Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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Preliminary Program Schedule for ConJosé

The preliminary version of the ConJosé program is now available. While we do not expect major changes, it is inevitable that there will be some updates between now and the convention. Please check this page for updates, and also look for the program change sheets that will be distributed at the convention.

Updated: 25 August 2002

Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday

SIG: Photographers

Friday 8:30am CC G

Early Morning Writing Exercises

Friday 8:30am CC H

Virtual Reality Control Systems

Friday 10:00am CC A1A8

You saw the use of virtual reality to control physical reality in Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers. They used an interactive chamber to control a spaceship's weapons. Dr. Charles Cohen presents his real life investigations into virtual reality control systems.

Dr. Charles J. Cohen

The Real Speed of Light

Friday 10:00am CC A2A7

Everybody talks about the speed of light, but nobody does anything about it. An explanation at the intelligent layperson level of the basics of relativity, what it means to SF stories, followed by an actual measurement of the speed of light conducted real-time in the auditorium!

Cliff Stoll

Lost Wax Casting

Friday 10:00am CC A3

Butch Honeck's slide presentation on lost wax casting including design, mold-making casting and finishing

Butch Honeck

What Will We Illustrate Next?

Friday 10:00am CC A5

Once upon a time, a professional illustrator could make a good living working for magazines. Then TV killed the magazine market. If paperbacks follow the magazine market, what will we work on next?

Margaret Organ-Kean, Phil Foglio

SFWA Meeting

Friday 10:00am CC A6

A closed meeting for SFFWA members only


Friday 10:00am CC B1B2

Tad Williams

WSFS Meeting

Friday 10:00am CC B3B4

Open to all Worldcon members, the WSFS Business Meeting is where you can participate in the process of making and changing the official rules for the Hugo Awards and the selection of future Worldcons. Today's meeting is where we hear reports from committees, considerrchanges to the Standing Rules, and go through an initial round of setting debate times for amendments to the WSFS Constitution, and also where you can make nominations to the WSFS Mark Protection Committee. If there are items of business you want discussed at the main meetings later in the convention, make sure you attend today's meeting to keep the business from being dismissed from the agenda.

Masquerade 101

Friday 10:00am CC C1C2

How does a masquerade run? From registration to check-in to rehearsal to tech to the role of the MC and the judges, learn the nuts and bolts of being in a masquerade or helping with one.

Bjo Trimble, John Trimble, John O'Halloran, Danny Low, Cat Devereaux, Larry Schroeder

Illustrators of the Future

Friday 10:00am CC D

Writers of the Future created a venue for good, new authors. Now Illustrators of the Future creates the same showcase for new artists.

Frank Kelly Freas, Frank Wu, Laura Brodian Freas

Writing for Young Adults and Children

Friday 10:00am CC E

Now that SF/F is one of the hottest things for the young adult market, what are some tips and tricks for writing for young adults and children?

Edward Willett, Nancy Farmer, K. D. Wentworth, Claire Eddy, Thomas Seay

Great Books that Were in Paperback Originals

Friday 10:00am CC F

Examples: _Neuromancer_, _Left Hand of Darkness_, _Dying Earth_, Philip K. Dick's novels. Why weren't they hardbacks?

Andrew Wheeler, Anthony R. Lewis, Janna Silverstein, Jim Frenkel, Eric M. Van

SIG: LiveJournal

Friday 10:00am CC G

For people who use, an online weblog/journaling site, and for anyone who wants to know more about it.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro interviewed by Sharon Russell

Friday 10:00am CC H

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is interviewed by Sharon Russell, an author who has published numerous articles on Yarbro's work and is currently working on a book on the topic.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Sharon Russell

Which Should We Focus On: Manned Or Unmanned Exploration Of The Solar System?

Friday 10:00am CC J1J4

Can we really explore the solar system with self-adjusting robots? Can we learn enough remotely? Can we get the people of Earth to be excited about machine exploration? Or should we send humans to explore? Will the people of Earth support the inevitable loss of human life? Is it possible to do both types of exploration?

Henry Spencer, Hugh S. Gregory, Robert A. Metzger, Les Johnson, Louise Kleba

Buffy/Spike: Consensual Sexual Violence. Is It Ever Okay?

Friday 10:00am CC J2

Recent seasons of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer have presented sexual violence between non-human or semi-human people as acceptable, even desirable, before countering that presentation with rape imagery. When is sexual violence acceptable? When does humanity (or lack thereof) excuse certain behaviors?

Rebecca Moesta, Tom Whitmore, Keith R. A. DeCandido

Heinlein 101

Friday 10:00am CC J3

Heinlein 101: The who, when, where, what, and most important, why of reading Robert A. Heinlein. General introduction to Heinlein's writing covering various zigs in his career and the groups of different works - pre-war, juveniles, Post stories, Future History, _Stranger_ and the novels of the 60's, and the final World as Myth books

Bart Kemper, David Silver, Bill Patterson, Dr. Robert James, Peter Scott

Creating Alien Languages: A Workshop (3 Hours)

Friday 10:00am CC K

You can describe your alien planet and its alien ecology. You know the history and the psychology of your aliens, but what do they sound like when they speak? How does their physiology shape their language? What does their language say about their culture?

