Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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Preliminary Program Schedule for ConJosé

The preliminary version of the ConJosé program is now available. While we do not expect major changes, it is inevitable that there will be some updates between now and the convention. Please check this page for updates, and also look for the program change sheets that will be distributed at the convention.

Updated: 25 August 2002

Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday

Early Morning Writing Exercises

Monday 8:30am CC G

Film: Hugo Winner Best Dramatic Presentation

Monday 9:30am F Imperial Ball

Soviet Space Disasters

Monday 10:00am CC A1A8

Some have been published, many have been hidden, even from people in Russia. Hear about the ones you may not have known about before.

Hugh S. Gregory

Acceptance of High Technology: The Telephone

Monday 10:00am CC A2A7

Technoshock! The adoption of new technology has always been fraught with stories of skepticism and sometimes terror. This is true not only of the technologies we are trying to conquer today, but also of technologies of the past; such as the telephone, the automobile and the airplane. What rumors and wild stories were circulated about past technologies and how do they compare to the stories about today's technology?

Vernor Vinge, Chris Garcia, Kevin P. Roche

Quantum Dots and Programmable Matter

Monday 10:00am CC A3

Electronic devices are rapidly shrinking to the nanometer scale, where quantum mechanics dominates and particles become waves. Here, the distinction between chemistry, mechanics and electronics begins to blur. Case in point: the quantum dot, a device capable of trapping electrons in a space so small that they form "artificial atoms" whose size and shape and charge can be controlled in real time. Historically, the properties of matter are determined at the time of manufacture, through careful mixing and processing. But now we find ourselves at the dawn of a new age, where substances exist whose optical, electrical, magnetic and even mechanical properties can be adjusted at the flip of a bit. In a fifty-minute lecture, Engineer/Journalist/Novelist Wil McCarthy explores the social and technological implications of this "programmable matter."

Wil McCarthy

Hard-Shell Costuming

Monday 10:00am CC A4

Techno costuming - fiber glass, metals, electronics

Fantasy Short Fiction

Monday 10:00am CC A5

It doesn't have to be multi-volume epics.

Sherwood Smith, Kathryn Cramer

WSFS Meeting

Monday 10:00am CC A6

If the meetings earlier in the convention were unable to process all official business, we will consider what is left today. Check the convention newsletter to find out if there will be a Monday Business Meeting.

Convention Programming: Art, Science, or Magic?

Monday 10:00am CC B1B2

Con programming can look simple: just throw some people at the front of the room with a microphone and see what happens. Find out what really goes into making a convention program work well.

Priscilla Olson, Jim Mann, John Pomeranz, Mike Glyer, Craig Miller

The Future of Fanzines

Monday 10:00am CC C1C2

Are fanzines obsolete?

Tom Digby, Moshe Feder, Evelyn C. Leeper, Fred Lerner, Nicki Lynch

Writing the Synopsis

Monday 10:00am CC D

A synopsis is part of what you will use to sell your novel. But what is a synopsis exactly? What is its function and how can you make it work for you? Panelists discuss common problems and misconceptions.

Stephen Pagel, Ashley Grayson, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta

Outsmarting Evolution in Action: Can We Get Ahead of Antibiotic Resistant Bugs?

Monday 10:00am CC J1J4

Current regimes for using antibiotics breed antibiotic resistance--how do we get out of this box? Rotating antibiotic regimes? Finding new antibiotics? Genetically engineered antibacterial viruses? Can we move fast enough?

Kristine Smith, Scott Parker, William Thomasson, Elizabeth Moon, Frank Wu

Now It Can Be Told: Bay Area Fans, Writers and the Weapons Labs

Monday 10:00am CC J2

True (and sometime amusing) stories of government lab work that found its way into science fiction, and vice versa!

Jordin Kare, G. David Nordley, Ken Wharton, Kay Tracy, Gregory Benford


Monday 10:00am CC K

Roger MacBride Allen

Making Hats and Gloves

Monday 10:00am CC N

A two-part demonstration on the basics of making two of costuming's essential accessories - Hats and Gloves!

