Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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Preliminary Program Schedule for ConJosé

The preliminary version of the ConJosé program is now available. While we do not expect major changes, it is inevitable that there will be some updates between now and the convention. Please check this page for updates, and also look for the program change sheets that will be distributed at the convention.

Updated: 25 August 2002

Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday

Early Morning Writing Exercises

Sunday 8:30am CC G

Art Show Docent Tour

Sunday 10:00am Art Show

Margaret Organ-Kean

Publishing 101: Short Stories

Sunday 10:00am CC A1A8

So, you've written that first short story, and now you are ready to submit it. Or you've written tons of stories, but never sold a one. Are you ready to find out how and why? James Van Pelt, a finalist for the 1999 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, has sold over 60 stories in the last five years to Analog, Asimov's, SCIFI.COM, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, Talebones, and numerous other magazines and anthologies. He also runs the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer web site. Find out the basics of preparing manuscripts, identifying markets, submitting work and being professional.

James Van Pelt

Star Trek: A Universe on the Edge of Forever

Sunday 10:00am CC A2A7

The history of the Star Trek universe and a special look into the future

Wanda Haight, Bjo Trimble, Keith R. A. DeCandido

John Berkey: Grand Master of SF Art

Sunday 10:00am CC A3

This slide show features 35 years worth of work from one of the Grand Masters of Science Fiction Art. John Berkey is a legendary painter of space scenes, spaceships in particular; though he has also worked outside the science fiction field. Hugo-nominated art collector, Jane Frank, will show slides of his work and talk about his influence.

Jane Frank

Fanzines vs. Online - What's Happening?

Sunday 10:00am CC A4

Are online diaries and other online arenas such as Usenet, MUDs and Yahoo groups taking fans away who might otherwise be publishing or writing for fanzines? What's happening in the world of print fanzines and what's around online?

David Levine, Tom Digby, Mike Glyer, Lenny Bailes

Judging Awards: Tiptree, Spectrum, Sturgeon, Mythopoeic, and Campbell

Sunday 10:00am CC A5

Juried award panels discuss how they choose their nominees, how they decide their winners, and how these awards affect their winners.

Eleanor M. Farrell, Matt Austern, Dr. Elizabeth Anne Hull, David Truesdale, Rob Gates

Christian Worship Service

Sunday 10:00am CC A6

Working With Editors

Sunday 10:00am CC B1B2

Learn more about the different types of editors, what editors expect from authors and the process of working with editors on a book.

Sheila Williams, Moshe Feder, Anne Lesley Groell, Rachel E. Holmen

WSFS Meeting

Sunday 10:00am CC B3B4

The WSFS Business Meeting is open to all Worldcon members. The first item of business for today's meeting is to receive the official results of the Worldcon Site Selection. Also at today's meeting is Question Time, where you get a chance to put questions to future seated Worldcon committees. If time permits, the WSFS Mark Protection Committee may meet immediately after the Business Meeting.

State of SF Publishing

Sunday 10:00am CC C1C2

The state of publishing in the field today

Betsy Mitchell, Tom Doherty, Ellen Datlow, Gordon Van Gelder, Ginjer Buchanan

The Chinese Century?

Sunday 10:00am CC C3C4

Will China pass the U.S. as the world's superpower? And can they do it without abandoning communism?

William F. Wu, Dr. Janice Marie Bogstad, Vera Nazarian, Susan R. Matthews

Running an Effective Writing Workshop

Sunday 10:00am CC D

How to start and keep your workshop going, including dealing with problems specific to groups of people who may or may not have time to write or critique.

Andrew Burt, Teresa Patterson, Jerry Oltion, Gerald R. Perkins, Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury


Sunday 10:00am CC E

Howard V. Hendrix

Philosophy and Religion in SF

Sunday 10:00am CC F

Science fiction has often been seen as the literature of the humanist, the rationalist, and the skeptic. Yet as we look at the underpinnings of the physical universe, even theoretical physicists can see the possibility of the hand of God underlying our physical existence. How do authors integrate religion and science? Can it only be done in fantasy universes?

James Stevens-Arce, P. C. Hodgell, K. D. Wentworth, Mark Ferrari, Mindy Klasky, Richard Paul Russo

Making and Working with Lace

Sunday 10:00am CC G

The Lace Guild demonstrates lace techniques.

Carole Parker, Patricia Dowden, Paula Harten


Sunday 10:00am CC H

Mary Anne Mohanraj

Alternatives to Relativity: Are there FTL-Possible Universes?