Stanley Schmidt, Lawrence Schoen


Friday 10:00am CC N

Susan R. Matthews


Friday 10:00am Exhibit Hall 2

Carol Berg, Ellen Datlow, Wen Spencer, Amy Thomson

Film: _Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone_ Hugo Nominee

Friday 10:00am F Imperial Ball

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 10:00am H Almaden Ball 1

Larry Niven

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 10:00am H Almaden Ball 2

Jane Frank


Friday 10:45am CC N

Steven Barnes

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Friday 11:00am Exhibit Hall 3

Shane Tourtellotte Christy Hardin-Smith Reading

Friday 11:00am F suite

Art Show Docent Tour

Friday 11:30am Art Show

John Trimble, Bjo Trimble

Sci Fi Channel Panel

Friday 11:30am CC A1A8

Current and upcoming productions - Children of Dune, Riverworld, Earthsea, Amber, Taken, and Red Mars

Scott Edelman, Craig Engler


Friday 11:30am CC A2A7

Fans play on a team with one of our Hugo Award-winning artists. The artists sketch visual clues to SF-related words and terms while the rest of their team tries to guess the word or term. The fan players get to keep the sketches!

Tom Galloway, Bob Eggleton, Teddy Harvia

Sound & Spirit: Lord of the Rings Sneak Preview

Friday 11:30am CC A3

When Ellen Kushner became host of the national, public radio show _Sound & Spirit_, in 1996 she swore that someday she would do an entire hour on _The Lord of the Rings_. This year, she finally pulled it off! Catch a sneak preview of most of this highly-produced radio piece (including an interview with Michael Swanwick), which will be broadcast in November, 2002. Ask Kushner how and why it happened, and discuss Tolkien, sound and spirit with Kushner.

Ellen Kushner

Filk Around the World

Friday 11:30am CC A4

With thriving filk communities in Europe and the Americas, and annual conventions held all over the world, filk fandom is really growing up. How do convention cultures differ in Canada, the UK, Germany and the United States?

David Weingart


Friday 11:30am CC A5

Kevin J. Anderson


Friday 11:30am CC B1B2

Alastair Reynolds

Gazeboboy Saves the Day and Other Gaming Anecdotes

Friday 11:30am CC C1C2

Kind of a roundtable of amusing happenings in role-playing, role- playing's urban legends and famous chestnuts.

Julie Haehn, Bill Fawcett, Adina Adler, Allison Lonsdale

Designing Spacecraft

Friday 11:30am CC C3C4

What are the lessons learned from failures? What about "faster, cheaper, better?" What do we do about radiation damage? Meteor dust damage? Human error? Management mistakes?

Henry Spencer, Bridget Landry, Jordin Kare, Louise Kleba, Allen Steele

Watch the Birdie! Posing for the Photographers

Friday 11:30am CC D

Experienced photographers show you how to get the best from your costume photos, and costumers are shown how to pose for the best pics.

Sarah E. Goodman, Danny Low, Arlin Robins, David Clark, Charles C. Mohapel

SIG: Furry Fans and Friends

Friday 11:30am CC E

Friends of Furry Fandom gather.

Meet Recent DUFF/TAFF Winners

Friday 11:30am CC F

TAFF: Trans Atlantic Fan Fund, is a fannish voting system that collects funds in alternating years to send a European fan (usually but not always from the UK) to a convention in North America, usually the Worldcon. In other years a North American fan is chosen to attend a European convention (usually the Eastercon in the UK). DUFF: Down Under Fan Fund, helps send a North American fan to attend either the Australian Worldcon or National Convention and, in other years, helps send a fan from Australia/New Zealand to attend a Worldcon or NASFiC in North America. Who are these people and how did they get involved in these fannish cultural exchange programs?

Janice Gelb, Tobes Valois, Julian Warner

Origami Workshop

Friday 11:30am CC G

Love those intricate folded swans and frogs? Come learn some simple techniques for this ancient art of paper-folding. Paper will be provided, all you will need is steady hands and patience.

Mark R. Leeper


Friday 11:30am CC H

David B. Coe

Drawing to Order

Friday 11:30am CC J1J4

Professional artists tell tales of the perils of working when the call they are responding to is from an art director and not their muse.

David Cherry, Michael Dashow, Phil Foglio, Jael

Humor: What Makes Us Laugh?

Friday 11:30am CC J2

From the befuddled heroes of Douglas Adams to the wild adventures retold by Avram Davidson, humor is a part of science fiction and fantasy literature. Does humor have a place in serious science fiction? Do science fiction fans find some things funny that other people don't? What are some of the funniest SF stories told?