Jay Hartlove, Denisen Hartlove


Monday 10:00am Exhibit Hall 2

Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Robert Reed

Kaffee Klatsch

Monday 10:00am H Almaden Ball 1

Howard V. Hendrix

Kaffee Klatsch

Monday 10:00am H Almaden Ball 2

China Mieville


Monday 10:45am CC E

Keith Hartman


Monday 10:45am CC K

Donald Kingsbury

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Monday 11:00am Exhibit Hall 3

Connie Willis, Gardner Dozois

Current Trends in eBooks for Fantasy and Science Fiction Publishing

Monday 11:30am CC A1A8

Palm Digital Media is the largest retailer of eBooks for handheld computers in the world. They work closely with DAW, Del Rey, Tor and Pocket Books in releasing their titles as electronic books for reading on Palm and Pocket PC handhelds. Come for a review of current trends in eBooks for fantasy and science fiction publishing.

Michael Segroves

The Geography of Space: Near Earth

Monday 11:30am CC A2A7

What's where in space -- useful areas and useless ones, key locations and minor ones, important resources and dangers. Part 1: Earth orbit, the Moon, and points nearby.

Henry Spencer

Heads and Hands

Monday 11:30am CC A3

Nuts and bolts workshop on drawing/painting two of the most difficult parts of the human form.

David Cherry

Creating Anthologies

Monday 11:30am CC A4

Anthologists discuss the creation and the business of anthologies-- from the initial idea, to the editorial heavy lifting, to what happens to them in the marketplace.

Ellen Datlow, Stephen Pagel, Mike Resnick, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

The SF Three Foot Shelf

Monday 11:30am CC A5

What are the definitive science fiction and fantasy books to own if you only have a three foot shelf to put them on?

Fred Lerner, Debbie Notkin, Lawrence Person

Lest We Forget: Memorial for Fans & Writers

Monday 11:30am CC A6

To honor those we have lost in the last year.

Mike Glyer, Randy Smith

Local and Regional Conventions

Monday 11:30am CC B1B2

What are the challenges and rewards of running a small or regional convention? How do you start one and how do you keep it going?

Jim Mann, Tammy Coxen, Elspeth Kovar, Andrew Adams, Michael F. Siladi

Feedback Session

Monday 11:30am CC B3B4

Here is a chance for you to provide compliments to or ask questions of the chairmen of ConJose.

Cyberindigestion -- What Spells Relief

Monday 11:30am CC C1C2

Is there a limit to how much personal electronic technology humanity can swallow? Is the sheer mass of possibilities and choices slowing diffusion of these technologies? Are defenses beginning to evolve that limit cyber anarchy? What can we say about the pace and extent of the effect of cybertechnology on future society?

William F. Wu, Brad Templeton, Paula Butler, Laurie Mann

Job, Family & Oh Yeah I'm an Artist/Writer

Monday 11:30am CC C3C4

Many artists and writers balance a family, a full time job and their creative endeavors. Find out how they do it.

ElizaBeth Gilligan, Sharon Lee, Tad Williams, Deborah J. Ross

Domestic Architecture in 2050

Monday 11:30am CC D

What will houses and neighborhoods look like in the near future? In 2002, all new houses have a master bath and a large family room off the kitchen. Condos and townhouses are popular in urban areas. How might this change over the next 50 years?

Richard F. Dutcher, Jay Hartlove, Carolyn Dougherty, Janet Lafler, Kathryn Daugherty

SIG: Gadgets

Monday 11:30am CC E

Do you like new, techy toys? Come show off your latest can't-live- without wonder to others who just love new technology.

Building Believable Fantasy Worlds

Monday 11:30am CC F

What are the secrets to building rich, believable, fantasy worlds that readers want to return to again and again? Panelists discuss their observations.

P. C. Hodgell, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Terry McGarry, Sherwood Smith, George R. R. Martin

Military Technology

Monday 11:30am CC J1J4

Bigger bombers? Tougher tanks? With contemporary wars being fought amidst civilian populations, the strategy of using overwhelming force to conquer current enemies is no longer viable. Near-future soldiers will use high-resolution virtual retina displays connected to throwable robots and sensing microbots. Their most useful weapons may turn out to be nonlethal nets, slime, rubber bullets, or biological deterrents. What items will near-future armies have to identify and disable enemy forces? What science fiction authors have described this trend towards guerilla warfare?