Sunday 10:00am CC J1J4

Preferred frames of reference, self consistent-predestination, ostrich-head-consistency (it's okay as long as you don't actually use the time machine to create a paradox), virtual cybernetic universes, and more have all been offered as ways to have those galactic empires and space wars. Any hope there?

Gregory Benford, Vernor Vinge, Ken Wharton, Jim Terman, Loretta McKibben

The DMCA and Fandom

Sunday 10:00am CC J2

How has the Digital Millennium Copyright Act affected Fandom? Fan writers, editors and lawyers discuss recent actions and activities surrounding Fan Fiction.

Cory Doctorow, C. E. Petit, Deborah M. Geisler, Christy Hardin Smith, Julie Stephenson, John F. Hertz


Sunday 10:00am CC J3

Kim Stanley Robinson

Myth as a Source for Fiction

Sunday 10:00am CC K

Panelists discuss some of their favorite mythologies and how to use them in fiction.

Katie Waitman, Carol Berg, Irene Radford, Laura Frankos, Judith Berman

SIG: Reading for the Future

Sunday 10:00am CC N

Gathering of teachers, librarians, parents, SF professionals interested in sharing information about/for children reading science fiction.


Sunday 10:00am Exhibit Hall 2

Steven Barnes, Tobias Buckell, Hal Clement, Stanley Schmidt, Alex Irvine, Karen Michalson

Film: _Shrek_ Hugo Nominee

Sunday 10:00am F Imperial Ball

Kaffee Klatsch

Sunday 10:00am H Almaden Ball 1

Harry Turtledove

Kaffee Klatsch

Sunday 10:00am H Almaden Ball 2

James Patrick Kelly


Sunday 10:45am CC E

David Marusek


Sunday 10:45am CC H

Ron Miller

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Sunday 11:00am Exhibit Hall 3

Kevin J. Anderson

Art Show Docent Tour

Sunday 11:30am Art Show

Brad W. Foster

How to Paint Like David Cherry

Sunday 11:30am CC A1A8

In just one session, you too can paint like David Cherry ... Or at least have a little better idea how he does it.

David Cherry

Remembering Poul Anderson in Song and Story

Sunday 11:30am CC A2A7

Writer, filker, mentor, SCA member. Poul Anderson was a friend to many and is greatly missed. We gather together to remember him in song and story.

Karen Anderson, Greg Bear, G. David Nordley, Robert Silverberg, Diana L. Paxson, Jon DeCles

Ultra-Wideband Technology

Sunday 11:30am CC A3

Inspired by Vernor Vinge's novel, A Fire Upon the Deep, two Silicon Valley inventors have created 'Larson Localizers'. Hear them tell us how they created a real life technology based on a science fictional idea.

Robert Fleming, Cherie Kushner

Scaling up from 2D to 3D

Sunday 11:30am CC A4

How to take a picture and scale it up into a full size costume in proportion to your body type.

Janet Wilson Anderson

Education via Fiction

Sunday 11:30am CC A5

It's possible to learn both facts about a subject and how to do something from reading fiction, rather than textbooks. What sort of topics lend themselves to a fictionalized learning approach? How does one include information in a story without falling prey to an expositional lump? Should fiction deliberately written to be educational as well as entertaining, and should it be introduced into curricula, and at what levels?

David Brin, Bobbie DuFault, David-Glenn Anderson

Contracts: Getting Agreement without Getting Taken

Sunday 11:30am CC A6

Publishers want to sign each writer to a standard contract (and give themselves most of the advantages). Writers want to earn as much money as they can. What are common clauses in a publishing contract? Which ones should a writer try to renegotiate? When is it reasonable for a writer to ask for a non-standard contract or special considerations?

C. E. Petit, Brenda W. Clough, Christy Hardin Smith, Christine Valada, Sean P. Fodera

Heinlein's Little Brothers

Sunday 11:30am CC B1B2

By and about writers who are so influenced by Heinlein that they are identified with him.

Joe Haldeman, Brad Lyau, Eleanor Wood

The Future of the Future

Sunday 11:30am CC C1C2

The future looks different to many of us after the events of 9/11. To what degree is the concept of the open, freely imagined future under attack in our own culture from either the right (for example, religious fundamentalism) and from the left (for example, political correctness)? To what degree have larger cultural currents affected the SF portrayal of the future? And how does SF imagine its own future, or is it, too, stuck in a cycle of recurrence, or hankering for a restoration of its own Golden Age? What's the outlook for the future?

Andrew Burt, Brenda Cooper, Connie Willis, William Thomasson

Torturing Your Characters

Sunday 11:30am CC C3C4

Books where nothing happens to the characters are boring. Find out how to creatively torture and maim your characters for maximum effect. Can you go too far, stretching plausibility and/or nauseating your reader? When is character persecution relevant to the plot and when is it gratuitous?

