awe 1 (Apr 80); John Foyster and Rob Jackson - GUFF Awe 2-3 (Jul - Dec 80); John Foyster - GUFF Auction Report 3 (Mar 81) and GUFF 1984 Australian Report (Jan 84). Scans provided by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!
--The Mentor, Ron Clarke. Added 8 more issues: #11 (Sep 68), 13 (Jan 69), 16 (Aug 69), 18 (Apr 71), 23 (Sep 73), 90 (Jul 96), 91 (Jan 97) and 95 (2001). Issue #23 was published like an Ace Double with Sue Clarke's "Girl's Own Fanzine 3" on the back (pages 32-64). From Joe Siclari: "Each zine is marked as the last issue of that title and that they were going to be combined as The Ark edited by them both. There are 2 issues of The Ark...My biblios show no more GoF after #3. Ron certainly went back to The Mentor titles and produced more." Issues 90-91 and 95 were scanned by Alan Stewart. Thanks, Alan!
--MT Void, Mark and Evelyn Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 48. Thank you, Mark! Thank you, Evelyn!
--Noumenon, Brian Thurogood. It's the day of the double issue for Noumenon. Added 10 issues published as 5 fanzines, from 1976 to 1978. Added #5-6, 8-9, 13-14, 16-17, and 22-23. Scans by Perry Middlemiss Thanks, Perry!
--Rotsler Artwork, William Rotsler. Added a 1982 Portfolio, originally published for inclusion in Kteic. The copy count was just 35.
--Small Friendly Dog, Paul and Cas Skelton. Added 7 issues of this new-to-us title from the years 1978-84. Thanks to Skel and Cas for allowing us to put these online. I didn't read these when they were published, and only met Cas and Skel at Corflu a few years ago. Whoohoo for living in the future and having these in our digital archive.
--Steam Engine Time, Bruce Gillespie, Paul Kincaid and Maureen Kincaid Speller. Added #2 (Nov 2001). Other contributors in this issue include Claire Brialey, Ron Drummond and Ron Bennett.

PDF Replacements: Norstrilian News, Robin Johnson. Replaced the Dec 1972 issue with a searchable PDF. Scan by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

May 26, 2021
YouTube: Part 2 of the Bjo and John Trimble interview is up. From the YouTube description - "In part 2 of Bjo and John Trimble's interview with Joe Siclari (May 2021), they tell the remarkable story of how they met Gene Roddenberry and became involved in Star Trek. Learn the story of how they started, orchestrated and managed the "Save Star Trek" campaign which resulted in the third year of Star Trek, the original series. Hint: it all started in Clelveland. There's much more in this interview. There are stories of the early days of the SCA, including how it got the name "Society for Creative Anachronism", the day that a Knight of St. Fantony appeared at an SCA event, and the unlikely story of the first coronation of an SCA king. Additionally, you'll hear about costuming, Takumi Shibano and how Gene Roddenberry helped get him to Worldcon (and how Bjo helped Shibano-san learn that his wife spoke English), and Q&A from the attendees."