Terry Pratchett, Andrew Wheeler, K. D. Wentworth, Edward Willett, Mike Van Pelt

Women in Science: How SF Convinced Me that I Had a Place

Friday 11:30am CC J3

From Isaac Asimov's Susan Calvin to Paul McAuley's Dr. Mariella Anders, women scientists have featured prominently in science fiction stories. Panelists talk about how SF gave them confidence to pursue careers in male-dominated fields such as theoretical chemistry and nuclear physics. What sort of resistance or encouragement did they encounter? How can we get the next generation of girls excited about math and science?

Paula Butler, Syne Mitchell, Genny Dazzo, Victoria Warren, Sabrina Chase


Friday 11:30am CC N

Wil McCarthy


Friday 11:30am Exhibit Hall 2

William C. Dietz, Charles Stross, R. Garcia y Robertson, John G. Cramer

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 11:30am H Almaden Ball 1

Gene Wolfe

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 11:30am H Almaden Ball 2

Andrew I. Porter

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Friday 12:00 noon Exhibit Hall 3

Lisa Goldstein, Pat Murphy


Friday 12:15pm CC A5

Diana L. Paxson


Friday 12:15pm CC B1B2

Sean McMullen


Friday 12:15pm CC H

Wen Spencer


Friday 12:15pm CC N

Kathleen Ann Goonan

Art Show Docent Tour

Friday 1:00pm Art Show

John F. Hertz

NASA's DS1: To Comet Borrelly on an Ion Drive

Friday 1:00pm CC A1A8

NASA-JPL's Deep Space One, the first planetary spacecraft to use an ion engine for primary propulsion, made a spectacular close flyby of comet Borrelly last September. DS1's lead attitude control engineer will show pictures of the comet and describe the daunting challenges overcome by the tiny flight team on the way to Borrelly, including the nuances of flying a spacecraft with ion propulsion and the nick-of- time rewrite of the attitude determination software after the failure of the on-board star tracker.

Steve Collins

Computer Game Design

Friday 1:00pm CC A2A7

Sure it's just bits and pixels, but it is a long way from Pong to Final Fantasy. How does a game get designed today? How many people does it take? What do they all do? What makes it fun and what makes it frustrating? What are the next hot games to hit the store shelves? What will be the next leap in game technology?

Rudy Rucker, Douglas Herring, Bill Fawcett, Noah Falstein

Coming Attractions: Bantam Spectra

Friday 1:00pm CC A3

Anne Lesley Groell, Juliet Ulman

SF Poetry

Friday 1:00pm CC A4

What makes a poem SF? Who are some of the good SF poets and where can you read their work?

Scott Edelman, Joe Haldeman, Terry McGarry, Kevin A. Murphy, Scott E. Green

Disposable Skiffy: Does SF have a Sell-by Date?

Friday 1:00pm CC A5

Is Doc Smith impossible to read now? Is it hard to interest younger readers in Isaac Asimov? Doesn't anyone want to talk about Babylon 5 any more? The work hasn't changed. What has?

David Hartwell, Charles N. Brown, Gardner Dozois, Gordon Van Gelder

A Worldcon Orientation for SF Professionals

Friday 1:00pm CC A6

This is not your local regional convention; it's much more. Let these SF professionals help you to find your way through the maze of publishers, panels, dealers, fans and more.

Robert Silverberg, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Donald Maass, Margaret Organ-Kean

The Martha Stewart Slanshack

Friday 1:00pm CC B1B2

You painted your bathroom with mimeo ink? How fannishly fashionable! Our panel of budding obsessive Martha Stewart wannabes discuss how to fannishly entertain and decorate one's abode. How does one store one's books, DVDs, etc. when they exceed the contents of some libraries and video stores anyway? And make it look absolutely fabulous in the bargain?

Trystan L. Bass, Sarah E. Goodman, Geri Sullivan, Andy Trembley

The Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo Award

Friday 1:00pm CC B3B4

Are movies better than ever or have you voted "No Award" for this category since Bladerunner? Can a single television episode ever win a Hugo running against a multi-million dollar movie? Does the short form of visual entertainment need its own Hugo Award?

Ben Yalow, Kent Bloom, Chris Barkley, Craig Miller

How to Enjoy Your First Convention

Friday 1:00pm CC C1C2

An introduction to fandom by long-time fans. Bring your questions, they'll have the answers.

Gay Haldeman, jan howard finder, Todd Dashoff, Stephen Boucher, Rusty Hevelin

Making Characters Live in Their Worlds

Friday 1:00pm CC C3C4

Panelists focus on the problems writers face in putting characters into alien or fantastic environments and making them seem realistic.

Gene Wolfe, Michelle Sagara West, Tim Powers

Costume Presentation Workshop

Friday 1:00pm CC D

A workshop where participants learn the elements of stage movement and simple choreography for effective presentations. Participants will work solo, in couples and with small props.

Janet Wilson Anderson, Kevin P. Roche

Pitching the Novel: Tips for In-person Contact

Friday 1:00pm CC E

Writing conferences (rather than conventions) often have one-on-one pitch meetings with agents and editors. Panelists discuss some of what they've learned about the process to help you learn how to pitch a book more effectively.