Carol Berg, Lois McMaster Bujold, Susan R. Matthews

Tolkien as an Iceberg

Sunday 11:30am CC D

The Silmarillion and other works below the surface

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, David Bratman, Tom Whitmore, Elizabeth Humphrey

Costuming for the Sewing Impaired

Sunday 11:30am CC E

Can't sew a straight seam to save your soul? You can still assemble, pin, staple, and hot-glue your way to a fabulous outfit without touching a sewing machine.

Trystan L. Bass, Mary Cordero, Jay Hartlove, Michael S. Sarkisian

Career Building, Career Breaking

Sunday 11:30am CC F

Besides writing strong stories, what else would a midlist SF/F writer be wise to do? Panelists discuss unexpected pitfalls to avoid and strategies for building lasting careers.

Kay Kenyon, John G. Hemry, Rosemary Kirstein, Ashley Grayson

SIG: Origami for Children

Sunday 11:30am CC G

Fans from Japan demonstrate this ancient art of folding paper.

SIG: Neo-Pagan

Sunday 11:30am CC H

Alternative History: Why Does it Have to be War?

Sunday 11:30am CC J1J4

Aren't there other decisions that can change the history of the world? What are some pivotal points in history that have gone unexplored?

Bill Fawcett, William C. Dietz, Anthony R. Lewis, Harry Turtledove

Women in Space Exploration and Aviation

Sunday 11:30am CC J2

What's the history of women getting off the Earth? What are the lessons learned from the success stories? Are sexual tensions really that much of a problem in space? Would all-female crews actually be better for long-duration missions?

Loretta McKibben, Bridget Landry, Louise Kleba, Pat Murphy, Sabrina Chase

Genetically Engineered Pets

Sunday 11:30am CC J3

Can "Tabby" and "Fido" be engineered to be less trouble? What about wild looking pets (great Danes with Zebra stripes)? How about cute dinosaurs engineered from chickens? Is there a market here? Do we want smarter pets?

Mike Resnick, Robert J. Sawyer, Dave Trowbridge, James Stanley Daugherty

Gender Identity and the Malleable Body: Transsexuality in SF Literature

Sunday 11:30am CC K

The transgressive potential of science fiction's representation of gender

Cecilia Tan, Katie Waitman, Keith Hartman, Allison Lonsdale, Debbie Notkin


Sunday 11:30am CC N

Alex Irvine


Sunday 11:30am Exhibit Hall 2

George R. R. Martin, Kevin A. Murphy, Walter Jon Williams, Robert Charles Wilson, Tim Powers

Classical Italian Swordsmanship

Sunday 11:30am Exhibit Hall 2

A detailed look at exactly how the weapons are used: the types of thrusts, parries, feints, actions on the blade, renewed attacks, and counter-thrusts; and how tactics, strategies, and counter strategies are developed and employed.

Frank Lurz

Kaffee Klatsch

Sunday 11:30am H Almaden Ball 1

Tad Williams

Kaffee Klatsch

Sunday 11:30am H Almaden Ball 2

Richard Hescox

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Sunday 12:00 noon Exhibit Hall 3

Gardner Dozois

English Country Dance

Sunday 12:00 noon F Regency Ball 1

English Country dance is the social dancing style of the English Renaissance, first documented by John Playford in 1561. The dances taught will be from the list of dances currently done at many of the West coast Renaissance faires, as interpreted from Playford's 'The English Dancing Master'. So, if you've seen it done at your local Renaissance faire and you've always wanted to try it, or you are merely curious about what people did for entertainment before television, come learn and dance with us. Costumes (from any era) are welcome, but certainly not required.


Sunday 12:15pm CC N

Shane Tourtellotte

Film: _Lathe of Heaven_

Sunday 12:30pm F Imperial Ball

This is a special preview courtesy of A&E Network with Special Guests and promos!

Vernor Vinge Singularity Presentation

Sunday 1:00pm CC A1A8

Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended. Is such progress avoidable? If not to be avoided, can events be guided so that we may survive?

Vernor Vinge

Coming Attractions: DAW

Sunday 1:00pm CC A3

Debra J. Euler

Fun Diseases for Your Characters

Sunday 1:00pm CC A4

A pox upon them! Diseases can provide interesting limitations and challenges that make it easier to torment them. Find out more about some fascinating options for your characters.

Edward Willett, John G. Hemry, Irene Radford, Cordelia Willis

Beyond Harry Potter

Sunday 1:00pm CC A5

You may have read A Wrinkle in Time when you were young. Your children may be reading Harry Potter. But there are many more interesting books of children's science fiction and fantasy literature available. We have a few suggestions.