John G. Hemry, Susan R. Matthews, C. E. Petit, Brad Lyau, Robert Fleming

Glitz, Glitter and Other Shiny Stuff

Monday 11:30am CC J3

From sequins to rhinestones to beads to sparkly fabric, how to make your costume sizzle and sparkle on stage and in the halls.

Pierre Pettinger, Sandra Pettinger, Zelda Gilbert, Janet Wilson Anderson, Dana MacDermott


Monday 11:30am CC K

Harry Turtledove

The Year We Hanged All the Lawyers: Heinlein's Take on the Law and Things Legal

Monday 11:30am CC N

Law and trials pop up over and over in Heinlein's fiction. Is he fascinated with the subject because he thinks of lawyers and the law as guardians of civilization? Not likely -- he created a utopia by hanging them all. Let's talk about this old pol's (professional clown and subversive!) take on law and lawyers. Caution! Count cards! Hands on wallets! Some of these guys are lawyers! You Have Been Warned!

David Silver, Art Dula, Capt. Herb Gilliland, USN Ret., L. N. Collier


Monday 11:30am Exhibit Hall 2

James Clemens, Scott Edelman, Eileen Gunn, Lois McMaster Bujold

Kaffee Klatsch

Monday 11:30am H Almaden Ball 1

John Trimble

Kaffee Klatsch

Monday 11:30am H Almaden Ball 2

Bjo Trimble

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Monday 12:00 noon Exhibit Hall 3

David Marusek, Cory Doctorow, Gardner Dozois


Monday 12:15pm CC K

Walter Jon Williams

Forensic Analysis of the World Trade Center Tragedy

Monday 1:00pm CC A1A8

We've all seen far too much of the fall of the Twin Towers on TV. What happened afterward that didn't make it onto the small screen? Who did what, and why? What did the searchers find, and what are they doing with those remains and personal items now?

Patricia MacEwen

The Geography of Space: Deep Space

Monday 1:00pm CC A2A7

What's where in space -- useful areas and useless ones, key locations and minor ones, important resources and dangers. Part 2: inner solar system, outer solar system, and points beyond.

Henry Spencer

When Things Go Wrong In Space - Scientific Method to the Rescue

Monday 1:00pm CC A3

Things go wrong in space. Hardware breaks, software fails, the universe dishes up the unexpected. There are very close connections between the process of spacecraft anomaly resolution and scientific method. In this talk, you'll hear gritty details of spacecraft in- flight failures and mysteries and how we use the scientific method to figure out what went wrong.

Steve Collins

SIG: SF in Japan

Monday 1:00pm CC A4

Japanese fans discuss recent trends in science fiction in Japan.

Research -- Networking & Resourcing

Monday 1:00pm CC A5

Research isn't what it used to be. More and more authors are turning to the Internet and private lists for research on anything from marketing resources to learning about almost lost/forgotten arts and skills. Let us not forget the writers' groups. With greater access to the Internet, authors are collaborating, researching, and developing their various skills with fellow enthusiasts from around the world. Find out about some of the best lists for research of various kinds for those in the SF/F genres.

ElizaBeth Gilligan, Kent Brewster, Mindy Klasky, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Cynthia Ward

The Seth and Hugh Show

Monday 1:00pm CC A6

Why the weapons policy applies to this panel.

Hugh Daniel, Seth Breidbart

The Rise of Specialty Conventions - Implication for Worldcon

Monday 1:00pm CC B1B2

Your local convention had a good mix of literature, science, filk, gaming, and anime. Now a local gaming convention has started up and your filkers have abandoned your convention for a national filking conference. Are these specialist conventions drawing members away from general conventions, even Worldcons? Are there actions we should or could take to reverse this trend?

Joe Siclari, Ben Yalow, David Howell, David Weingart

How to Vote on the Hugos: An Explanation of What Won this Year

Monday 1:00pm CC B3B4

You didn't like the Hugo results? Why didn't YOUR favorite story win the award? Come hear the Hugo administrators explain the preferential voting system and why your second favorite choice may have helped pick the winner.