Carol Berg, Ashley Grayson, Ginjer Buchanan, Eleanor Wood

History of Northern California Fandom

Friday 1:00pm CC F

Learn a bit about how fandom developed in Northern California.

Ctein, Stephen Savitzky, Diana L. Paxson, Michael F. Siladi

Fanzines 101: Workshop

Friday 1:00pm CC G

New or wannabe fanzine publishers: come talk one on one with old pros. Bring your questions, such as how do you get and edit articles and artwork? How do you plan your layout? How do you get addresses and know where to send your 'zine?

Mike Glyer, Steve Davies, Suzanne Tompkins, Jerry A. Kaufman


Friday 1:00pm CC J1J4

Vernor Vinge

Distributed Computing for Fun and Profit?

Friday 1:00pm CC J2

Microprocessors and their ilk are becoming more and more ubiquitous every day, and your cell phone already has a processor in it that is more capable than it really needs. How much longer until your phone company starts to sell cycles on your cell phone for computing profit, and where will that lead as wearables become available?

Cory Doctorow, Brett Glass, Charles Stross, Corey Cole

Art for the Archconservative

Friday 1:00pm CC J3

SF/F art has an overall style - and right now it's one of the most conservative on the planet. SF/F fans, touted as forward looking, open-minded people, host art shows that are one of the last holdouts of 19th century academism. How did this come about and can we (should we) change it?

Jane Frank, David Cherry, Karen Haber, James Stanley Daugherty, Ron Miller

Worldbuilding 1

Friday 1:00pm CC K

Why would you want to build a world? Can't you just use the one we have? If you do build a world, what aspects do you need to consider?

Steve Gillett, Harry Turtledove, Kristine Smith, Sheila Finch, Wolf Read


Friday 1:00pm CC N

Suzy McKee Charnas


Friday 1:00pm Exhibit Hall 2

Jack L. Chalker, G. David Nordley, Jody Lynn Nye, Jerry Oltion,

Terry Pratchett, Ken


Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Friday 1:00pm Exhibit Hall 3

Wil McCarthy

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 1:00pm H Almaden Ball 1

Hal Clement

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 1:00pm H Almaden Ball 2

Pat Murphy


Friday 1:45pm CC N

James Van Pelt

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Friday 2:00pm Exhibit Hall 3

George R. R. Martin

Art Show Docent Tour

Friday 2:30pm Art Show

David Cherry

Coming Attractions: Tor

Friday 2:30pm CC A1A8

Jim Frenkel, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Beth Meacham, David

Hartwell, Claire Eddy, James

Minz, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

When Does My Cave Get Cable?

Friday 2:30pm CC A2A7

It's not just Darkover anymore. We interact with technically backwards, yet complex and medieval, societies all the time, such as Afghanistan. What incorrect assumptions do we make about technically backward people and what miracles do they expect from us? How long before everyone's got a wireless phone and a Direct TV antenna?

Harry Turtledove, Hugh Daniel, Mark R. Leeper, Robert Charles Wilson, Susan R. Matthews, Alan Dean Foster

Big Monsters!!

Friday 2:30pm CC A3

A terrifying slide show of classic big monsters found on the covers of comic books of the '30s, '40s, and '50s.

Barry Short

How to Speak Klingon

Friday 2:30pm CC A4

Dr Lawrence M Schoen, Director of The Klingon Language Institute, will demonstrate how to speak Klingon.

Lawrence Schoen

SF is Breaking Out All Over: New SF TV Shows and Films

Friday 2:30pm CC A5

Odyssey 5, Jeremiah, Minority Report. It's not just Star Trek and Star Wars anymore. Now that there are so many new science fiction television shows, specials and movies, not to mention films, why has science fiction and fantasy entertainment become so popular? Are any of these new shows really innovative? Are any of them worth watching?

Craig Engler, Chris Garcia, Ginjer Buchanan, Joshua Bilmes, Lucius Shepard

Live Cheapass Games

Friday 2:30pm CC A6

Cheapass Games such as Unexploded Cow, Kill Dr. Lucky, and Devil Bunny Needs A Ham are popular board games...but have you ever played them live and life-sized? Join Cheapass' Julie Haehn for some games where the actual players are the game markers, and other props are the results of the fevered imagination of the folk at Cheapass.

Julie Haehn

The Future of Science Fiction as a Literary Form

Friday 2:30pm CC B1B2

When science fiction was all rocketships and aliens, it was easy to call it SCIENCE fiction. Now biotech thrillers may be published as mainstream novels and novels from authors who write SF may not be seen by SF readers as true science fiction. Does science fiction literature have a future?

Cheryl Morgan, Andrew Burt, Stanley Schmidt, Peter Nicholls, Andrew Wheeler

Feedback Session

Friday 2:30pm CC B3B4

Here is a chance for you to provide compliments to or ask questions of the chairmen of ConJose.