Diana Tixier Herald, Rebecca Moesta, Laura Krentz, Todd Dashoff, David-Glenn Anderson

I Want it! How Do I Buy It?

Sunday 1:00pm CC A6

Buying artwork in the art show: from writing that first bid on the bid tag to bidding in the voice auction with a side trip into direct sales - a strategic guide for everyone.

Barry Short, jan howard finder, Sue Mason, Elizabeth Humphrey, Davette Shands

Red Dwarf Empire: Gliese 876

Sunday 1:00pm CC B1B2

This nearby red dwarf has been found to have not one but two giant planets in its "habitable zone," thus challenging the sun-like-star conventional wisdom of both SETI scientists and science fiction writers. Could the planets of Gliese 876 have habitable moons? What about other nearby red dwarfs? How can science fiction adapt to these new revelations of celestial geography?

Hal Clement, G. David Nordley, Jay Reynolds Freeman

Writing Romantic Sci-Fi

Sunday 1:00pm CC B3B4

Science fiction is filled with male heroes and women as sturdy companions. Is there a place for romance among the test tubes and rocket motors? Can writers blend scientific extrapolation and human passion? How can you write SF with a strong romantic thread without alienating the SF audience? How much sex do you include? What are the joys and aggravations of writing in this rapidly growing subgenre? Is romantic SF only for women writers and readers?

Sharon Lee, Pauline J. Alama Ph.D, Denise Little, Catherine Asaro

The History of the SCA

Sunday 1:00pm CC C1C2

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th-century European history. Given its historical focus, why did science fiction fans get involved? What pleasures and marvels does the SCA offer for fans today?

Karen Anderson, Diana L. Paxson, Carl L. Cipra, John Trimble


Sunday 1:00pm CC C3C4

Keith R. A. DeCandido


Sunday 1:00pm CC E

Sean Stewart

Two Years vs. Three Years for Worldcon Bids

Sunday 1:00pm CC F

The World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) constitution calls for Worldcons to be chosen three years before they occur. Many people have argued for reducing this to two years, calling the long lead time unnecessary and a source of burnout. On the other hand, proponents of the current system believe that it gives bid committees more flexibility in obtaining good facilities for a reasonable rate. Come hear our panelists discuss the pros and cons of this argument.

Andrew Adams, Ben Yalow, Mark L. Olson, Tom Veal

Whither First Fandom?

Sunday 1:00pm CC G

Our founders are passing away -- what is the state of the organization that honors them? Are associate members helping stem the tide?

Art Widner, Richard Lynch, Ray Faraday Nelson, Edmund R. Meskys, Jack Speer

Smaller than a Breadbox: Small Cons

Sunday 1:00pm CC H

Small is Beautiful, but a small convention also means small income. What are the joys of a smaller convention? How can you focus your convention to attract the exact fans you want? What can you drop without losing your members? How can you make your small convention better?

David Howell, Margaret Organ-Kean, Adina Adler, Suzanne Tompkins, Nicki Lynch

But for the Dinosaur Killer

Sunday 1:00pm CC J1J4

How close were dinosaurs to intelligence? Should we expect to see the saurian form elsewhere? Is there a typical treatment of saurian intelligence in fiction and is it justified?

Robert J. Sawyer, Bob Eggleton, Paula Butler, Thomas Hopp, James Patrick Kelly

Improv Story Telling

Sunday 1:00pm CC J2

Want to both torture writers *and* see how the sausage of storytelling is made? Our intrepid panel will make up and tell stories on the spot, based on setting, style, and character suggestions from the audience.

Allison Lonsdale, Terry Pratchett, Tad Williams, Phil Foglio

Multi-Volume Sagas: What was I Thinking?

Sunday 1:00pm CC J3

What was I thinking? This book has no end!

George R. R. Martin, Suzy McKee Charnas, David Gerrold, Jack L. Chalker, Kevin J. Anderson, David B. Coe

Worldbuilding 3

Sunday 1:00pm CC K

Creating aliens -- if not humanoids, then what?

Patricia MacEwen, Gerald R. Perkins, Larry Niven

Masquerade Postmortem

Sunday 1:00pm CC N

Contestants, crew and audience discuss what happened at the masquerade, and how to make it better for next time.

