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The History of TusCon

    It all started one night in the summer of 1974 when Jim Corrick and I were sitting on the front steps of the house of our friend Nancy Mairs after a science fiction meeting (I remember the sky looking something like this background). We decided that Tucson should have a Science Fiction convention, and simultaneously came up with the name "TusCon." After that, it was 'merely' a matter of getting it all arranged, pooling our paltry resources to finance it, and voila, TusCon was born.
    For several years I have been threatening promising to put together a page on the history of TusCon. And here it is, with many thanks to Brian Gross, Jim Corrick, Wolf Forrest, Trini Ruiz, and Gloria McMillan....

For more of this fascinating insight into the origins and history of TrusCon please see Carol De Priest's new TusCon's Illustrated History Pages which is under construction.

When you get to a photo that you may want to copy to your system simply click on the photo and then use your browser to save the image file. Clicking on the photo will give you a clean copy of the image file without the caption and other text that makes up the Web page. Because all of these photos have been copyrighted by the photographer, permission must be obtained for their use for other than strictly personal enjoyment.

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Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]    Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]    Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
1974TusCon I [Unchanged]

1986TusCon 13 [Unchanged]

1998TusCon 25 [Unchanged]

1975TusCon II [Unchanged]

1987TusCon 14 [Unchanged]

1999TusCon 26 [Unchanged]

1975TusCon III [Unchanged]

1988TusCon 15 [Unchanged]

2000TusCon 27 [Unchanged]

1976TusCon IV [Unchanged]

1989TusCon 16 [Unchanged]

2001TusCon 28 [Unchanged]

TusCon 5 [Unchanged]

1990TusCon 17 [Unchanged]

2002TusCon 29 [Unchanged]

1979TusCon 6 [Unchanged]

1991TusCon 18 [Unchanged]

2003TusCon 30 [Unchanged]

1980TusCon 7 [Unchanged]

1992TusCon 19 [Unchanged]

2004TusCon 31 [Unchanged]

1981TusCon 8 [Unchanged]

1993TusCon 20 [Unchanged]

2005TusCon 32 [Unchanged]

1982TusCon 9 [Unchanged]

1994TusCon 21 [Unchanged]

2006TusCon 33 [Unchanged]

1983TusCon 10 [Unchanged]

1995TusCon 22 [Unchanged]

2007TusCon 34 [Unchanged]

1984TusCon 11 [Unchanged]

1996TusCon 23 [Unchanged]

2008TusCon 35 [Unchanged]

1985TusCon 12 [Unchanged]

1997TusCon 24 [Unchanged]

2013TusCon 40 [Unchanged] [Unchanged]

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