Color Mechanics: When an Orange Isn't

Friday 2:30pm CC C1C2

And apples aren't red and grass isn't green. So, how do you decide which color it is? And why? And does the use you put the painting to make a difference?

Mark Ferrari, Jael, Richard Hescox

Astronomy as a Hobby When You have a Day Job

Friday 2:30pm CC C3C4

The best astronomical events don't always happen on Friday or Saturday night. Can you call in sick with a case of the Perseids? How can you stay up all night watching the stars and still go to work in the morning?

Jay Reynolds Freeman, James C. Glass, Jim Terman, Ron Miller

Principles of Stage Combat Workshop

Friday 2:30pm CC D

Elementary stage combat - how to make it look real while not killing yourself or others

Annie Gilbert, Craig English, Van Kim, Garon Michael

Building a Community SF Library Collection

Friday 2:30pm CC E

Where do you start? What are the challenges? Where do you put everything? How do you keep track of everything? How do you keep acquisitions coming? How do you remove material? Is it worth all the work?

Steve Miller, Fred Lerner, Dr. Janice Marie Bogstad, Bonnie Kunzel

Writing SF Plays

Friday 2:30pm CC F

Films have special effects. Books can take a chapter to describe a scene that would be difficult to portray even in a movie. How can you write a science fiction play without expensive or impossible effects? How can you write a play based in science that is more than just talking heads?

Terry Bisson, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Jim Grimsley, Kevin A. Murphy

Computers and Conventions

Friday 2:30pm CC G

Some convention committees love technology; others are terrified. Where is it really needed (and how much should you spend) and where is it more trouble than it is worth?

Sharon Sbarsky, Mark L. Olson, Michael F. Siladi

SIG: The Mythopoeic Society

Friday 2:30pm CC H

Join the members of the Mythopoeic Society discussing high fantasy, the Inklings, and classic fantasy.

Feghoot Event

Friday 2:30pm CC J1J4

Our Guest of Honor, Ferdinand Feghoot, has led an extraordinary life. Come hear about it from Ferdinand and his many friends.

Dream Machines Made Real: Science Fiction Technologies We Can Do "Now"

Friday 2:30pm CC J2

What technologies in common use now were originally described in science fiction stories? Have some actually come and gone--replaced by something better? What technologies can we do now, but, for one reason or another, simply haven't done? Which science fiction technologies are close to realization, but just not there yet?

Allen Steele, Brad Lyau, Howard Davidson, Frederik Pohl, Robert J. Sawyer

Breathing Water--Technological Civilization in a Liquid Atmosphere

Friday 2:30pm CC J3

Breathing air is only one option. It hasn't happened here, but the mantis shrimp and the octopus suggest that it could evolve, and, of course, it could be engineered. What might it be like?

Patricia MacEwen, David Brin, China Mieville, Walter Jon Williams

Writing in Collaboration

Friday 2:30pm CC K

You use action verbs; your writing partner loves lyrical adjectives. You put your characters in peril; your partner lets them die. How do two writers split their duties? By chapter? by scene? by word? What do you do when you disagree? And what felicities occur when two brains combine to create something neither would have thought of alone?

Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Brenda Cooper, Larry Niven, Steven Barnes


Friday 2:30pm CC N

James Patrick Kelly


Friday 2:30pm Exhibit Hall 2

Greg Bear, John G. Hemry, Thomas Hopp, Kay Kenyon, Vera Nazarian, Christy Hardin Smith, Vernor Vinge

Jeff Walker Film Trailers

Friday 2:30pm F Imperial Ball

Come and see previews of upcoming movies.

Jeff Walker Jennifer Roberson Reading

Friday 2:30pm F suite

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 2:30pm H Almaden Ball 1

Mike Resnick

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 2:30pm H Almaden Ball 2

Joe Haldeman, Gay Haldeman

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Friday 3:00pm Exhibit Hall 3

Alastair Reynolds, Gardner Dozois David D. Levine Reading

Friday 3:00pm F suite


Friday 3:15pm CC N

R. Garcia y Robertson

A Video Tour of the Worldcon Masquerade

Friday 4:00pm CC A1A8

From the archives of the International Costumer's Guild comes a look at the past history of the Worldcon Masquerade through video clips.

Carl Mami, John Trimble, Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, Dana MacDermott

Fannish Inquisition I: Worldcon Bidder Presentations

Friday 4:00pm CC A2A7

Glasgow is bidding for the Worldcon in 2005. Site selection voting is here at ConJose. Los Angeles and Kansas City are bidding for 2006. The voting will be held next year in Toronto. Come hear representatives of these and future conventions demonstrate why you should vote for them.

Vince Docherty, Margene Bahm, Christian McGuire, Mike Glyer, Hiroaki Inoue

Coming Attractions: Roc

Friday 4:00pm CC A3

Laura Anne Gilman, Jennifer E. Heddle

Diversity Trek

Friday 4:00pm CC A4

Television shows like "Star Trek" and "The Twilight Zone" broke real cultural ground and real television taboos in the fifties and sixties. Is today's televised SF as courageous, or is it just following a decades-old formula and playing lip-service to diversity?