Pierre Pettinger, Sandra Pettinger, John O'Halloran


Sunday 1:00pm Exhibit Hall 2

John Grant/Paul Barnett, Doranna Durgin, Sheila Finch, Jane Frank, Gene Wolfe, Kim Stanley Robinson, China Mieville

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Sunday 1:00pm Exhibit Hall 3

Gardner Dozois

Kaffee Klatsch

Sunday 1:00pm H Almaden Ball 2

Wen Spencer


Sunday 1:45pm CC C3C4

Mike Resnick


Sunday 1:45pm CC E

Lucius Shepard

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Sunday 2:00pm Exhibit Hall 3

Robert Silverberg Laura Underwood Reading

Sunday 2:00pm F suite

Visions of the Singularity

Sunday 2:30pm CC A1A8

Will technology escape human control or will kludgy software save us from ourselves?

Vernor Vinge, Greg Bear, Charles Stross, Walter Jon Williams, James Patrick Kelly

Art Auction

Sunday 2:30pm CC A2A7

Chesley Bonestell: A Slide Retrospective

Sunday 2:30pm CC A3

Ron Miller, Hugo Nominated co-author of _The Art of Chesley Bonestell_ from Paper Tiger Press, presents a retrospective of this most influential astronomical artist.

Ron Miller

The 1970s: SF's Forgotten Decade

Sunday 2:30pm CC A4

Philip Jose Farmer won a Hugo for Best Novel in 1972. James Tiptree, Jr. won the Best Novella Hugo in 1974. Terry Carr won a Hugo for Best Fanzine in 1959, but became famous for his anthologies that won many Locus Awards in the '70s. It was time of robust literary exploration that introduced us to Gordon R. Dickson, Jerry Pournelle, Phillip K. Dick, and Ursula K. LeGuin. Although all of these authors' work has spanned several decades, they were giants in the 1970s. Do people still read them today? Are there other excellent writers from this era who should not be forgotten?

Allen Steele, Philip Kaveny, Larry Niven, Jim Frenkel, John Grant/Paul Barnett

Feminist Utopias: Deceptive Visions or Promising Realities?

Sunday 2:30pm CC A5

Pamela Sargent wrote "Only sf and fantasy literature can show us women in entirely new or strange surroundings. It can explore what we might become if and when the present restrictions on our lives vanish, or show us new problems and restrictions that might arise. It can show us the remarkable woman as normal where past literature shows her as the exception." Has feminist fiction from writers like Ursula K. LeGuin or Sherri Tepper shown us any directions for conduct that work in our current culture? Can we translate these visions into blueprints or they doomed to live in literature only?

Lois McMaster Bujold, Mari Kotani, Chris Moriarty, Dr. Janice Marie Bogstad, Catherine Asaro

Why the Press Doesn't See Science Fiction the Way We Do

Sunday 2:30pm CC A6

We think science fiction is the literature of ideas and science. The press sees dragons and ray guns (and noisy explosions in deep space). What common misconceptions do the press hold? How can we gently educate them?

Karen Michalson, Dr. Elizabeth Anne Hull, Yoshio Kobayashi, Andrew I. Porter

Getting a TV Series Off the Ground

Sunday 2:30pm CC B1B2

What does it take to turn an idea into a TV series? Panelists discuss their experiences, successful and otherwise in getting a new genre series or special on the airwaves.

George R. R. Martin, David Gerrold, Craig Engler, Craig Miller, William C. Dietz

Feedback Session

Sunday 2:30pm CC B3B4

Here is a chance for you to provide compliments to or ask questions of the chairmen of ConJose.

Historical Accuracy in Military, Alternate History, and Medieval Fiction

Sunday 2:30pm CC C1C2

Is it important? Are weapons, battles, geography any better than Star Trek technobabble? If so, why?

Buzz Nelson, Harry Turtledove, Sean McMullen, Pauline J. Alama Ph.D, Elizabeth Moon

Criminal Justice Systems of the Future

Sunday 2:30pm CC C3C4

Are we headed for Judge Dredd or Minority Report? What are the recent changes in Criminal Justice that are most encouraging? Most worrying? What will the courts of the future look like?

Laura Majerus, David Brin, Joe Haldeman, Christy Hardin Smith

Spectrum Awards

Sunday 2:30pm CC D

The Spectrum Awards are celebrating their 4th year. They are given in recognition of works in science fiction, fantasy and horror which include significant positive GLBT content and which also exemplify the best in genre literature by active members of the genre community.

Online Magazines: The New Short Fiction Format

Sunday 2:30pm CC E

Find out more about some of the e-zines that feature original fiction.

Mary Anne Mohanraj, Susan Groppi, Eileen Gunn, Ellen Datlow

Secret Fan Fund Tales

Sunday 2:30pm CC F

Transatlantic, Down Under, and Get Up and Over Fan Fund winners tell stories from their travels that they couldn't put in their trip reports.

