FAPA Mailing #26
December 1943
OE: R. D. Swisher

A #2Jack Speer  4
Ad for "Coventry"Arthur Louis Joquel II  1
Adulux Beskan 2Donald A. Wollheim  3
Banshee #2Larry Shaw  1
Banshee #3Larry Shaw  6
Beyond #1Rosco E. Wright  17
Bring Bob Tucker to Shangri-LAvarious  5
British Fantasy Society Bulletin 10D. R. Smith  8
Browsing #3J. Michael Rosenblum  8
Caliban 2Larry Shaw  10
Caliban 3Larry Shaw  14
Caliban 4Larry Shaw  14
CAPA Mailing 1Don Rogers (Degler), Raym Washington  1
Caustic Square BullshooterJames Kepner  2
Claude Degler and the FAPALarry Shaw  1
Comic Circle CommentatorFrancis T. Laney  2
Cosmic Bulletin 2Raymond Washington  2
The Cosmic Circle and FandomJack Speer  1
Cosmic Circle Commentator 3Don Rogers, Claude Degler  2
Cosmic Circle Commentator 4Don Rogers, Claude Degler  2
The Cruise of the Foo Foo Special JrArt Widner  12
Damned Degler 1Claude Degler  4
A Decimal Classification of Fantastic FictionSamuel D. Russell  3
En Garde 8Al Ashley, Abby Lu Ashley  12
The FA Lean 3Mike Fern / James Kepner / Samuel D. Russell / Mel Brown / Francis T. Laney  1
Fan-Tods 5Norman Francis Stanley  24
Fandango 3Francis T. Laney  6
Fandango 3AFrancis T. Laney  1
Fanews Analyzer 1Don Rogers, Jimmy Rogers, Raym Washington, Helen Bradleigh  2
Fanews Analyzer 1 (sic)Don Rogers, Jimmy Rogers, Raym Washington, Helen Bradleigh  2
Fanews Analyzer 2Don Rogers  2
Fanta SnideForrest J Ackerman  1
Fantasy Amateur V7#2R. D. Swisher  10
Fantasy Commentator 1A. Langley Searles  17
FAPA Correspondent 2Harry Warner Jr.  1
Fen #1James Kepner  6
Full Length Articles #3, In Memoriam - Spirit of FooFooJack Speer  41
Guteto V3#3Morojo  7
Howard Philips Lovecraft: A Tentative BibliographyFrancis T. Laney / William H. Evans  13
Inspiration V2#4Lynn Bridges  7
Light 129Leslie A. Croutch  9
Matters of Opinion 15Jack Speer  8
Meet FAPAAl Ashley  5
Milty's Mag 13Milton A. Rothman  4
The Peace WitnessArthur Louis Joquel II  8
People StoriesMel Brown / Mike Fern  13
Phanny V2#3Donald B. Thompson  9
Phanny V2#4Donald B. Thompson  13
The Phantagraph 45Donald Wollheim  6
Ray #2Donald Wollheim  4
Society of Juridicavarious  4
Stef-Nyaa-aa-a!!Larry Shaw  4
Sustaining Program 20Jack Speer  18
A Tale of the 'Evans 5E. Everett Evans  4
Toward Yesterday #1Jike (Jimmy Kepner)  20
The Trivial Triangle TroubadorA. L. Schwartz  2
The Unknown MadmanLarry Shaw  4
Vote for LandonJack Speer  1
Walt's Wramblings 8Walt Liebscher  8
59 issues, 420 pages

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