Steven Barnes, Bjo Trimble, Wanda Haight, David Gerrold, Keith R. A. DeCandido

Myrtle the Manuscript: After the Sale

Friday 4:00pm CC A5

What happens to your book after the publisher buys it? Panelists discuss book formats, distribution, bookstore buyers and tips for getting your book its due.

Tom Doherty, Joshua Bilmes, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, James Minz

Things I Wish Some Pro Had Told Me When I Was Just Starting Out

Friday 4:00pm CC A6

There's always some things a writer learns the hard way. Panelists discuss their own hard-earned lessons so you don't run into the same obstacles they did.

Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta

He's Dead, Jim, but What Killed Him?

Friday 4:00pm CC B1B2

Death is dead, but getting there ... now there's the rub. Writers have developed more ways to off a character. What are some of the more creative methods for killing someone? Does the writer have a responsibility to the readership? What are the problems in SF and Fantasy when creating an interesting death? Are there rules? Is it moral?

Teresa Edgerton, Lois McMaster Bujold, Irene Radford, Cordelia Willis

Were We There Then? Are We There Yet? Heinlein's 1950 Predictions

for the Year 2000

Friday 4:00pm CC B3B4

There are 20 of them, plus nine "negative predictions," all of which were updated twice (1965 and 1980). How close did he come and where did he miss?

Bill Patterson, Dafydd ab Hugh, Brad Lyau, Hugh Daniel

Rocketship Talk with Fission and Fusion, The Reactor Brothers

Friday 4:00pm CC C1C2

NPR's Car Talk: The Next Generation. Dilithium crystals acting up? Your Lens doesn't have the range it used to? And your genetic engineer tells you that my 13th chromosome pair is acting up; is he right, or just trying to pad my bill? Come ask the Reactor Brothers what's wrong with your rocket, clone, or other scientific/engineering device or situation.

Jordin Kare, G. David Nordley, Henry Spencer, Hugh S. Gregory, Les Johnson, Louise Kleba

Sons of Literary Scams

Friday 4:00pm CC C3C4

Discussion of the traps for new and experienced authors with agents, editors and watchdogs.

Andrew Burt, Ashley Grayson, C. E. Petit, Donald Maass, Kent Brewster, Christine Valada

Exomusicology: A Discussion of Alien Music Theory

Friday 4:00pm CC D

What characteristics of music might prove universal, and what are likely a Terran, or even Western European, bias? Would we like alien music? Would we even recognize it?

David Howell, David Kushner, Sean McMullen, Jeff Berkwits, Jon DeCles

Campbell Award Nominees: Who We Are and How We Got Here

Friday 4:00pm CC E

Meet this year's Campbell Award nominees for Best New Writer and find out how they started publishing and their plans for the future.

Ken Wharton, Tobias Buckell, Wen Spencer, Alex Irvine, John F. Hertz

The Prometheus and the Sidewise Awards

Friday 4:00pm CC F

The Prometheus and Sidewise Awards will be presented.

Gardening Outside the Box

Friday 4:00pm CC G

Growing ten ton lunar radishes, keeping the hydroponics going, feeding yourself on Mars, making Ganymede colorful; what are the challenges of the off-Earth gardener? How will they be met?

Priscilla Olson, James Patrick Kelly, Karen Anderson, Scott Parker, Kathy Oltion

The Theory and Art of Flirting

Friday 4:00pm CC H

A convention is an ideal location to give a compliment to a stranger or even change a stranger into a friend. How can you take an interest in someone else without giving offense. We can show you the right way -- and the wrong way!

jan howard finder, Amy Thomson, Cecilia Tan, Mary Anne Mohanraj

Photoshop is NOT the Artist: Creating Good Computer Art

Friday 4:00pm CC J1J4

What you really need to create good computer art and what the computer applications contribute to the art

David Cherry, Ron Miller, James Stanley Daugherty, Richard Hescox


Friday 4:00pm CC J2

George R. R. Martin

Better Angels or Darker Dystopias? Can Biotechnology Alter Human

Nature, and Should It?

Friday 4:00pm CC J3

Delete the genes for fatal childhood diseases. Delete the genes for baldness. Delete the genes for depression. Add the genes for faster reflexes. Add the genes for a more extroverted personality (or a more docile population). Although you may agree with some of these possibilities, somewhere down this slippery slope you will draw a line. Are any of these alterations benign? If we are going to make changes, who decides what changes can be made or should be made?

