Quandry 14

Lee Hoffman

October 1951


Volume II Number 2

A Hoffmanzine

Front cover
Chaos yed's confusion expressed 2
Prelude pre-con report by yed 7
At the Bourbon House illo 9
untitled illo 9
Bishop of the Beardo illo 9
Gossip Corner
Scenes and Sights at the St Charles
Scenes and Sights at the St Charles Continued 14
Scenes and Sights at the St Charles Continued 15
A Letter From Bloch in lieu of Sez You 16
SF&F ART WORK FOR SALE de la Reevertisement 17
770 pictures for our less literate readers 18
Quotes out of Context out of the mouths of conventioneers 21
Fantasy Books For Sale another de la Reevertisement 25
Presenting more sights
Astroslush astrology's answer to Hadacol 27
A Filler
By Way Of Review Space Medicine in review 28
The St Charles Lobby drawn by Jack Speer 29
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi final editorial 29
Your own name hand inscribed 30

"Art" work (illustrious doodlings, that is) by:

Robert Bloch
Jack Speer
Shelby Vick
Bob Tucker
Lee Hoffman

Quandry Vol. II No. 2 Whole No. 14 was dragged out by the last remaining tHRead of yed's sanity in a feeble attempt to keep this publication on it's monthly schedule, at the Sign of the Purple Padded Cell, despite a howling nephew, a neighbor who's learning to play the piano, a job that gets yed out of bed at the unghodly hour of 6:30 when during the Nolacon we never got up before 9:30, and the various methods fans devise to torture their fellows. We welcome letters and fanzine-trades. If you submit material please put your name and address on the copy. Return postage is appreciated with manuscripts, especially if we've never used any of your material before. Who knows ... it might stink! We do not want fiction unless it is very good humorous or fannish stuff and rather short. No Amazing rejects please. All letters will be considered for publication, unless the writer makes it clear that he does not want the letter pubbed. Ad rates: $1.50 per page - $.80 per half page.

Editor - Lee Hoffman

Price - 15¢ a copy - $1.50 a year

101 Wagner St.
Savannah, Ga. USA

Data entry by Judy Bemis

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