John Lorentz, Kevin Standlee, David Bratman, George Flynn

Art at the Speed of Light

Monday 1:00pm CC D

Artists and the internet - what do you need to know, what do you need to do, and what do you need to worry about? Oh, yeah, and can you make money with this thing?

Teresa Patterson, Ctein, Margaret Organ-Kean, Elizabeth Humphrey

SIG: Online Comics

Monday 1:00pm CC E

They are not all in the newspapers anymore. Some comics are too violent, too sexy, too weird for the daily newspapers. Come and share your favorite online comics. Bring samples and URLs.

Pulp Science Fiction--Is it coming back?

Monday 1:00pm CC F

A multiple person reading of a pulp fiction adventure story.

Elise Toth

Nanotechnology, Comparing Mechanical with Biological Advances

Monday 1:00pm CC J1J4

Biology is nanotechnology, or is it? What characteristics do nanotechnological systems share with biology and how are they different? Do the two regimes merge? Which is, ultimately, the more efficient? Which is the least restricted by environment?

Howard Davidson, Kevin P. Roche, John K. Strickland Jr., Frank Wu, Lawrence Person

Exponential Growth: the Economics of Cornucopia

Monday 1:00pm CC J2

If we can make machines that can "digest" space resources to make copies of themselves and other useful byproducts, how does that change the sociology of the future. Are there still constraints? Allocations? Will we hit cultural limits to exploitation before we hit physical limits? If we could take Jupiter apart, would we?

Vernor Vinge, Alastair Reynolds, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Steve Gillett, William Thomasson

Breaking Ground In Buffy

Monday 1:00pm CC J3

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer has repeatedly pushed the envelope for dramas of its kind, from the wordless (and flawless) direction of 'Hush' to 'The Body' and its subtle presentation of death; even 'Once More With Feeling' expanded the genre in new ways, yet the show remains snubbed by mainstream awards. Is this intentional? Does the 'genre' label condemn Buffy, the Vampire Slayer to the sci-fi ghetto?

P. C. Hodgell, Chris Garcia, Nicki Lynch, Eric M. Van

Worldbuilding 4

Monday 1:00pm CC K

Creating culture and history for your world

Amy Thomson, Howard V. Hendrix


Monday 1:00pm Exhibit Hall 2

Wolf Read, Kristine Smith, Mark W. Tiedemann, Sasha Miller

Kaffee Klatsch

Monday 1:00pm H Almaden Ball 1

Charles Stross

Kaffee Klatsch

Monday 1:00pm H Almaden Ball 2

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Buffy's Cast of Thousands

Monday 2:30pm CC A2A7

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer has presented us with dozens of vibrant and ever-surprising characters, from Buffy herself to Anya the (sometimes) reformed vengeance demon. Which characters have gone to just the right places -- and which of them may have gone too far?

Jim Mann, Ben Yalow, Tom Whitmore, Richard F. Dutcher

The Future of Food

Monday 2:30pm CC A5

The rise of ethnic cuisines or the McDonaldization of all meals? Or will we all swallow a pill with a liquid diet as a life lengthening strategy?

Chris Garcia, Richard Foss, Kathryn Daugherty

The Bigger the Better?

Monday 2:30pm CC B1B2

Do cons reach a size where they're too big to handle? If so, what strategies can we use to limit attendance without causing a war?

Geri Sullivan, Mark L. Olson, Martin Easterbrook, Craig Miller, Christian McGuire

SIG: Fans of the Second Amendment

Monday 2:30pm CC E


Monday 2:30pm CC F

Vera Nazarian

Kaffee Klatsch

Monday 2:30pm H Almaden Ball 1

Walter Jon Williams

Kaffee Klatsch

Monday 2:30pm H Almaden Ball 2

G. David Nordley


Monday 3:15pm CC F

Kevin A. Murphy

Closing Ceremonies

Monday 4:00pm F Imperial Ball

Tom Whitmore, Kevin Standlee, Vernor Vinge, John Trimble, Bjo Trimble, David Cherry

Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday




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