Howard V. Hendrix, Thomas Hopp, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Robert Charles Wilson, Philip Kaveny


Friday 4:00pm CC K

Elizabeth Moon


Friday 4:00pm CC N

Dave Trowbridge


Friday 4:00pm Exhibit Hall 2

Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Lee Martindale, Selina Rosen, Connie Willis, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Fiona Avery

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Friday 4:00pm Exhibit Hall 3

Gregory Benford, Mike Resnick Samantha Ling Reading

Friday 4:00pm F suite

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 4:00pm H Almaden Ball 1

Vernor Vinge

Film: _Monsters Inc._ Hugo Nominee

Friday 4:30pm F Imperial Ball


Friday 4:45pm CC J2

Terry Pratchett


Friday 4:45pm CC K

Patricia A. McKillip


Friday 4:45pm CC N

James C. Glass David Smeds Reading

Friday 5:00pm F suite

The Ecology and Evolution of Candy

Friday 5:30pm CC A3

You have all heard of the Twinkie defense. Now find out what was really behind it. Learn what your Hershey bar is doing when you are asleep. Avram Davidson meets the Easter Bunny in this exploration of the natural history of a (deservedly) understudied group.

Sam Scheiner

Russia: Can This Country Be Saved?

Friday 5:30pm CC A4

With the Russian Mafia controlling the economy and Vladamir Putin more concerned with centralizing his own personal power than solving the country's problems, is there any way Russia can join the 21st century?

Vera Nazarian, Hugh S. Gregory, L. E. Modesitt Jr.

Coming Attractions: Ace/Penguin/Putnam

Friday 5:30pm CC A5

Susan Allison, Ginjer Buchanan

Historical Fantasy

Friday 5:30pm CC A6

Using known history as your cultural matrix solves some problems and introduces others. What advantages are there to using known history as the basis for your fantasy universe? What limitations do you have that you don't have in a fictional universe? Are there some historical periods that are better suited to fantasy than others? Are there historical periods that could be used for fantasy and haven't been?

Pat Murphy, Delia Sherman, Diana L. Paxson, Kage Baker, David B. Coe

Phillip K. Dick to Film

Friday 5:30pm CC B1B2

Why are films based on the ideas of Philip K. Dick so popular? Why do screenwriters want to use them? Why do studios want to buy them? Why are they so successful?

Alex Irvine, John L. Flynn, Eric M. Van, Robert Blackwood

Writing Military Science Fiction

Friday 5:30pm CC B3B4

It's popular. The conflict and tension are built in. The characters can be strong and memorable. But it is also easy to make the characters generic and to get the military details very wrong. What are the elements of successful military science fiction? What are some of the common errors that can be avoided? And what writers get it right?

John G. Hemry, Joe Haldeman, Susan R. Matthews, Karin Lowachee

Remembering the Elephant: Bruce Pelz

Friday 5:30pm CC C1C2

Bruce was a giant in science fiction fandom - a member of LASFS, a fellow of NESFA, former Worldcon Chair, Worldcon Fan Guest of Honor and mentor to generations of reading and conrunning fans all over the world. Bruce's friends talk about his contributions to fandom and auction off some unique donations.

Christian McGuire, Craig Miller

Pros vs. Cons

Friday 5:30pm CC C3C4

Tension between professional writers and convention organizers seems to have grown in recent years. What is causing this growing rift and what can we do about it?

Gay Haldeman, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Bill Fawcett, Mike Glyer, ElizaBeth Gilligan

Developing Your Convention Web Site

Friday 5:30pm CC D

This workshop will illustrate some of the common questions that your web site should cover, and some of the design and navigation issues you need to consider.

Sharon Sbarsky, Janice Gelb, Keith W. Stokes, David Levine

Searching for the Future

Friday 5:30pm CC E

It has been argued that the future is disappearing from SF and the past is taking its place -- that increasingly SF has come to be time travel, alternate history, or faux futures. On this panel, writers and reviewers discuss where to find today's new, freshly imagined futures and who's writing them. What methods can writers use to escape the pull of the past and envision the future anew? What's the proper place of the past in a genre where the future has been its chief emblem and central concern? What's the future for?

Judith Berman, James Patrick Kelly, David Marusek, Charles Stross

Breaking Into Print

Friday 5:30pm CC F

Panelists discuss techniques for getting started as a writer and breaking into publishing.

Kent Brewster, Jennifer Roberson, Kay Kenyon, Cynthia Ward


Friday 5:30pm CC G

Mindy Klasky


Friday 5:30pm CC H

Jody Lynn Nye

Cryptography for the SF Author, Both Real and Imagined!

Friday 5:30pm CC J1J4

You can hide text information in a digital picture. Will that stop people from decoding it? What are realistic ways to hide and uncover encrypted information? You probably can't do it in 60 seconds, even if the password is swordfish. What ways will we be able to encrypt and transmit information in the future.

Hugh Daniel

Rare Earths vs. Many Earths

Friday 5:30pm CC J2

Earth may be an oddball planet, but is that important with respect to finding habitable worlds or planetary systems that spacefaring humans or others might settle? What does it take for intelligent life to develop? What does it take for a space-faring civilization to colonize?

Gregory Benford, Patricia MacEwen, Alexis Gilliland, Steve Gillett, David Morrison, John G. Cramer


Friday 5:30pm CC J3

Lois McMaster Bujold

Writing Media Tie-Ins

Friday 5:30pm CC K

It's a movie! it's a game!...and now it's your novel. How hard is it to write in someone else's universe, especially one known and loved by millions of fans?