Janice Gelb, Lucy Huntzinger, Sue Mason, Naomi C. Fisher

Building Mascots and Other Large Beasts

Sunday 2:30pm CC G

Building Mascots and other large beasts with fur and foam techniques

Daren Bost

The Heck with Hecto

Sunday 2:30pm CC H

Producing fanzines in the age of photocopiers and the Internet. How has technology affected fanzine production and distribution?

Richard Lynch, Mike Glyer, Steve Davies

Book to Movie and Back Again

Sunday 2:30pm CC J1J4

Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings were made into movies. Attack of the Clones became a book. Which translation works better? Is this intrinsic to the type of translation? What, for instance, would the novelization of Lord of the Rings look like?

Eleanor M. Farrell, Steve Saffel, John Steakley

Red Planet Rendezvous

Sunday 2:30pm CC J2

What's next for the red planet? Funded, planned, and proposed missions to explore Mars and what they hope to find out. What should they be looking for?

Bridget Landry, Cliff Stoll, Les Johnson

Give It Up Already!

Sunday 2:30pm CC J3

A humorous view of when it might be a good idea to throw in the towel on writing fiction. How do you know when your writing has no hope of selling - even to a vanity press?

Gardner Dozois, James Van Pelt, Andrew Wheeler, Connie Willis


Sunday 2:30pm CC K

Kage Baker

Print On Demand: Books When You Want Them

Sunday 2:30pm CC N

The advantages (and disadvantages) of print-on-demand from several perspectives.

Roger MacBride Allen, Vera Nazarian, Kent Brewster, Richard Michaels

DAW 30th Anniversary Autographing

Sunday 2:30pm Exhibit Hall 2

DAW authors will be signing the two new volumes of DAW fiction: Fantasy and Science Fiction.

C.J. Cherryh, Emily Drake, Jane Fancher, Charles Ingrid, Frederik Pohl, Irene Radford, Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, Deborah J. Ross, Michelle Sagara West, Tad Williams

Tour of the Fan History Exhibit

Sunday 2:30pm Exhibit Hall 2

We are in San Jose because of the fans who came before us and who have worked hard for fandom. Come and see their artifacts and hear their stories.

Bjo Trimble, John Trimble

Jeff Walker Film Trailers

Sunday 2:30pm F Imperial Ball

Come and see previews of upcoming movies. (Repeat of Friday)

Jeff Walker

Kaffee Klatsch

Sunday 2:30pm H Almaden Ball 1

David Cherry

Kaffee Klatsch

Sunday 2:30pm H Almaden Ball 2

Gregory Benford

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Sunday 3:00pm Exhibit Hall 3

Robert J. Sawyer, Stanley Schmidt Fiona Avery Reading

Sunday 3:00pm F suite


Sunday 3:15pm CC K

Robert Reed

Autonomous Robot Challenge

Sunday 4:00pm CC A1A8

A member of the Autonomous Robot Challenge team at the AAAI conference in Edmonton, Canada, will show a documentary of the challenge.

Myriam Abramson

On Your Mark, Get Set... Draw!

Sunday 4:00pm CC A3

Award-winning fan artists draw suggested topics from the audience.

Teddy Harvia, Alexis Gilliland

Rising Stars - Entering Your Child in a Masquerade

Sunday 4:00pm CC A4

Do you have a cute baby? Are you interested in costuming? What constitutes a children's masquerade entry (as opposed to an adult entry modeled by a child)? How do you prepare your child for the stage? What should you expect at a technical rehearsal? Most importantly, how do you avoid becoming the dreaded 'stage mom?' Come hear advice from seasoned costumers on entering your child in a masquerade, and how to keep the experience a happy one.

Sarah E. Goodman, Bridget Landry, Loretta McKibben, Denisen Hartlove

How SF has Damaged Science Education

Sunday 4:00pm CC A5

Explosions in the vacuum of space, working ray guns, the hero scientist who invents a time machine overnight: do these common elements of science fiction literature and film damage the understanding of how science really works? Does it discourage students from taking up the long, winding route of scientific discovery or do these images make scientists (and engineers) heroic role models?

Gregory Benford, Wanda Haight, Priscilla Olson, Sara Hyman, Robert Blackwood

Comics Into Movies

Sunday 4:00pm CC A6

Comic books are the new hot genre/medium in movies, ranging from Spider-Man to Ghost World and Road To Perdition. What aspects of comics make them so attractive to movie folk? What can you do in a comic, but not in a movie, and vice versa? How true to the source material should a movie be, and when is it a better movie when source material is changed or ignored? Are super-hero comics more or less successfully translated into movies than other comics genres?

