Spacewarp 34

Art Rapp

January 1950


Spaceship cockpit Nelson, Trev>Trev Nelson Cover Cover
Timber! Rapp, Art>Art Rapp Editorial 2-3
Have the Venusians Landed? Conner, Wilkie>Wilkie Conner Am.Fict. 4-5
Have the Venusians Landed? uncredited illo-2 5
Book Review header uncredited illo 6
The Homunculus by David H. Keller Kennedy, Joe>Joe Kennedy Bk.Rev. 6-7
Moon Shades Ackerman, Henry Andrew>Henry Andrew Ackerman Poetry 7
DemonÕs head uncredited Fillo 7
Will Spaceships Outrace Light? Baldwin, Warren>Warren Baldwin Article 8
Trouble With Teddy Hames, Charles>Charles Hames Am.Fict. 9-11
Trouble With Teddy Nelson, Ray>Ray Nelson illo-2 9,10
Quick checkover of recently received fanzines Rapp, Art>Art Rapp Zine Rev. 11
File Thirteen Boggs, Redd>Redd Boggs Column 12-16
various figures uncredited Fillo 13
various figures uncredited Fillo 14
various figures uncredited Fillo 15
Quien Sabe? Rapp, Art>Art Rapp Ltr.Col 17-21
Letter Les Fried Letter 17
Letter T. E. Watkins Letter 17-18
Letter Redd Boggs Letter 18-19
Letter Warren Baldwin Letter 19-20
Letter Joe Kennedy Letter 20
Letter Bill Venable Letter 21
Letter Wrai Ballard Letter 21-22

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