Doranna Durgin, Kevin J. Anderson, Alan Dean Foster, Keith R. A. DeCandido

Who Needs Planets?

Friday 5:30pm CC N

If we can make space stations, space habitats, and other real estate out of moon rock and asteroids, why would anyone (human or otherwise) want to live at the bottom of a gravity well? Are habitable planets an overrated search objective? Why don't we see more of this in science fiction?

Syne Mitchell, Jordin Kare, Alastair Reynolds, Wil McCarthy, Robert Reed


Friday 5:30pm Exhibit Hall 2

David Brin, Gardner Dozois, Donald Kingsbury, Rudy Rucker, Larry Niven

Filk and Cookies

Friday 5:30pm F Fairfield

The children's filk panel, featuring fun songs for kids of all ages

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 5:30pm H Almaden Ball 1

George R. R. Martin

Kaffee Klatsch

Friday 5:30pm H Almaden Ball 2

Sharon Lee, Steve Miller James Glass Reading

Friday 6:00pm F suite


Friday 6:15pm CC G

Karen Michalson


Friday 6:15pm CC H

William F. Wu


Friday 6:15pm CC J3

Connie Willis

SIG: San Diego Fans

Friday 7:00pm CC K

Meet here, then go out to dinner together.

SIG: Science Fiction Poetry Association

Friday 7:00pm F Cupertino

Milk And Cookies

Friday 7:00pm F Fairfield

It's time for bed, and so you'd like a nice bedtime story and a final snack. Come prepared with short (5-10 minutes or less) material to be read to the rest of the audience, children's stories encouraged. We'll provide milk and cookies. Pajamas encouraged but not required, and stuffed animals are welcome.

John Pomeranz, Sherwood Smith, Nancy Farmer

Regency Dance

Friday 7:00pm F Regency Ball 1

Ballroom dancing of this historical period (about the year 1800) has become a tradition at S-F Cons. John Hertz will teach you. Come in costume, or come as you are. Doranna Durgin Signing

Friday 7:00pm F suite

Chesley Awards

Friday 8:00pm CC A1A8 CC A2A7

Terror in Wolf Swamp or, The Hugo Nominee

Friday 7:30pm Civic Auditorium

A live radio play by Terry Bisson

Mike Resnick, Janis Ian, Ellen Kushner, Lucius Shepard, Terry Bisson

Patrick Stewart

Friday 8:00pm Civic Auditorium

Lux Radio Theater

Friday 9:30pm Civic Auditorium

Lux Presents Hollywood! Lever Brothers Company, purveyors of Lux Brand Soap Flakes, is pleased to present a live broadcast of "Lux Radio Theater," with your host, Cecil B. DeMille. This special wartime presentation will feature in person performances by such screen greats as Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, Mickey Rooney, Jack Benny and a galaxy of other stars. Our specially commissioned Science Fiction drama programme, "The Adventures of Luke Skywalker", will astound and delight. This stirring tale of galactic daring-do, with tyrannical villains and intrepid young adventurers will be brought to life by our stars and talented sound pattern designers. Don't miss this once-in-a- lifetime event!

Shawn Crosby

Costume or Fetishwear? Drawing the Line, and Crossing It

Friday 8:30pm F Cupertino

Want to wear your kinky duds at a convention but make them more SF/Fantasy? Want to spice up your regular convention wear with a touch of the off-beat? Love the gothic but not sure where to draw the line? Let our panelists guide you.

Andy Trembley, Kevin P. Roche, Ynhared Mangan, Kristina Theriot, Mary Cordero

Win Tom Galloway's Money

Friday 8:30pm F Glen Ellen

If they're smart enough, quick enough, and lucky enough, some contestants will walk away with some of Tom's money. To do so, they'll have to beat first each other, and then Tom himself, at answering trivia questions in categories such as "Does Greg Bear Poop In The Woods?" and "Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Connie Willis?"

Tom Galloway, Keith R. A. DeCandido

Kill Dr. Lucky

Friday 8:30pm F Hillsborough

The object? Kill Doctor Lucky. Find a weapon, track the old man down, and do him in. The obstacles? For one thing, all of your friends would rather do it first. For another, Doctor Lucky is aptly named. You would think that after being stabbed, hung, poisoned, and poked in the eye, the Old Doctor would just lie down and accept his fate. But he's got more lives than Rasputin, and an uncanny knack for dodging your best traps.

Julie Haehn

Why Does SF Erotica Tend Toward the Dark Side?

Friday 10:00pm F Cupertino

Is there something inherent in SF that lends itself to dark erotica? Is it a unique medium where the element of supernatural allows exploration of the darker side of sexuality? Or does this say something about the nature of fans and fandom?

Allison Lonsdale, Lee Martindale, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Lucy Sussex, Mark W. Tiedemann Adults only SF Erotica Reading - David Smeds

Friday 10:00pm F suite

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