Barry Short, Len Wein, Craig Miller, Steve Saffel, Scott Edelman

Gender and the SF War Machine

Sunday 4:00pm CC B1B2

What role has gender played in military SF and have writers become more sensitive to this issue?

Joe Haldeman, Sabrina Chase, Karin Lowachee, Catherine Asaro

History of Military SF

Sunday 4:00pm CC B3B4

From the writings of Stephen Crane to the latest novels by Drake, Turtledove, or Bujold, military science fiction and fantasy has been a staple of science fiction literature. Why is military science fiction so popular? What are some of the good (and the bad) examples of this form?

Dave Trowbridge, John G. Hemry, Susan R. Matthews, C. E. Petit

Pixel by Pixel: Illustration in Electronic Games

Sunday 4:00pm CC C1C2

Right now, electronic gaming may support more artists than all the print media combined and it's still growing. What is working in electronic gaming like? What do you need to know to get a job?

David Cherry, April Lee, Mark Ferrari, Douglas Herring, Michael Dashow

Squishing the Notes

Sunday 4:00pm CC C3C4

Putting music and musicians in books - who gets it right? Who doesn't?

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Kim Stanley Robinson, Seanan McGuire

SIG: The Heinlein Society

Sunday 4:00pm CC D

Come meet the members of The Heinlein Society.


Sunday 4:00pm CC E

Lucy Sussex

Board/Card Game Design

Sunday 4:00pm CC F

Just when computer games were getting more sophisticated and realistic, Magic happened. Now there are card games for many different genres. Although multi-person online gaming is popular, board games like Diplomacy are still played by eager devotees. What is board and card game design like now? Are there any soon to be released games that are about to take the gaming world by storm?

David Howell, Phil Foglio, Bill Fawcett, Julie Haehn

Textiles: From the Past Into the Future

Sunday 4:00pm CC G

The history and technology of textile manufacturing and dyeing; its past and its future.

Bjo Trimble, Irene Radford, Darlene P. Coltrain

Prosthetics and other Makeup

Sunday 4:00pm CC H

From Klingon to other aliens, how to make prosthetics for your face

Mary Cordero, Jay Hartlove, Michael S. Sarkisian

Computer History: From Homebrew To Corporate R&D

Sunday 4:00pm CC J1J4

How Silicon Valley grew from a dream to an industry and changed the world. People carrying punch cards admitted free.

Chris Garcia, Hugh Daniel, Allen Baum, Cliff Stoll, Lee Felsenstein, Mike Van Pelt

Antimatter Technology

Sunday 4:00pm CC J2

Will antimatter ever be available for energy storage or spaceship propulsion? Will it be safe and practical? Where else might we see antimatter in our future?

Victoria Warren, Matt Austern, Ken Wharton, John G. Cramer

Fans of All Lands

Sunday 4:00pm CC K

Find out some similarities and differences of fans and fandom around the world.

Vince Docherty, Jan van 't Ent, Stephen Boucher, Yoshio Kobayashi


Sunday 4:00pm CC N

Jennifer Roberson


Sunday 4:00pm Exhibit Hall 2

Roger MacBride Allen, Michael F. Flynn, Lisa Goldstein, Nancy Farmer, Allen Steele

Dealer's Room - Autographing at the Asimov/Analog Table

Sunday 4:00pm Exhibit Hall 3

Larry Niven Carol Berg Reading

Sunday 4:00pm F suite

Film: _Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring_ Hugo Nominee

Sunday 4:30pm F Imperial Ball


Sunday 4:45pm CC E

Cecilia Tan


Sunday 4:45pm CC N

Deborah J. Ross Melanie Fletcher Reading

Sunday 5:00pm F suite

Real Nanotech -- Nanoscale Technology at Work in the World Today

Sunday 5:30pm CC A1A8

While not nearly as exotic or romantic as the molecule-sized robots trumpeted in popular science columns and ubiquitous in much SF today, nanoscale technology is very real and can probably be found in your home or office today. Researchers from IBM's Almaden Research Center in San Jose discuss two of the areas where they have done pioneering work: Atom-by-atom manipulation, used to create structures like the "quantum corral" and "quantum mirage"; and nanoscale materials engineering, used to research and create spintronic technology such as GMR read heads and magnetic tunnel junction memory.

Kevin P. Roche

How to Design Your Academic Career for a Job in Space

Sunday 5:30pm CC A6

What are the most important courses? Should you have more than one "major?" What other kinds of experience are good for prospective astronauts? Or should you do something else entirely, make a lot of money and buy a ticket?