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Etherline, Ian J. Crozier. Added 22 more issues of this Australian newszine. Added #43, 45-47, 49, 51, 53, 66-70, 72-76 and 80 from 1955-1956. Scans by Leigh Edmonds. Thanks, Leigh!
--Metaphysical Review, Bruce Gillespie. Added 5 issues (in 2 fanzines). Added the blockbuster #19-21 (Jul 94 and 120 pages), and # 22-23 (Nov 95). The latter is the "People Issue", and has history articles on the "Beginnings of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club" and "Life, Love and Fandom in the Seventies". Scans by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry!
--Noumenon, Brian Thurogood. Added 17 issues from the late 70s/early 80s. Added: #24-34, 37-41. Scans by Perry Middlemiss. Thanks, Perry!
--MT Void, Evelyn and Mark Leeper. Added the latest issue of the Mt. Holz Science Fiction Society's newsletter The MT Void, MT Void Vol. 39, No. 47. Thanks, Evelyn! Thanks, Mark!
--Opuntia, Dale Speirs. Added #501 of Dale's perzine. Thanks, Dale!
--Shaver Mystery Magazine, Richard S. Shaver. Added what we believe are all 7 issues of this semi-pro, related zine. From Joe Siclari: "Some might not consider this a fanzine because rumor has it that it was paid for by Ray Palmer and Ziff-Davis. However the Shaver Mystery stories were a subject of great controversy in fanzines. So it is of related interest. It definitely was not a money-maker. It seems to fit into the category we later called a semi-prozine. The bibliographies I have seen say there were seven issues which we have. There does seem to be a descrepancy in the numbering. Ex. the Locus checklist has seven issues. It lists Vol.2,#4 but does not have Vol.3,#2. If anyone has a copy of Vol.2,#4, we's like to get a scan of it." If you've been hearing the words "Shaver Mysteries" bruited about, now's your chance to see what all the fuss is over. And the art! McCauley, Finlay...
--TNFF, George Phillies. Added the May 2021 issue of TNFF. Thanks, George!

We have updated the Fanac Names Cross Reference. There are currently 28,671 names in these listings.

May 22, 2021
YouTube:  - The Bjo and John Trimble Interview, Part 1, is uploaded to YouTube. From the description:"Bjo and John Trimble sit with Joe Siclari (May 2021) to tell us about their fannish histories. In part 1 of this interview, they talk about how they each found fandom, their ultimate meet-cute under Forry Ackerman's grand piano, Burbee's "Golden Treachery" and more serious topics...The Trimbles changed their part of fandom. Bjo talks about how she revitalized LASFS in the 1950s, and about the beginnings of the convention art show as we know it today (and Seth Johnson's surprising part in that). Fandom is not without its controversies, and the Trimbles also speak about the Breendoggle and Coventry. Part 1 finishes up with anecdotes about Tony Boucher's poker games. In Part 2, the interview will continue with the Trimbles' roles in the Save Star Trek campaign."

Fanzines Added: Unless otherwise noted, all scans are by Joe Siclari.
--Burp, Ron Bennett. Added 5 issues of this new-to-us OMPAzine from the mid 60s. Scans by Joe Patrizio. Thanks, Joe!
--Egoboo, Ted White and John D. Berry. Added #2 (Mar 68). Scan by Jeff Schalles. Thanks, Jeff!
--Etherline, Ian J. Crozier. Added 21 issues of this new-to-us title from 1953 and 1954. According to Fancyclopedia, Etherline began as a newszine of Amateur Fantasy Publications of Australia, and later became a clubzine of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club (MSFC). Issue 27 is a convention issue and has news from all over. There's a Fanquet report of the 1954 LASFS Fanquet (from Stan Woolston). There's comments about Torcon by Lyell Crane. Scans by Leigh Edmonds. Thanks, Leigh!
--Focus, BSFA. Added 8 more issues: Added #60-65 (2013-2015), 67 (2017) and 69 (2019) by various editors. Scans provided by BSFA. Thanks!
--Mentor, Ron Clarke. Added 2 issues: #76 (Oct 92) and #79 (Jul 93).
--Space Times, Eric Bentcliffe. Added #8 (Feb 53). Scan by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob! --The Timebinder, E. Everett Evans. Added #7 (Sum 46). This has a nice cover by Wiedenbeck, and articles by Gus Willmorth and Charlie Hornig ("A Conscientious Objector Speaks"). The Timebinder is a core fanzine for us to scan.
--Triode, Eric Bentcliffe. Added #7, co-edited by Terry Jeeves. Contributors include ATom, Ted Carnell, and John Berry. Triode is a core fanzine for us to scan. Scan by Rob Hansen. Thanks, Rob!
--Xenolith, Bill Bowers. Added 3 issues: #32-34 from Sep 90- Feb 91. Scans by Irwin Hirsh. Thanks, Irwin!

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