Loretta McKibben, Brad Lyau, Hugh S. Gregory, Les Johnson, John K. Strickland Jr.

Forgotten Filk

Sunday 5:30pm CC B1B2

Some songs enjoy a brief flare of popularity, then drop 'off the radar', disappearing into the netherland of old songbooks and scratchy convention tapes. What treasures have we left behind us, waiting to be rediscovered?

Tom Digby, Jordin Kare, Mary Kay Kare, David Weingart

History and Fantasy

Sunday 5:30pm CC B3B4

Where do all those fantasy universes come from, and why? A critical/historical examination of fantastic literature.

L. E. Modesitt Jr., Jody Lynn Nye, Patricia A. McKillip, R. Garcia y Robertson, Fiona Avery


Sunday 5:30pm CC C1C2

G. David Nordley

Serotonin and Her Friends: How Brain Chemistry Creates Personality

Sunday 5:30pm CC C3C4

Eric M. Van


Sunday 5:30pm CC D

Jerry Oltion


Sunday 5:30pm CC E

P. C. Hodgell

Learning from the Pros

Sunday 5:30pm CC F

Graduates of Clarion, Clarion West, Odyssey and Viable Paradise discuss what they learned from their workshop experiences. Panelists will also field questions about workshops.

Thomas Seay, Samantha Ling, Erin Cashier Denton, Sasha Miller, Deirdre Saoirse Moen

Colored Pencil Workshop

Sunday 5:30pm CC G

Mark Ferrari

SIG: Polyamorous Relationships

Sunday 5:30pm CC H

Sometimes it takes more than two adults to make a successful relationship or a marriage, Heinlein wrote about it. Are you living it now or curious about how it works? Share your stories of the power of three or more.

Ethical Systems in Alien Societies

Sunday 5:30pm CC J1J4

How would historical and biological development determine alien moral and ethical codes?

Keith Hartman, Sheila Finch, Vera Nazarian, Robert Reed

The Dead Lesbian Myth -- Buffy and the Death of Tara

Sunday 5:30pm CC J2

The death of Tara on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer parallels tropes in the presentation of lesbians in modern fiction -- one lover dies, while the other becomes evil. Why did show executives feel the need to swear that Tara wasn't going to die? What does this presentation mean to the fans of the show, regardless of sexuality?

Seanan McGuire, Denise Little, Richard F. Dutcher

Dr. Destructo for Adults

Sunday 5:30pm CC K

Hugh Daniels leads an exploration into the inner workings of obsolete electronic equipment. Get back at your computer or TV and learn something in the process. This session will include some more complex destructions, so adults only.

Hugh Daniel

Electronic Books: Hype versus Reality

Sunday 5:30pm CC N

eBooks have been held up as the next big thing, but what, in reality, are the market niches for electronic books today?

David Howell, Michael Ward, Melisa Michaels, Richard Michaels


Sunday 5:30pm Exhibit Hall 2

Diana L. Paxson, Richard Paul Russo, James Stevens-Arce, Dafydd ab Hugh, Sean McMullen, Jael


Sunday 6:15pm CC D

Robert A. Metzger


Sunday 6:15pm CC E

Teresa Edgerton

Film: TBA

Sunday 7:45pm F Imperial Ball

Hugo Awards

Sunday 8:00pm Civic Auditorium

Victorian Dance

Sunday 8:00pm F Regency Ball 1

Ballroom dancing from the Victorian, Edwardian and Regency eras. There will be free, waltzes, polkas, schottisches, and other 19th century couple dances as well as set dances that will be called, and taught beforehand. Costumes from any era will be admired, but not required.

Costuming with Leather

Sunday 8:30pm F Cupertino

How to make costumes of leather

Kevin P. Roche, Anita Taylor, Nyssa Baugher


Sunday 8:30pm F Fairfield Falling is a two-minute thrill ride. It's a freeform card game in which players are falling, fighting, and struggling to hit the ground last. There are no turns in this game. Everyone is playing at once. In this large size version, there is no sitting down, and the cards are as big as your head.

Julie Haehn

SIG: BDS&M Fandom

Sunday 10:00pm F Cupertino


Sunday 10:00pm F Glen Ellen

Want to impress GoH Ferdinand Feghoot? Come show off your punning ability in a classic Punday competition ala those in Spider Robinson's Callahan's Bar stories. Contestants are given a topic, and each must make a not yet done pun relating to the topic or be eliminated. The topic changes after each elimination.

Ferdinand Feghoot

Goth / Industrial Dance

Sunday 11:58pm F Regency Ball 1

Come dance your butt off from Midnight until whenever. If you like seeing the sun rise right before you go to bed, this is the dance for you.

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